People think the undecaying bodies of holy people in the Catholic Church shows it is the true Church.  But they are not told that not all incorruptibles are claimed to be miraculous! See them below!

BELOW The best ever preserved corpse is that of pagan Xin Zhui which was found in China in 1971. Her death is dated to 178–145 BC.  


Here is the body of a man who is not regarded as a saint in the Roman Church. He is an orthodox holy man but only some in that faith think he is a saint. The hand is in better condition than any hand of a Catholic saint! Nevertheless its not as fresh as the day he died so its no miracle! He is St Alexander of Svir the Righteous who died in 1533.







BELOW Father Ilie Lacatusu died 1983, Romanian Orthodox, his grave was opened 15 years after his death and he was found to be preserved and have the smell of chrism


BELOW: The photograph of a child called Rosalina Lombardo which was taken seventy years after her burial - she was buried in 1920  


Naughty girl - allegedly found incorruptible in the Philippines.  The picture of her "corpse" is clearly of a living model.  The woman is regarded as a folk saint and is not recognised by the Church.

Ex-Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Shuster died in 1954.  In 1985 he was found intact in his grave and this shamed the Church as he condoned Mussolini's fascist plots and encouraged Italy's shameful war with Abyssinia.