The Transcendental - what is bigger and better than me and you and the universe

Why do people want there to be something bigger and better than the universe or any of the people in it?

# They like feeling there is.

# They want there to be a higher power that may save from evil and death.

# They want a higher source for morality otherwise you are at the mercy of whatever social or political power decides they want morality to be.

# They realise how small they are and that triggers the feeling of being overwhelmed by something huge. 

The morality one is a very strong one.  Its related to the notion that morality is not very useful or real unless there is a God to sanction it.  Most arguments of that nature hover around the thought that “there is a real serious need, not a want, a need, for a transcendent decree about what good is. It may be referred to as a transcendent source of good.  Transcendental implies something better and more reliable than human beings. If it is left to humans to decide then the word good or moral can mean anything literally. You can call suicide morally good. You end up with no right to tell anybody their idea of good or moral is wrong.”

Error 1, transcendent can be equal to human beings. Intelligence in a sense is bigger than human beings but it is and it is not. Transcendental may only work itself out in human beings without imposing anything or trying to be bigger or being bigger.

Error 2, if human beings are left to decide morality that is not a problem as long as deciding is about discovering. The two are compatible.

Error 3, even if morality is only a human creation then that means you can tell others their idea of morality is wrong or right.