Joseph Smith was a Sabellian and so was the Book of Mormon.  A Sabellian is a heretic who thinks the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not three persons but simply three names or roles for God.  Smith was Sabellian even before he completed the Book of Mormon which is why he can be considered to be its true author.  Later Smith lied that he always taught that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit were three separate gods.  Is that the kind of man who can be trusted with his claims about the Book of Mormon? What he said about it takes priority over what his witnesses said for he was the one with the book not them. He cannot even give us reasonable trust in his word.

The Mormons believe that though God is almighty and omnipotent these terms only mean that he has most of the power over the world. They believe in finitism. In an excellent exposure of the vicious Christian theodicies of the free will defence and the idea that suffering is good for discipline, a Mormon philosopher, R. Dennis Potter has argued that God does not allow evil to happen at all but is doing his best to fight it. When something terrible happens to you the reason is that God is away taking care of some worse evil. His WebPage is entitled Finitism and the Problem of Evil. This theology opens the door for the Mormon Church to survive God making false prophecies and making mistakes. They can say he means well. But the answer is that God has billions of spirit children who could help him. He could make a virus that makes many men infertile to reduce the world population so that he will have a world he can handle. God can alter time so that he can do a million years work in ten minutes. The Mormon God is irresponsible and does not know how to handle power. We would know better. The Mormon solution to the problem of evil fails. But anyway, if their God is not literally omnipotent and there are strange laws in the universe that decree that a man must live a normal life on an earth to become a God and be baptised how can they be so sure of their gospel that they would be willing to suffer and die for it? Remember, if the Gods sent Jesus to atone for Adam’s sin which is a strange thing then how do you know that some law just as odd didn’t force them to guide Smith to forge the Book of Mormon?

Maybe somebody should come up with a new Book of Mormon!

On the Holy Spirit

The Bible condemns those who offer you another Holy Spirit and not the one Jesus gave.  Paul declared them anathema.  Mormonism teaches that the Holy Spirit never had a body and never will have one and yet he is a God. This is impossible if Mormon doctrine that only a being with a human body who marries for all eternity can be a God. One meaning of being a Godin Mormonism is having a body to procreate for all eternity. The only hope is to say that the Holy Spirit is called divine and God but is not really.

These things amount to putting a non-divine person in you who is not a god.  This is worse than anything the pagans came up with.  It is pure spiritism.  It is occult and an attempt to open yourself up to a ghost.


Christians say God does not do magic simply because he is present everywhere and knows all. Because he is here he can act just like I can act because I am here. They deny he is a magician. But the Mormon God who is not present everywhere but who is a man of flesh and bone who lives on a plant called Kolob can only affect this world by using occult power. Its exactly the same as what a pagan god would do. Like a pagan god he even has to fit in with other gods. For the Christian, this god can only be Satan himself for magic or the quest for psychic powers is a grave and dangerous sin. In theory at least it is about trying to overule God.  Mormonism is not a religion or Christian but a branch of the occult.