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A 1900 account of Knock "apparition"

A blood test on the Turin Shroud

A booklet arguing against Jesus living before he was born

A case for saying Christianity is rational

A Catholic attempt to show Jesus started papacy fails!

A Catholic critique of Christian Science Religion

A Catholic expert refutes Medjugorje fairy-tales

A Christian critique of Situation Ethics

A Christian does not have the right to speak in front of Jesus

A Christian refutes Utilitarianism

A Christian thinker shows transubstantiation is sheer nonsense

A complete case against miracle believing

A creator God has to be to blame for what we choose

A creator God has to be to blame for what we choose

A criticism of the three persons in one God theology

A defence of abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson

A doctrine must be testable or its a cheat

A fatal flaw in religious attempts to argue x is probably a miracle

A God does not need the qualities to qualify as a person

A God of moral law is necessarily vindictive

A God who permits evil is the worst

A good Catholic refutation of Christian Science cures

A good overview of Bible history in the book St Saul

A good refutation of Catholicism's development of doctrine theory

A higher purpose and a higher power are not the same thing

A law of nature is not a real law but something you know will happen

A letter against prayer and its goodness

A liberal Catholic is just a liberal not a Catholic

A line removed from Mark to hide Jesus' homosexuality?

A look at excommunication in the Catholic Church

A look at religion from website

A mental health authority says faith is good for mental problems!

A miracle is about a relationship not a performance

A miracle is anti-science and unscientific if it violates nature or looks as if it does

A Mormon apologist argues that Book of Mormon has textual evidence that it is ancient

A Mustard seed of faith ...

A noted philosopher on death

A philosopher shows that God is just a guess

A placebo always involves a lie and is bad for that reason

A priest condemns yoga

A psychologist who says Jesus was well-balanced!!!

A quote on the theology of evil

A relationship with God?

A religion corrupting the good person is enough to ban it

A religion has no right to say any religion is bad

A religion is a social construct so leave it if you choose

A sceptic is merely one who is very watchful

A short dictionary of void and false religions and cults

A short dictionary refuting the occult


A study in the healing miracles of Matthew's gospel

A study, can the religious buzz turn you into a terrorist?

A suggestion re: porn

A survey of violent scriptures or revealed writings from God

A table showing how Hume was right to protest miracle belief

A Testimony about Fatima Miracle of the Sun

A theologian answers those who say religion causes violence

A theologian tries to refute bodily autonomy rights

A theory will tell you how to disprove it - Popper and falsification

A tiny bit of free will is not free will at all

A trans atheist affirms they are their own god and will make themselves

A truce is often painted as forgiveness

A writer tries to deny that Luke 16 teaches you can go to Hell

Abortion - the baby has no choice!

Abortion arguments from the baby having a soul

Abortion in Catholic doctrine

Abortion Questions

Abortion referendum 2018 to appeal eighth amendment

About fear

About Humanism

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Absurdity of "If we don't have religion to fight about we will find something"

Absurdity of forgiving yourself

Accepting suffering if there is a God

Accounts of Translation of Book of Mormon

Act of God by Graham Phillips

Acts over and above the call of duty

Adam and Eve and the alleged sin they put on us

Additions made to New Testament by fraudsters

Adele Brisse - Our Lady of Good Help

Admit the truth, Romans 1 is homophobic

Adoption in the light of Catholic doctrine

Adulterous woman in John 8, doesn't show love matters not law

Adversity theory - in the light of faith in God

Advertising and miracle healings

Affirmations as ways of being your self-made ruler of universe

Affirming atheism in a positive way the gospel of atheism

Affirming trans is not an option but a requirement

Afterlife in Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Afterlife is not a harmless concept

Against Atheism, by Markham opposes Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris

Against Catholic Holy Communion - its a magical superstition

Against cults - all religion is a cult to some degree

Against Gay Christiman Movement and its lies

Against gay revisionism of Bible condemnation of gay sex

Against the Mass

Against the religious school ethos - conversion by osmosis

Agape - selfless Christian love

Aggregate of Qualities Argument against Existence of God

Agnosticism - is it sitting on the fence about God and atheism?

Agnosticism is atheism with most Gods but doubts about one

Agnosticism should primarily worry about spirit not God

Ain't Necessarily So, a refutation of Bible archaeology

Albert Einstein and time being changeless and static

Aleister Crowley - refuted

Alexandrina da Costa

Aliens in the light of reason

Alive! Newspaper incites hatred against atheists!

All believers in religion have doubts

All faith is ultimately faith in yourself alone!

All information about Jesus comes from his propagandists

All prayer assumes, "Lord I am not worthy"

All Religion is Idolatry

All revelations from "God" contradict each other

All should see miracles

All the Bible Prophets Were Fakes


Allah is not the same as the Christian God

Altruism and animal rights

Altruism and your health

Altruism by Matthieu Ricard

Altruism is bad for your health!

Altruism is not an option for it is too dark and deadly

Always wrong to ask for forgiveness

Am I a virtual me made by my own brain?

Am I good because I say so or because some standard says it?

Amazon Atheist BookList

Amputees are never cured!

An act is never both altruistic and non-altruistic

An admission that the Knock apparition 1879 has been exaggerated

An argument that democracy tend to prosperity

An Atheist's Values - can we know what is good in itself?

An Atheist's Values by Richard Robinson 1964

An easy test to show statue worshippers they are are idolaters

An Essay against Baptism

An essay against marriage

An essay on whether moral facts are real

An examination of Christian teaching on love

An examination of coincidence

An examination of egoism as a moral theory

An example of Christians in good standing defending genocide

An example of schools being asked not to allow anti-abortion propaganda

An excellent book on magic theory examined

An excuse for forgiving refuted

An expert looks at the sky miracles of Medjugorje

An expert refutes Jesus as being God

An expert speaks on the Bible faith and psychology

An expert tries to show Catholics are not idol worshippers

An eye for an eye

An objection to Hawking and his devotion to m-theory

An ontological argument against God

An open letter to Bible preachers to be

Anathema - Hello Sectarianism!

Ancient Coins on the Turin Shroud are imagined

And God Created Humanism by Theo Hobson

And the gates of Hell shall never prevail

Andrew Sims - Is Faith Delusion?

Angels in My Hair - Nutjob Lorna Byrne

Angels of Mons Hoax

Anger and religion

Anger involves the feeling that

Angry at the sinner not the sin

Animal magnetism

Animal rights

Animal suffering is insulted by saying there is a God

Animal suffering proves there is no loving God

Ann Lovett, victim of the Catholic system

Annulment of Roman Catholic baptism

Another Joseph Smith complete with "ancient" plates

Another look at Christian apologetics for the problem of evil

Another look at the God loves all verses in the Bible

Anselm's Ontological Argument for God

Answer to supposed evidences for the Book of Mormon


Answering those who say that Jesus was no misogynist

Anthony de Mello- and atheism awareness

Anthony DeMello and Buddhism

Anthony Kenny philosopher rebuts atheism or thinks he does!

Anthony Kenny's ethics from What I Believe

Antipopes - claim to be the real pope

Antiquities of the Jews - clues about gospel lies

Anti-religion stance of the law of attraction

Antisecularist Christianity

Anti-semitic Christians try to water down Jesus' Jewishness

Antisemitism - why Jesus and the Christians are to blame

Antisemitism is woven into the Christian fabric

Antisemitist Christianity forgives evil Hitler for his antisemitism

Antoine Gay - an interesting "possession"

Apatheism - "I don't care if there is a God"

Apocrypha - should any of it be in the Bible?

Apollonius of Tyana the other Jesus

Apostle Paul was a liar

Apostle Peter is not a reliable source of information on Jesus

Apostles martyred: mere legend and hearsay

Apostles Testimony to Christ is no good

Apostles were credulous

Apostles would not have thought of transubstantiation

Apostolic fathers - early Church discredited


Apparition at Knock - case for it being dull and unimpressive

Apparition of Siluva

Apparitions in the Catholic Church try to authenticate themselves!

Apparitions of angels at Fatima

Apparitions of Emmitsburg

Apparitions of Lourdes, Fatima & Medjugorje are unconvincing

Apparitions of Mary at Garabandal - why doubt them?

Apparitions today at Knock

Approaches to the God idea

Archaeology and Science Against Book of Mormon

Archaeology versus Bible Truth

Archbishop Pio Bello Ricardo approves visions of Betania

Archeology, Joseph and Jericho are Bible lies or myths

Archer "resolves" Bible contradictions

Are all lies malicious?

Are all Religions the Same?

Are all sins equally bad before God?

Are angels and saints invoked in the Bible?

Are God and related ideas a priori false?

Are Jesus Miracles Credible?

Are men given the Christian right to procreate by rape?

Are moral values "real" or abstract?

Are religionists ignorant or lying?

Are terrorists mad or bad?

Are the Mary Apparitions Fake?

Are the saints other mediators with God?

Are there persons who are pure evil?

Are thoughts material things?

Are we lucky that we live and die - should we be grateful?

Argument for free will from desire for revenge

Argument for not worrying about death

Argument from desire that there is a God

Argument that "Evil refutes God is not necessarily anti-God"

Argument that there is a God from religious experience

Arguments against Pio using carbolic acid to make the magic wounds

Arguments that God only uses the Bible to teach us religion

Armstrong defends Catholic belief

Arrogance to claim to be a member of the one right religion

Artificial birth control - a huge sin in Catholiicsm

Artificial birth control is a sin that deserves Hell in Catholicism

Asmodeus the demon in Catholic Scripture, Book of Tobit

Asserting Atheist Rights

Assertiveness - protecting your rights

Assess, don't judge

Assessing sinners or criminals

ASSESSING: Bayes theorem may allow for the return of Jesus to life?

Assisted suicide - an ethical controversy

Assumption of Mary body and soul into Heaven

Astrology - a scam and a superstition

Atheism as innate,born that way

Atheism does not wage and start wars

Atheism in practice is atheism in its own right

Atheism is about owning yourself

Atheism is atheisms - atheism is essentially a lack of belief

Atheism is not a position but a collective, its positions

Atheism is simply avoiding projecting your autonomy to a God

Atheism is the absence of religion, its not a religion

Atheism is the default position

Atheism is the Null or the Default by process of elimination

Atheism is the only real gospel - its the truth anyway!

Atheism is the true friend of LGBTQ+ rights

Atheism, Self-realisation rather than conversion

Atheist and argument for God from necessity

Atheist and Christian and evil - who has bigger problem?

Atheist Overreach a review of Christian Smith's book

Atheist scholar on the Hume case versus miracles

Atheistic genocide and mass murder?

Atheists have a right to see prayer as vile

Atheists here are the rules if you want them!

Atheists on sexuality and marriage

Atheists sense mystery too

Atheists who threaten nobody get death threats from believers

Attaching to God is bad - don't love God ultimately above all

Attachment and the idolatry of the heart

Attempts to fuse morality and God give only an amoral god

Attempts to show Hume's rejection of miracles was erroneous

Attempts to work out what Josephus may have penned about Jesus

Attrition a form of Catholic "repentance"

Augustine and Hell and Dignity

Autocreation - creation automatic or agent based?

Automatic writing shows how faith can be a mind trick

Avalos and the Resurrection of Jesus and Medjugorje

Avalos has found Medjugorje challenges the resurrection evidence

Avoid healers! Their magical beliefs are arsenic

Avoid the Catholic Confessional

Awareness and time travel

Bad arguments for bread and wine changing at Mass

Bad evidence for Jesus tale

Bad motives behind free will defence of God

Bad refutations of bread and wine turning into Jesus physically

Bad religious leader is not all to blame- so are his followers by default

Bahai faith is false

Bahai faith refuted by Francis Beckwith

Bahaullah a false prophet

Ban exorcism - make it illegal

Ban the clergy and pastors from counselling

Banning violence does not absolve religion of the blame

Baptise in name of Father Son and Spirit ???

Baptise to be safe?

Baptising babies is pompous

Baptism - a demeaning tool for equating you with a word "Catholic"

Baptism - a promise to brainwash your baby

Baptism - the source of nominal religion and sectarian labelling

Baptism and forced "membership" of the Church

Baptism and forced "membership" of the Church

Baptism and the tension it has with doctrine of inherent ungodliness

Baptism as a precaution against the baby going to limbo

Baptism by Immersion

Baptism does NOTHING for the soul

Baptism doesn't save

Baptism implies God loves unbaptised less

Baptism in the name of Jesus

Baptism invites evil into the baby

Baptism is a big deal

Baptism is a useless spiritual vaccine

Baptism is an attempt to give pretend Church membership to a baby

Baptism is conscription

Baptism is not about the child but about religion

Baptism is not said in Bible to be needed to get into Heaven

Baptism is not welcoming a baby

Baptism is open to being forced on babies & intellectually different

Baptism is trying to force God to act on the baby

Baptism is useless spiritually

Baptism killed babies

Baptism of blood and baptism of desire

Baptism promises are just perjury

Baptismal formula insulting

Baptismal vows are lies to God and everybody else

Barabbas and Jesus

Bartimaeus miracle, what it shows about Jesus

Basic refutations of miracles

Be a person of principle and leave the Church

Be better than prayer! You can be and often are!

Be easy to please and life will be better

Be not Afraid

Be out-spoken - silence is being out-spoken in the wrong way?

Be reluctant to believe in miracles

Be selfish but in a sensible thinking way

Be your own person

Begone Satan! An account of a Catholic demon possession

Being a proper ally for Transgender People

Being an atheist or humanist in a religious world

Being an enabler of sin

Being aware of bias and stopping your bias from blinding you

Being banned from receiving communion

Being complicit in religious evil and deception

Being in a religion and opposing or ignoring its required doctrine is wrong

Being moral and being rational - can they be reconciled?

Being prayed for makes no difference

Being sensible with miracle claims

Being skeptical about miracles and magic etc

Belgian Miracle

Belief and enrollment make you a religion's member

Belief disproves God!

Belief formation

Belief in exorcism is irrational

Belief in fate is not really that bad

Belief in God always puts that belief not God before people

Belief in God does not imply there is an afterlife

Belief in God forces you to hate sinners

Belief in God thrives on attacking your self-regard

Belief in Hell does harm actually and potentially

Belief in miracles - opens door to being conned

Belief in Miracles downgrades human dignity

Belief in miracles is not belief but opinion

Believe what you want - absurd advice!

Believers are too spiritually vain to abandon evil scriptures

Believers project the condoning of evil unto God

Believers would kill to protect their religious identity

Ben Stada and Jesus

Bernadette of Lourdes, Therese Taylor

Bertrand Russell as critic of religion

Bertrand Russell shows we should not take Jesus seriously

Best Anti-Miracle Belief Arguments

Best argument against miracle credibility is distorted by Christians

Best Arguments that Jesus' Resurrection is plausible

Best evidences the Church can give for faith - refuted

Best Possible World

Bias towards sin contradicts doctrine of divine plan

Bible - myth or history?

Bible absurdly lies that 27000 peoplew were killed by a falling wall!

Bible against LGBT+

Bible and its God are violent and evil

Bible bans women ministers

Bible commands rabid hate of sin

Bible denies any Church is really infallible

Bible Denies Miracles are signs

Bible denies priests really can forgive sins

Bible did not predict that God would become man

Bible doctrine that you don't make you good, God does!

Bible ethos is anti-divorce

Bible evidence of Mary, Jesus' mother, being an evil spirit

Bible evidence that the pope is not the successor of Peter

Bible fanatically forbids all lies

Bible God and Jesus command hatred of sin

Bible God blesses anti-gay hate

Bible God cannot make up his mind about himself

Bible God commands murder but is the murder honour killing?

Bible God commands murder of the innocent

Bible God decrees that nobody is holy or righteous

Bible God forbids divorce

Bible God forbids use of images in worship

Bible God says, "Behold I make evil"

Bible God warns against religious labels

Bible is anti-evolution

Bible is opposed to the truths of science

Bible isn't the word of God at all its the musings & lies of man

Bible knows nothing of the sacraments, Church made them up

Bible literalism - a recent phenomenon?

Bible Never Says Jesus Was God

Bible only is Christianity

Bible Promotes Rape

Bible Prophecies in Evidence that Demands a Verdict

Bible rejects creation, it has a maker God not a Creator

Bible requires death penalty for gays

Bible salvation is by faith alone

Bible says the Catholic Church, Whore of Babylon, will be destroyed!

Bible sees miracles round every corner

Bible teaches that God does more than just let evil happen

Bible teaches that sincerity isn't enough

Bible Teaches Total Depravity

Bible thoughts on the spirit of Jesus and how your body is his

Bible verses that command hate - specifically religious hate

Biblelight article on Peter's tomb in Jerusalem

Bible's God of Hate

Bigger and badder the doctrines the more proof you need for miracles

Bigger deal when religion does harm

Bigoted Religions ban some marriages

Biological design is an illusion, its an accidental pattern

Biology and fundamentalism

Biology and randomness

Birth Control - A Sin?

Bishop Huonder used violent texts to condemn gay lovemaking

Bishop Papias - did he know our current gospels?

Bishop Wright on Jesus

Bishop Zanic knew Medjugorje claims are inauthentic

Bishops warn of disobedience of following visions of Medjugorje

Blame and responsibility

Blanschard on veiled revelation

Blasphemy is usually defined as offending religious doctrine

Blocks to the total love of God

Blood transfusions sinful?

Bloodline of the Holy Grail

Bodhisattva - the Buddhist version of saviour

Book of Mormon - plaigerism?

Book of Mormon delivers evil teachings

Book of Mormon infallibly translated by God???

Book of Mormon is a fake abridgement

Book of Mormon is Fiction

Book of Mormon is from man not God

Book of Mormon is Man-Made

Book of Mormon lacks credibility

Book of Mormon language

Book of Revelation predicts Christianity will fall away

Book on the Bahai faith - why it makes us sceptical about this religion

BOOK REVIEW Samir on Islam 111 Questions

Book Review: The Reason for God

Book Review: Wilcox Truth about Shroud of Turin

Book: The Problem of Right Conduct

Book: Vatican Prophecies

Booklet makes mistake of saying historicity of Book of Mormon has support

Books on the Book of Mormon witnesses

Books saying the Torah's moral law is still relevant for Christians

Borderline personality disorder and God

Born of water in John 3, does it refer to baptism in water?

Born to Believe - Newberg and Waldman

Bottom line, religion is at best a baby step to violence and hate

Boxing and violent sports and religion

Bread cannot be the body of Christ

Breaking faith exposes "saints" by John Cornwell

Brian Davies and Miracles

Brief Gospel According to Atheism

Brief refutations of Catholicism

Brigid Trench, her Knock vision testimony was doctored

Britain a Christian Country??

Brute fact and God

Buddhism and the selfish notion of the afterlife

Buddhism is too pessimistic to be called a faith

Buddhism versus Catholicism

Buddhism, God and Christianity

Buddhist Teaching

Build hospitals not churches, fund education not prayer books

Build the Community not the Religion

Burden of having to love God mostly or totally

Burden of proof is on believer in God more than the atheist

Burden of proof is on you if you claim to be rational

By faith alone book shows how Protestantism is right that faith alone saves

By their fruits you will know them

By their fruits you will know them

Calling evil a problem is insulting and unfeeling

Calling people sinners is admitting you oppose their existence

Can a Christian according to the Bible be possessed?

Can a Muslim attend Christian baptism and Mass?

Can a pro-life ever vote for an abortion law?

Can altruism be limited in how much sacrifice it asks for?

Can an Atheist attend a Christening ceremony?

Can an egoist be a martyr for others?

Can Bible ethics support science and does science need them?

Can Catholics Be Saved

Can Christians believe all will be eventually saved?

Can evil be defined simply as a lack of truth?

Can faith/prayer supply the voltage to make an evil God real?

Can have free will but be unable to sin!

Can have strong evidence that a non-miracle is a miracle

Can LGBT be actively LGBT and also a good Catholic?

Can miracles verify miracles?

Can Priests ordain priests and bishops?

Can psychology say we have free will for we feel free?

Can Punishment be justified?

Can religious faith be evidence-based?

Can science say miracles might happen?

Can science test evil if it is a real power?

Can the Catholic Church count sacraments?

Can the magic lantern explain the Knock apparition?

Can the transience of life erase the wish for an afterlife?

Can we have free will if God knows what we will do with it?

Can we learn anything from miracles?

Can we think evil is default and good is what falls short of it?

Can you be a good Catholic & in an active LGBT relationship?

Can you be gay and Catholic?

Can you build a moral theory on altruism?

Can you get an ought from an is?

Can you let a bad person define a religion?

Can you love a complete sinner?

Can you love yourself and hate your sins?

Can you prove that altruism turns people into fakes?

Can you really reconstruct the New Testament from the fathers?

Cana: Water turned into wine?

Cannot tell a person what to be offended by

Canon Bourke's letter on Knock visions is revealing


Canonised Masochists

Can't be sure any person experienced a miracle

Carbon dating refutes the authenticity of the Turin Shroud

Cardinal Newman retcon, The Development of Doctrine


Caring, in caring prayer, looks good even when nobody is helped

Case for a clear vision at Knock in 1879

Case for John's Gospel alone being inspired of God

Case for the Qur'an or Koran alone being Islam's authority

Case studies - popes who show infallibility is a lie

Cases of people with suspect "miraculous" stigmata

Casual sex

Catherine Murray - Knock witness?

Catholic - means you have Catholic obligations, that is all

Catholic Bible interpretation, how it sees it as inviolable

Catholic Church added books to the Bible for propaganda reasons

Catholic Church and visions

Catholic Church cannot make real bishops

Catholic Church does not really believe in Venial Sin

Catholic Church endorsed persecution

Catholic Church has double-standard when assessing miracles

Catholic Church has power to restore evil Jewish laws

Catholic Church requires gays to stay in the closet

Catholic Church uses miracles to set stage for evil

Catholic describes your commitments not you unless you obey

Catholic doctrine makes sex outside of marriage to be sacrilege

Catholic doctrine on loving only God ultimately

Catholic ethics are dangerous

Catholic ethics is full of contradictions and lacks credibility

Catholic faith makes a laughing stock of ethics

Catholic fake sorrow for sin

Catholic God and animal suffering

Catholic God loves conditionally

Catholic Image Worship is idolatry

Catholic lying - mental reservation

Catholic marriage law refutes Church membership by baptism

Catholic Mass and Pope are docetic in a sense

Catholic mass is a novelty, early Christians didn't believe in it

Catholic Mass is an idolatrous sacrifice!

Catholic Mass is Heavy Occult, it has necromancy overtones

Catholic mass is Islamaphobic

Catholic pharmacists and morning after pill

Catholic promotion of God is about power and control - theirs

Catholic Prophets are fortune-tellers

Catholic religion is not for you but itself

Catholic sabbath-breaking and hypocrisy

Catholic sacrament of extreme unction

Catholic sacraments are occult rites

Catholic sacraments may be empty rites

Catholic saints are new pagan gods

Catholic teaching endorses sexual immorality

Catholic teaching fails to see the true place of the Bible

Catholic Tradition ADDS to the Bible

Catholic tradition gloats over damned in Hell

Catholic underhand hatred for sinners

Catholic understanding of justification or being righteous in God's sight

Catholicism - Comforter of the Afflicted? Nay!

CATHOLICISM - its crafty plan to overthrow and manipulate reason

Catholicism and Bible inspiration

Catholicism and judging

Catholicism and torturing heretics

Catholicism denies that living as LGBT is a vocation

Catholicism empowers men to procreate through rape

Catholicism foolishly says saints are advocates with God

Catholicism is a form of TERF, trans exclusive reactionary feminist

Catholicism is a polytheistic religion and denies it

Catholicism is divisive

Catholicism is extremist when it comes to contraception

Catholicism makes a travesty of ethics and morality

Catholicism makes morality a travesty

Catholicism makes saints of bad people

Catholicism manipulates its members

Catholicism officially condemned science - Galileo

Catholicism on preparation for death

Catholicism practices idolatry

Catholicism prostitutes its Christ

Catholicism remains a threat to religious freedom

Catholicism won't ordain homosexuals to the priesthood

Catholicism's EVIL Doctrine about Hell

Catholicism's fake unity

Catholicism's Fraudulent Miracles

Catholicism's Fraudulent Prophecies

Catholics - can they fund and attend LGBT pride?

Catholics - Disown Gay Son

Catholics - their faith makes a demi-god of Mary or a god

Catholics and demons

Catholics and Protestant Ecumenism

Catholics and the gays

Catholics base their faith not on the Bible miracles but the unbiblical ones

Catholics do not recognise register office weddings

Catholics One True Church delusion

Catholics pray to Jesus' blood and his cross!!

Catholics say Jesus had no blood brothers, they lie

Catholics say, "There are 2 classes of miracles, binding on belief & non-binding

Catholics secretly deny core teaching that papacy is valid

Catholics selling religious souvenirs - what Jesus would say

Catholics try to fuel and justify Islamic anger when Islam is mocked

Catholics, "Jesus is the pope, & 'popes' through the pope"

Cease Catholic Marriage

Celsus and Jesus

Census forms and Religion

Census, LGBT and Religion

Centrally organised cover up by the Catholic Church

Chains of Priestly Celibacy

Challenge wrong belief

Challenges to falsification theory? Are they valid?

Changing moral principles when it suits - can morality be fluid?


Chaplains from the Church should be in hospitals?

Chariton of Aphrodisias - source of empty tomb of Jesus yarn?

Charity, the pure love for God

Charles Anthon and Book of Mormon

Charles Anthon letters showing the Book of Mormon was a fraud

Charlie Hebdo prayer criticised

Chart to help you see the options for the mind-brain question

Chastisement from God

Chaterjee exposes crafty Mother Teresa

Cheerful despair

Cheering at Dublin Castle when abortion legalised

Children and prayer

Children and visions

Children are psychological egoists!

Children don't need indoctrination from religion

Children must not be religiously labelled by census

Chilling story of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Choices should be self-affirming actions, YOUR actions

Christ didn't send me to baptise

Christ is God - a silly book

Christadelphians, a selfish fanatical cult

Christian - a label in Catholicism

Christian and Muslim Terrorists - Not Christian or Muslim at all?

Christian Apologetics

Christian belief that we should take all we suffer for our sins

Christian book on theology degrades atheists and their views

Christian church fails Jesus' good fruits from thorns test

Christian critique of morality and ethics

Christian doctrine of redemption is a bare-faced lie

Christian faith by silence abetted the holocaust

Christian faith is stubborn fearful arrogance

Christian faith makes the blood run in Rwanda

Christian hyper-defender McDowell debunks shroud of Turin

Christian hypocrisy about criminals

Christian hypocrisy about lies

Christian hypocrisy about money

Christian hypocrisy on organ transplants

Christian Hypocrisy on Smoking & Alcohol

Christian Hypocrisy on Theft

Christian Hypocrisy regarding Jo

Christian hypocrisy regarding re

Christian intellectual gymnastics are used against critics

Christian List of Bible Books is Wrong

Christian love is patronising and a violation

Christian Missions – the Facts

Christian Registrars and gay civil partnership ceremonies

Christian Science is a cult

Christian sin of sexual pleasure

Christian teaching on Hell is in the Bible

Christian teaching on sin is vicious

Christian use of the Old Testament is dancing in blood

Christianity – The Twisted Attitudes towards birth

Christianity a cult?

Christianity accuses everybody of sin, of never being sin-free

Christianity advocates essentially fanatical piety

Christianity against the right to sex education

Christianity and Animal Sacrifice

Christianity and Evolution

Christianity and evolution

Christianity and its downgrading of many marriages

Christianity does not truly believe in giving all love to God

Christianity has left the faith

Christianity hijacked Judaism to create a new religion

Christianity incites to hatred

Christianity is Chauvinistic

Christianity is just another false religion of false gods

Christianity is not Great, Edited by John Loftus

Christianity is opiate and the damage rises in time

Christianity is parasitic on moral relativism

Christianity is privilege, it thrived on colonialism

Christianity is racist privilege built on the bodies & blood of slaves

Christianity is the biggest catalyst of cognitive dissonance

Christianity pretends to believe we need even very damaging free will

Christianity says forgiving is not natural

Christianity says you need it to stop you being more immoral

Christianity says your baptism anniversary is the birthday that counts

Christians - a threat to children through corporal punishment?

Christians and Love the Sinner and hate the sin

Christians are hypocrites as proven by the media

Christians are trying to keep you out of Hell?

Christians argue, "Evil fits a loving God because this God fits evil."

Christians claim the Biblical right to ignore the Saturday Sabbath

Christians hide the bad bits of the religion from the unwary

Christians in combat against heresy and sin

Christians Kept Jewish Feasts

Christians lie that they think free will excuses how God lets sin happen

Christians Martyrs were suicides and human sacrifices

Christians say eternal Hell is right for its ultimate justice

Christians should keep their faith away from children

Christians treat evil as an intelligent higher power, a slaveowner

Christians use Eucharist as a tool and thus show it no real respect

Christians want God loved not people

Christians when on a mission to burn churches and temples

Christians who assert, "I believe for its improbable"

Christians who won't bake pro-gay marriage cakes

Christians worship Jesus like a false god

Christians, callous in the face of loved ones going to Hell?

Christina Gallagher, her fake visions and fake miracles

Christmas Story Refuted

Church and intolerance for heresy

Church authentication of miracles is bogus

Church authentication of miracles is bogus

Church Blessings and Christian Hypocrisy

Church confesses Jewish Law in force

Church harmed me!

Church has no right to baptise

Church lies about prayer

Church lies that it believes in loving sinners hating sins

Church of Scientology

Church should preach what people want to hear when it takes their money

Church speaks to an AIDS victim

Church uses Jesus as a weapon against his own Jewish religion

Circumcision - a picture of baptism?

Circumcision as an act of worship

Circumcision commanded by Bible God

Citizens for the Ten Commandments - a look at fundies

Civility does nothing to show a religion is good enough

Clergy sex abuse and how the Church never helped victims

Clifford and James and Pascal on Faith

Cognitive Dissonance and Religion

Coherence theory of truth and miracles

Coincidences and Turin Shroud

Collective responsibility - a reason for walking from religion

Colossians 2 & the Jewish Sabbath

Colossians 3, teaches a non-historical Jesus

Comedian Refers to Communion as Haunted Bread

Coming out as atheist or better still, secularist

Command to love God with all your heart is evil

Commands and morality are not the same thing, they don't fit

Common Ground between religious believers & sceptics

Communion in the hand mocks the Eucharist

Communion table excludes some people from receiving Jesus

Communion under both kinds - bread and wine

Comparing Christians and Humanists

Comparing religion and atheism

Comparing the testimony of Knock witnesses

Comparing witness accounts of Knock vision, it was unclear

Comparing yourself to others says things about you

Compatibilism - fails to defend free will as true

Compatibilists think free will is just freedom from compulsion

Competing claims ruin the credibility of Jesus' claims

Complete list of writings warning against religion

Concerns about religious fanaticism

Concilarism and false popes

Conditioning - we all suffer it especially children

Condoning evil - love sinner hate sin

Confession and Child Protection

Confession of sins is an evil practice

Confession to priests needs to be stopped

Confession to sin to priests is degrading yourself

Confidence, how well do you trust yourself?

Confirmation - when you "take" voluntary and full membership in the Church

Conflicts about love make love sinner hate sin a mess

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on visions 1978

Cons have you praying for vague things that will happen anyway

Conscience - the voice of right and wrong

Conscience is ruined by emotional reasoning

Conscientious objection is an excuse for refusing treatment

Conscientious objection should not apply with abortion

Conscientious objection should ONLY apply in war

Consciousness and free will

Conscription - the ethics

Consequences of saying your sins are not part of you

Conspiracies and the Cross

Conspiracies and the Cross, the book examines the New Testament

Contact Us

Contact Us

Continuous Creation or Conservation

Contraception and family planning

Contradictions in the book of Genesis

Contradictions in the stories about Jesus coming back from the dead

Control Beliefs

Control beliefs in the light of morality

Convenient Ascension: evidence for risen Jesus goes up to heaven

Conversion therapy for LGBT is linked to being anti marriage equality

Copycat? Some questions arise about the Guadalupe vision

Core Attitudes for atheists

Core religious outlook about love makes religion feeling not faith

Corinthians and Jesus' death myth

Correspondence with a Raelian

Corrupting effect of relationships with God

Could creation be the answer to why something, not nothing?

Could demons have been empowering Jesus in his miracles?

Could it be that Paul was not an apostle but a fake?

Could it be there was always something? No creation?

Could the Knock Witnesses Have Lied?

Could women witness to the empty tomb and risen Jesus?

Council Prayers - ban them in this secular world

Counselling by clerics - get them to sign a disclaimer first

Counselling Clerics should be outlawed!

Courtesy and Religion

Creation and the doctrine that evil is not real

Creation and the problem of good

Creation by God is illogical

Creation context needs to be affirmed to allow you to recognise a miracle

Creation implies an evil God

Creation is actually an occult notion

Creation is not an alterative view to naturalism

Creation is only real miracle - no miracle can be shown to be creation

Creationism is not science

Creationism is not science

Crimen Sollicitationis

Critical Study of Medical tests on Medjugorje visionaries

Criticism and being constructive and open with assessing

Criticism of Kant's ethics

Criticism of prayer

Criticism of Religion

Criticism of using universally preferred behaviour instead of morality

Critics of the New Atheism are unfair and uninformed

Critique: My religion belongs to me"

Crowd didn't act like they thought Fatima solar miracle was real

Cruel doctrine that God disciplines in suffering

Cruel of Catholic Church to ban divorce

Cruel Old Testament law is still respected/validated by Christians

CS Lewis - his book on Miracles reviewed

CS Lewis tries to exploit our love of justice to persuade us God exists!

Cult known as the Church of Christ

Cults in the Roman Catholic Church

Cumulative Argument for Miracles

Cure for credulity

Current Religious Wars

Cut all ties with Christianity. It is anti-truth and illogical, you don't need it

Dancing is a sin!

Danger of belief that its a sin to omit doing what needs doing

Danger of seeing miracles in everything & everywhere

Danger of thinking God knows best

Dangerous Catholic Doctrines

Dangerous doctrine of free will

Dangers and threats posed by the religious crutch

Dangers in using religion or faith as a crutch

Dangers of belief in Divine Grace

Dangers of religion

Dangers of self-esteem

Dangers of the hiding God doctrine

Dangers of the Supernatural

Daniel O Donnell, "Good" Catholic votes for same sex marriage

Darwin and Paley and the divine designer


Darwinism and morality

Darwinism and the Golden Rule

Data Protection and Secularism

Dating the gospel of John

Dating the gospel of Luke and Acts

Dating the gospel of Matthew

David Batson psychologist, on altruism

David Currie on the Mass turning bread into Jesus

David Hume and God

David Hume and induction

David Hume and the Superstition of Miracles

David Hume comments on the miracles of the Bible

David Hume laid miracles/religion to rest definitively

David Hume on Cause & Effect

Dawkin's and the origin of life

Daydreaming Jesus back from the dead?

De Mello on selfishness in his book Awareness

Dead babies of Tuam - victims of the Christian faith

De-baptism, National Secular Society


Deceptions around the visions of Guadalupe

Declaring Jesus sane so you might declare him God?

Declaring the right to leave the Catholic Church

Decrees against Medjugorje visions

Deep question, "Why anything at all?" is hidden in the "proof" from dependence

Defection from Roman Catholicism is a Human Right!

Defenders of Muslim faith are attempting to defend the absurd

Defending a Protestant against a Catholic priest critic

Defending ethical egoism

Defining religion - what is religion?

Deliverance ministry - another Christian form of abuse

Delizia Cirollie, an example of Lourdes non-miracle cures

Delusion that God calls one to priesthood or whatever

Demonic possession

Demonic possession in the Catholic Religion

Denial of free will and anger

Denial of free will and guilt

Denial of free will and reason

Depressive realism

Derrida - how forgiving the forgivable is not really forgiving

Determinists- victims of Christian bigotry

Detrans are only having another transition

Deuteronomy 30

Development of doctrine in Catholicism

Devotion to ancestors!

Diana Basile, her fake cure at Medjugorje

Did a cosmic "computer" make all things?

Did aliens make us?

Did Augustine recognise the Catholic Mass?

Did Clement of Rome know of the gospels?

Did Daniel predict year Jesus would be crucified?

Did God hide from Satan and thereby cause him to go wrong?

Did God put evil in nature? Is he evil for doing so?

Did Hume confuse frequent occurrences with evidence?

Did Jesus call Peter petros or Petra and why it matters?

Did Jesus' corpse vanish in an earthquake?

Did Jesus die and rise or an impersonator?

Did Jesus die and rise or an impersonator?

Did Jesus die merely as good example?

Did Jesus get out of the tomb for he was buried alive?

Did Jesus go to Hell for our sins?

Did Jesus have a mock crucifixion?

Did Jesus have a twin who could impersonate him?

Did Jesus know all things if he was the God man?

Did Jesus offer himself on cross to Satan?

Did Jesus predict that he would NOT rise?

Did Jesus really have a magic risen body?

Did Jesus really Suffer on the Cross?

Did Jesus use hypnosis?

Did Jesus, the God of the Catholics, exist?

Did Micah predict the birthplace of Jesus?

Did paranormal events happen at Garabandal?

Did Paul believe Jesus could do magic miracles? NO

Did Paul say we no longer know Jesus the man?

Did some of the Ripper victims know the killer?

Did St Paul hallucinate his experiences of the risen Jesus?

Did Tacitus Mention Jesus Christ

Did the apostles steal the Jesus corpse

Did the apparition hoax at Knock involve statues?

Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?

Did the early Christians murder for God?

Did the early followers of Jesus simply lie that he rose from the dead?

Did the Law of Moses know of infection head of its time?

Did the men in white rob Jesus' tomb?

Did the miracle of the sun really happen?

Did the physical universe come from a spiritual one?

Did they go to the wrong tomb on the First Easter?

Did women steal Jesus body?

Didache - a manual of what Jesus' apostles taught?

Differences Atheism and Christianity

Differences between testimonies to Knock vision

Differences in how atheists and religionists look at problem of evil

Differences in reports about the Knock apparition 1879

Different factions in a bad religion

Different religions cannot pray together

Different religions on John 3

Difficult situations

Difficulties exist with secularism but it is the best policy

Diognetus shows that gospels were unknown

Disbelief in God because there is no evidence

Discarding the Catholic version of God

Discuss, "For honest good people to lie, that takes religion"

Discuss, "Maybe pure good cannot exist unless pure evil exists too?"

Discuss, Just because my motive is mine doesn't mean its always about me

Disingenuity around the problem of religion and violence

Dissonance Theory

Distant Image on Turin Shroud for there should be smudging

Distracted selfishness is your salvation

Divide Church and State from each other

Divine command doctrine summary

Divine providence - God looks after his creation or does he?

Divine punishment and how it is a toxic doctrine

Divine simplicity - is God simple in himself?

Divinity of Christ in the Handbook- was Jesus sane?


Do atheists really have faith?

Do errors have rights?

Do gospels really aim to complement each other?

Do I have to forgive attacks on others not just on me?

Do miracles comfort?

Do miracles point to aliens?

Do miracles/faith complement reason?

Do Miraculous Claims need Miraculous Evidence?

Do not hate your sin!

Do not pray for sinners

Do people mean "meaning of evil" when they say "meaning of life?"

Do religion and God owe you meaning in life? What if they do?

Do science and Bible conflict over free will?

Do shroud believers think it was intended to be a negative???

Do the dead walk alongside us?

Do we choose our beliefs or not?

Do we have partial free will?

Do we have to work on our characters forever? Eternal imperfection?

Do we need the sacrament of confession?

Do we really want God's unconditional love?

Do you choose to be born and where/when?

Do you know a person by their behaviour or not?

Do you need faith in God or religion to feel your life is worthwhile?

Do you need to believe in God to believe in reason?

Do you think you really want a Roman Cath wedding?

Do you wonder if religion is bad for people?

Docetism - in early Church

Doctrine of Creation is a guess

Doctrine of creation is magic, its super-occult!

Doctrine of everlasting torment leads to persecuting

Doctrine of sin demeans us!

Doctrine that evil is not real denies that we have free will

Doctrine that good God and evil can co-exist is ideology

Doctrine: put beyond the reach of reason & evidence

Doctrines About God make no sense

Does "Charity begin at home"?

Does a child have right to be baptised?

Does a creed appearing soon after Jesus make his story plausible?

Does accepting nothing 100% justify religious allegiance? No!

Does Bible teach once saved always saved?

Does Book of Revelation put Jesus in prehistoric times?

Does Buddhism sort of justify suicide?

Does Catholicism think substance of communion vanishes and is replaced by Jesus?

Does context determine if an event is a miracle or not?

Does determinism destroy guilt and punishment?

Does embarassing material in gospels prove reliability?

Does evidence for miracles override improbability?

Does evil, crime or sin punish itself?

Does feeling free mean we are free?

Does God fight ontologically evil forces with lesser forms of evil

Does God force damnation on people?

Does God give rewards?

Does God make as little input as possible?

Does God make exceptions?

Does Gospel of Mark hint that Jesus never appeared as risen?

Does it make sense to say God plans randomness?

Does it matter if evil is just an absence or a real power?

Does Jerusalem prophecy help us with dating Mark?

Does John 1 say the Word, Jesus, was God or is it mistranslated?

Does John 6 talk about a Heavenly Eucharist only?

Does John Gospel say Jesus gave Church power to pardon sins?

Does love of of enemies apply to loving Satan?

Does love your neighbour as yourself define altruism?

Does prayer and magic work in contraries?

Does risk refute egoism? Does it show we are not always about self-interest?

Does science refute free will?

Does self-interest fail to be inspiring to society?

Does teaching that the Devil possesses lead to victim-blaming?

Does the Bible lead to the pope being seen as antichrist?

Does the Bible teach science? Yes! It thinks it does!

Does the Josephus Testament belong anywhere in his book?

Does this book show us that non-material souls exist?

Dogmatic upbringing versus non-dogmatic

Dominick Beirne - suspect vision at Knock

Dominick Beirne Sen, a good witness to Knock vision?

Domino Effect - does it refute consequentalist ethics

Donal Anthony Foley - Understanding Medjugorje

Don't accuse a baby of needing baptism to have God inside

Don't assume the fundamentalist definition is clear

Don't be a pseudo sceptic

Don't be disrespected by being called a sinner!

Don't mock the afflicted

Don't pick on the individual religionist to excuse the religion

Don't stay in a religion with evil doctrine

Don't take religious liberals seriously

Doublethink - and religion

Download these books refuting religious lies

Dr Festa gives grounds for suspecting Padre Pio of deception

Dr M Scott Peck on religion in his book People of the Lie

Drop the books the Roman Church added to the Bible

Dubious Apparition of Knock

Dubious Apparition of Knock

Dubious CTS booklet on existence of Jesus

Dunnes Stores - Rosary Style Necklaces

Dupery through hope worse than dupery through fear

Durkin, is his testimony to Knock vision any good?

Duty - an idea fit only for putting you off doing good

Duty to expose evildoing

Earliest account resurrection was tampered with

Early Church Ashamed of Gospels

Early Church had no pope

Early Church was not the Roman Catholic Church

Early Roman bishops were not popes for they didn't choose other bishops

Ecstasy Trance during apparitions is just a show when public

Ecumenism is a charade

Ecumenism is Just Hypocrisy

Egoism and Miracles

Egoism and the notion, "Nobody hurts me unless I let them"

Egoism and the present and the future

Egoism is the way to go!

Eight witnesses to the Book of Mormon

Elective and therapeutic abortion are human rights

Elisha, the saintly child killing sorcerer of the Bible

Ellegard shows Jesus probably never lived

Elton John would ban religion

Email to Net Ministries Ballybofey

Emer O Kelly, Sunday Independent

Emergency baptism

Emmanuel Swedenborg, Church of New Jerusalem

Emmerich her hallucinations about Jesus and Mary

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties lies that Bible can be infallible

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties on the New Testament

End hereditary religion - let people make their own choices

English hierarchy downgrades the Bible

Epistle of Barnabas denies gospels as reliable

Equal rights and how silly prejudice is

Erotica is harmless and to be enjoyed - gospel of atheism

Error about law of averages behind all magical thinking

Error is bad so in what way should we tolerate it?

Essay - Josephus did not mention Jesus

Essay - to believe in God requires you believe he judges

Essay on Acts 17 and idolatry

Essay on Jesus mythicism

Essay on Peter's preaching

Essay on practical Christian apologetics

Essay on sacrifice in Leviticus

Essay on Science and Christianity

Essay on science and miracles

Essay on Science and the Bible

Established facts - do they make way for Jesus having risen?

Estelle Faguette and Pellevoisin apparition

Eternal punishment and mourning

Eternal punishment is just a cover for justifying hate

Ethical satisfaction theory of the atonement of Jesus

Ethical scepticism - maybe morality is pure fantasy?

Ethics and morality

Ethics for the humanist

Ethics is based on regulation

Ethics of saving lives by donating organs

Eucharist is based on unfounded accusations against Jews

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano - the rotting remains of Jesus?

Eunuch in Acts 8

EUTHANASIA - right or wrong or sometimes neither?

Euthanasia and the afterlife

Euthypro Dilemma - proves God worship is self-worship

Evaluate, "Pleasure, not suffering, being meaningless is the problem"

Evaluation: "Pray for more important things than a headache to go away"

Evangelising a child is indoctrinating even if you don't mean to

Even believers must hold that at

Everlasting Punishment - is free will removed by God?

Everlasting Punishment in Hell - a blessing?!

Every act is about myself - there are only self-described altruists

Everybody has a morality - even if its just "all is permitted"

Everybody is Wrong about God by Lindsay - evidence for God?

Everybody sins according to the Bible

Everything happens for a reason

Evidence for Jesus being real is not up to standard

Evidence for miracles has no hope of being conclusive

Evidence for the Mormon Faith being from God

Evidence not faith must tell you what and how to think

Evidence or Logic in the face of miracles

Evidence proves Jesus never existed

Evidence that a miracle violates nature?

Evidence that Jesus could have fueled his reputation with trickery

Evidence that Jesus never died on the cross

Evidence that Jesus was Mentally Ill

Evidence that the New Testament was hidden

Evidentialism and religion

Evil allows for God rather than indicates God?

Evil and excessive evil - are they just split hairs? Could be?

Evil as evidence against God - but is there good without God?

Evil be thou God's good

Evil doctrine of everlasting punishment in Hell

Evil in the Catholic Bible

Evil is a side effect? What if it is? What does it mean for God?

Evil is not an act but a sum of acts

Evil is not bad but just a subtraction - a Christian doctrine!

Evil is not God training you

Evil is redefined as flawed good by affirming a Good God

Evil not a sin when you do it for God's purpose

Evil not a thing - is that a theodicy?

Evil of Pick and Mix Religion

Evil to just assume somebody should suffer if there is a God

Examples of dangerous religion

Examples of faith versus reality

Examples of religion forcing people to convert

Excellent rebuttal to miracle beliefs

Excommunication and religion, when a religion safeguards its doctrine

Excuse-makers for violent religion

Excuses for errors in the infallible Bible

Excuses for violent scriptures answered

Exegesis - Paul and resurrection

Exegesis Mark 15

Existential angst and how it can lead to religious terrorism

Existential Dysphoria - religion shouldn't be forced on children



Exorcising Medjugorje

Exorcism - a sign from God?

Exorcism - when the illness is better than the cure

Exorcism and demons are forms of abuse and need banning

Exorcism is unsupervised by the state!

Exorcism rites - they read like black magic grimoires!

Exorcist Lopez Sedano

Experience Consciousness

Expert opinion - is it sick to be religious?

Experts on the solar miracle of Fatima

Experts say creation is just a magic doctrine ie nonsense

Expressing faith in a higher power is harmful

Extraordinary claims need exceptional support

Extraordinary return of Jesus from dead needs bigger evidence

Extremist can be 1% of you - it is as bad as 100%

Eye-openers from the first Medjugorje accounts

Ezekiek 7 refutes lie that God is all sweetness!

Ezekiel's false prophecy about Tyre

Facebook comments givenomoneytocatholicchurch

Failed solutions to Bible contradictions by the famous Haley

Faith and depression

Faith and Spirituality reside on personality disorders & cause them

Faith as a cover for condoning divine evil

Faith doesn't need to be turned religious

Faith exploits your subconscious, you mistake it for God's guidance

Faith in evil spirits - how people can like it

Faith in Faith

Faith in God condones his evil and his letting evil happen

Faith in God is a screen for idolatry

Faith in God is man's way of condoning divine evil by worsening it

Faith in God is too easily weaponised by carebullies

Faith in miracles does us no real good, isn't needed

Faith in miracles is just faith in men

Faith in religion is not a virtue, though it says it is

Faith is "magical" knowledge and meant to function as knowledge

Faith is a violent concept for many with gender dysphoria

Faith is not feeling and should be more mature than that!

Faith leads to being prone to undue influence

FAITHEISM - reclaiming my only true power: owning myself

FAITHEISM - reclaiming my right to answer only to me

Fake "Baptism" of blood and desire

Fake Humility of love sinner hate sin

False prophecies of the miraculous medal visions

False Prophecy Book of Mormon

Famine victims - murdered by negligence?

Fanatical extremism of loving God alone

Fanaticism in First Christians

Fantasist Faustina - her Divine Mercy devotion


Fast inner transformation for the atheist

Fatalism and God go together - inevitably

Father and mother are social constructs

Father Gino Burresi - another Padre Pio - but got caught!

Fathers are no help in showing Jesus existed

Fatima predicted at seance?

Fatima Solar Miracle fails tests for genuine goodness and holiness

Fatima, Lucia and the Consecration of Russia

Fear is the father of evil

Fear leads to violence - it is not hate that is the problem

Feel love for God only

Feel that life is meaningful

Feeling free is not an argument for free will if God exists

Feeling free is not sensing free will. A feeling is not a sense.

Feeling that life is meaningful

Female Genital Mutilation

Feuerbach's The Essence of Christianity

FFRF - New York Times Ad

Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong

Fighting Words, Avalos, on Islam

Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence by Professor Hector Avalos

Final choice - the reason why Hell is eternal?

Finetuned universe? Thus is there a God?

Finite past and cause

Firm purpose of amendment

First Corinthians 15 does not fit the gospel account of Jesus

First Nations People persecuted by Catholic Church

First Vision Joseph Smith

Flags, religion and secularism

Flavius Josephus - his any of his Jesus material genuine?

Flew - Falsification Principle

Flew and Christianity

Flying saints and levitation

Flying Virgin Mary and her flying house of Loreto

Food Taboos in Religion

Forcing people to hear the gospel versus forced conversion

Forcing religious people to do same sex weddings

Forgive but yet punish

Forgiveness - God theory's Achille's Heel?

Forgiveness and gratitude are co-dependent

Forgiveness from God is a cloak for condoning the bad done to you

Forgiveness in the popular sense is a snare!

Forgiveness is for the evil person's sake only

Forgiveness is incoherent

Forgiveness is often confused with healing of the past

Forgiveness is pro-atheism

Forgiveness turns all sin mortal

Forgiving enemy for God's sake

Forgiving for the sake of the enemy

Forgotten sins

Forgotten sins - a source of spiritual terror?

Formal Defection from Religion and the Law

Fortune telling - atheists and the Church are right to oppose it

Foundation errors expose Jesus story as false

Four gospels about Jesus are not reliable

Fr Gobbi and his dubious Marian Movement of Priests

Fr Laurentin - catalyst of the Medjugorje fraud

Fr Laurentin who promoted Medjugorje was a liar

Fr. Hauke responds to criticism from Medjugorje supporters

Francis Spufford and his stupid view of religion

Frank Morison and "Who moved the stone?"

Frank Turek thinks atheists steal from God's science to debunk God!

Fraud Alert: Catholic doctrine is that the Bible has no errors

Free Will - a Harmful Doctrine

Free will - is it a miracle?

Free will - is love voluntary?

Free will accuses you of creating evil - its a slander

Free will and altruism and egoism

Free will and altruism are a dangerous marriage

Free will and Christian belief

Free will and desire

Free will and our options!

Free will and the denial that evil is a real thing or choice

Free will and the doctrine of an evil nature

Free will and the insane

Free will and trusting God

Free will argument refutes, not defends, God

Free will because of God implies miracles not needed

Free Will Defence and Population

Free Will Defence is a Flop

Free Will Defence is evil for it blames

Free Will Disproved

Free will if it exists is about power not morality as such

Free will is a guess & excuse for blaming us for evil not God

Free will is an untrue doctrine and lacks support

Free will is not a gift from God

Free will is not freedom from control if there is a God so its useless

Free will is not supported by consciousness

Free will, what does it really mean?

Freedom of speech

French mystic Marthe Robin - a trickster looking for attention?

Freud - is God based on wishful thinking

Friedrich Neitzsche and the afterlife

From a Pilgrimage to LaSalette

From Deceit by Robert Trivers

From Irish Times on being pro-choice

From my Discus - my comments on religion

From Skeptical Inquirer - can superstition ever help?

Fruits argument and life-changing grace from God

Fulton J Sheen advocates intolerance of sin

Fundamental contradictions between Catholics & Buddhists

Fundamentalism of John Paul II

Fundamentals about the burden of proof

G E Moore on ethics

Gabriel Amorth "exorcises" Rosa

Galatians 3:27-28 does not really teach equality

Gametes and biological sex being a social construct

Gassner - a notorious Catholic exorcist

Gays - who hates the most?

Gays - who hates the most?

GDPR and leaving Catholic Church

Gender dysphoria

Gender or sex is imposed on baby by Church in baptism

General objections to Catholic veneration of Mary

General reasons why you should defect from Catholic Church

General refutations of the believability of miracle and magic

Generosity and grace refute God

Genesis and homosexuality

Genesis and the theory of evolution

German bishops finally admit Church complicit in the Holocaust

Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein, Late Late Show

Get out of false religion

Getting out of Catholic Church membership

Getting rid of anger and hate is not forgiveness

Girl Guides Promise

Give gays & str8s equality

Give Religion No Money

Give the person your questions not your opinions

Givenomoney2catholicchurch posts on religion on facebook

Giving all your love to God makes him your God

Giving all your love to God makes him your God

Gleason Archer Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties - its sophistry

Glucklich's Dying for Heaven - religious pleasure feeds faith terrorism

Gnostic Valentinus and the historical Jesus

Gnostics Evidence against Jesus

God - equivalent to saying gnome in the garden is a god?

God - equivalent to saying there is an invisible unicorn?

God - why believers inherently exploit human vulnerability

God and approval addiction

God and capital punishment

God and condoning your own suffering

God and Religion imply our wellbeing is unimportant

God and retribution

God and the claim that society needs him to have meaning

God and Time

God as a form of avoidance behaviour

God as creator is impossible

God as creator is impossible

God as moral bully and his friends as collaborators

God as primary and secondary cause of all things

God based forgiveness is too cheap to be forgiveness

God being an excuse for doing nothing for others

God belief can cause and prolong depression

God belief excuses and glorifies moral weakness

God belief failed to halt IRA terrorism - it helped it

God belief forces you to be a potential and actual hypocrite

God belief has me virtually forgive things I have no right to

God belief is instilled in you to suppress you

God belief is the seed of terrorism

God belief makes evil worse

God bless you!

God can have no plan for making things to hurt you

God can save all from Hell especially children so why doesn't he?

God cannot be morality if morality is unclear

God cannot risk damning even if he can

God cannot suffer with us so he is not compassionate

God can't abolish his hateful laws

God commanding that there be no other gods is colonialism

God commanding the murder of the Canaanite people

God commands stoning of innocent people to death

God concept authorises interference in lives of others

God does my good deeds, not me

God does not change and is eternally static

God does not know best!

God does not underscore morality - he undermines it

God does stupid magic trick style miracles for Moses

God exercises his right to punish

God give sex a break!

God goes with the degrading notion of altruism

God has no right to be worshipped

God has no struggles so God cannot relate to you as a hero

God has sentenced us all to death

God hates people who are not fit for Heaven

God hides and then does miracles - how odd!

God idea advocates asceticism

God implies Lying always wrong!

God implies temptations are sins

God in the light of the view that morality is just wellbeing

God is a control belief - its about biased thinking not God

God is a crutch to help fake loving others

God is a murderer according to the Bible

God is a myth - he is not real

God is a nonsense word

God is a self-projection - you project your own moral ideals to him

God is an autocratic idea

God is an excuse for hypocrisy?

God is Bad for your Health!

God is guessing and so has no right to let us suffer

God is happy when you are in Hell?

God is no argument against murder

God is not a moral agent

God is not a reality but a man-made falsehood

God is not about you, he cannot please everybody anyway

God is not Omnipotent

God is the biggest abortionist of all!

God is the ingredient that makes a religion dangerous

God is too risky to comfort the bereaved with

God is your Idol, and an Idol is always bad

God is your myth and it is you who justify the evil he allows not him

God lifting a stone that cannot be lifted

God loves me unconditionally? Can't happen without hurting others

God makes all from nothing - that is not making, its magic

God makes desire a sin!

God makes the unconditional love of man a sin

God makes you heartless when it comes to him & suffering

God making good not evil doesn't get him off the hook for evil

God of the Science Gap makes the Gap a God

God owns morality? Examining the suggestion

God sends babies that die to Hell to be punished forever?

God should have a force-field around us

God should trick you to think you have free will

God the God of executioners

God the most unpleasant character in all fiction

God using us as means not as ends - why that is bad

God versus ownership

God wants babies and men abused by religious circumcision

God wants gays to burn with lust and frustration

God wants us to use our free will to suffer with others in compassion

God worship is idolatry if not directed at a real God

God -you need burdens of proof not burden

Godel's Theorem and Religion


God's Bible and his stoning laws still do harm today

God's direct evil and the notion that evil is unreal

God's fictitious right to be loved

God's free will is crucial to creation doctrine

God's grace is human influence pretending it is not manipulating

God's love to me is only my perception, I cannot taste the reality

God's property rights

God's warped love for you

Going to Church is a huge mistake

Going to church versus magic

Golden plates of Book of Mormon - did they exist?

Golden rule and love of neighbour as oneself

Golden rule of Jesus is grounded in hate

Good people do evil saying, "I was only obeying orders"

Good quotes from An Atheist's Values on thinking

Gospel Evidence for Jesus is Worthless

Gospel of Atheism - What is self-esteem?

Gospel of Atheism - Why is self-esteem important?

Gospel of atheism how to love yourself

Gospel of atheism to love yourself means loving yourself alone ultimately

Gospel of atheism you can be happy

Gospel of atheism you want to be happy

Gospel of atheism, Only God you need is you!

Gospel of Atheism, you are your own saviour/salvation by default

Gospel of Peter

Gospel of Philip calls Jesus a myth

Gospel of Thomas and Jesus myth

Gospels are lying about Jesus being well-known

Gospels call human nature totally depraved

Gospels slander Jews as Christ killers

Gospels written to imitate way Caesar stories were written

Goulston Street - did Ripper write grafitti blaming the Jews?

GRACE – A Dehumanising Idea

Grace and the purpose of life

Grace doctrine denies pagans will go to Heaven

Gradualism - the Christian charm laced with ulterior motives

Grant R Jeffrey and the Bible

Grateful People, unpacking the dark side

Greed of Roman Catholic priests

Grievances, writing to the Church

GROW - Fr Cornelius Keogh's dubious construction

Guadalupe the Marian apparition hoax

Guards bribed to lie at Jesus' tomb?

Guidelines for secularism

Guilt and Christian belief

Had Joseph no ancestors except in Bethlehem?

Haidt's The Righteous Mind book, thoughts on morality

Hammer of witches

Handbook Christian Apologetics on Risen Jesus as Hallucination

Handbook of Apologetics tries to explain away human suffering

Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - a review

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - a review

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Christians & other religions

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Christians & other religions

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Hell's endless punishment

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Kreeft Pacelli - is foolish

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - problem of evil

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Was Jesus God?

Handbook of Christian Apologetics Conclusions

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Happiness, its bizarre!

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Hell as punishment


Handbook of Christian Apologetics Refuted

Handbook of Christian Apologetics: God and what he's like

Handbook of Christian Apologetics: God as good & letting evil happen

Handbooks chart on the resurrection of Jesus is deliberately oversimplified

Hans Kung - Can we save the Catholic Church?

Happiness and the Problem of Evil

Happiness as side-effect of doing good

Happiness is not happiness if it needs sacrifice

Hard rationalism

Hare Krishna ISKCON

Harmful beliefs

Harmfulness of belief in God

Harmonising gospel accounts is airbrushing contradictions

Harry Cox gives light on the Ripper murders

Has God helped converted alcoholics?

Hate sin love sinner proves evil refutes God

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner - its personal

Hate speech alert, "Fool says in his heart that there's no God"

Hate your own sin first before you love sinner and hate the sin?

Hateful God of the Book of Exodus

Hateful quotes from Jesus against Jews appeared on Nazi signs

Hating big sins

Hating good intentions and love the sinner hate the sin

Hating relatively harmless sins is deranged

Hating sin is the first step to hating sinner

Hating sin is too burdensome and leads to violence

Hatred and religion

Hatred in disguise the gospel of atheism overcomes it

Have to make excuses to believe in miracles

Having a belief that contradicts other beliefs you have

Hawking said the law of gravity made the universe

Hawking was falsely accused of punching philosophically above his weight

Headcovering - when earliest Christians oppressed women in Church

Healthcare for trans and nonbinary - gender confirmation

Healthy spirituality?

Heather Woods Stigmata

Heaven - Handbook of Christian Apologetics Refuted

Heaven and Hell, the lies that we have all absorbed

Heaven creates moral problems that show it is nonsense

Heaven is a den of asceticism and a Hell

Hebrews 11 treats faith as more important than facts

Hebrews denies Jesus can be verified

Hebrews in Bible refutes priests and masses as unChristian

Hebrews letter refutes the sacrifice of the mass as a sin

Hebrews says Jesus was a priest who didn't live in 1st Century

Hegesippus and the evidence for Jesus

Hell and Mercy

Hell and Purgatory - They are not real so do not fear them

Hell and the doctrine that God comes first

Hell as in everlasting punishing is a vindictive doctrine

Hell for sinners - in Islamic and Mormon thought

Hell gives Christians meaning in life!

Hell is a doctrine that enforces hate

Hell is a morally redundant idea and a lie

Hell is a useless doctrine except for religious bullies

Hell makes hating sin far worse

Hell says the damned identify as their sin

Henry Morris and Creation Science

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his creator doctrine

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his God doctrine

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his moral teachings

Herbert Thurston SJ a Knock sceptic

Here is why you need to rethink being a priest

Heresies and lies in the revelations of Fatima

Heresy - sin of putting your "truth" before God's revealed truth

Heresy and Medjugorje

Heresy is parasitic on the religion's truth claim

Heretical revolution in the New Mass, Novus Ordo

Hick on the absurdity of Jesus being both God and Man

Hinduism - another human religion

Historical methods downgrade miracle claims

History of Bible literalism

History shows the papacy is just a political/religious invention

Hitchens and Tony Blair on evil violent scriptures

Hitchens Blair - Is religion a force for good?

Hitler - How Jesus and Christianity made him executioner

Hitler and his liberal Christianity liquidated the Jews in WW2

Hitler devoutly leaves a Church

Hitler persecuted atheists

Hitler was clear that his movement was Christian

Holy Innocents

Holy Inquisition

Holy Lies about Lourdes

Holy See just got statehood it didn't deserve, then it played along

Holy Spirit is not God

Holy War and the Bible


Homophobia of being anti-same sex marriage

Honor thy father and thy mother - the commandment of God

Honour - does what I am honoured for matter only?

Honouring bad scriptures is using words as violence

Hope belongs to atheism - how to be atheistic and hopeful

Hope Endures exposes Mother Teresa

Hope is dross compared to optimism

Hoping "evil" people drop dead so that others will be spared

Hostile Request to be released from RC Church

How a choice shows there is no God

How a loving God would not let animals suffer

How are beliefs respected?

How belief in God leads to judging by stealth

How Belief in God opposes morality

How Belief in God opposes morality

How can a secularist understand religion?

How can Christians advertise what their religion calls "evil" as they do?

How can law deal with religion looking for exemptions from discrimination laws?

How Catholics use the printing press to fight Protestant logic

How Christianity is supposed to judge

How Church teaching undermines love and blocks it

How dare you insult suffering and evil in order to have a faith!

How did Jesus rise from the dead?

How did Mary conceive by the Holy Spirit?

How did Smith find the Golden Plates?

How DNA makes us want to fit in - at the expense of truth/integrity

How do you judge a good or bad or neutral motive?

How do you show that what God thinks of morality matters?

How does free will work and function?

How faith in God amplifies the projection of evil unto others

How faith in God can fuel depression

How faith insinuates you are to blame for your life problems

How faith kills LGBT people in todays world

How getting rid of responsibility gives the religious meaning?

How going to saints bypasses and insults God

How good are Luke's miracle stories about Jesus?

How good is the good God draws from evil, or that just comes from it?

How Hell Belief makes you Uncaring

How I would debate Christian William Lane Craig

How impressive are Jesus' miracles in the Gospel of John?

How is the moral side of our nature put into us?

How Jesus blessed and commanded and protected child sex abuse/child rape

How Jesus used faith as a weapon to victim blame

How Jesus used prayer as a means of abusing the vulnerable

How love for God can imply you need hugely good evidence for miracles

How loving the sinner can blind you to your sins

How necessary and important is it to have beliefs?

How our perception shows that we hate the damned person

How reliable are visions of risen people?

How reliable was Archdeacon Cavanagh during the Knock shrine origin?

How religion tries to discredit science that opposes God

How religions of lies are really just occult nonsense

How religious faith invites you to violence

How sincere is respect for the beliefs of others?

How the Bible caused terrible racism in the Holy Land

How the Bible sees genocide as mass sacrifice to God

How the notion of faith as divine gift gaslights

How time travel can make sense and refute God

How to be happy!

How to have a happy love life - the gospel of atheism

How to make reason attractive

How to test a miracle witness

How to work out right and wrong - rule 1 keep faith out of it!

How truth can lead to silent terrorism or war

How useful are slippery slope arguments?

How useful to historians are the gospels?

How we must spread the good news of atheistic humanism

How you can be inspired by the alleged "Enlightening" of religious people

How your tipple proves that there is no God

Howe's testimonials that Mormonism was a hoax by a fake prophet

Human nature is more a mix of other species rather than a species

Human nature would easily condone a God who hurts others

Humanae Vitae, the teaching that killed millions of women

Humanism is not a religion or a faith position

Humanist is enough so what do you want God for?

Hume A Very Short Guide by A J Ayer

Hume and moral subjectivism

Hume says we cannot show morality is rational

Hume's fork - logic and observation are your only tools but go off on their own

Hume's theorem - against belief in miracles

Hundreds of witnesses to Jesus having risen?

Hungarian Codex - does it depict the Shroud of Turin?

Hypnopompic hallucinations and the risen Jesus tale


Hypocrisy of saying, "Punish the sin not the sinner"

I "love sinners and hate sins" is a smug arrogant boast

I always do something self-interested under the circumstances

I am the image of God means I have dignity or does it?

I don't need God to be good

I value myself indirectly when I value anything

Idea of sin needs to be abandoned - mistake would do

Idea that God implies hate is a sin is wrong or inconclusive

Ideal utilitarianism - maximising the greatest virtue of greatest number

Ideas are never sacred - question them all if you think there is a need

Ideology - when ideas make addicts and become tools to oppress

Idolatry of Praying to Jesus

If a miracle happens and some hi

If altruism is good then what if God belief undermines it?

If anything is appearing at Medjugorje, its an occult being

If Christ has not been raised then faith is in vain

If Christianity is a placebo then why should it reduce abortions?

If dogma infallible then justifications infallible too

If evil has a power or uses power it will get its own back on you

If evil trains us then attempting progress is a sin

If free will is a gift from God its no longer his concern how I use it

If God breathes faith in you why do you still err with it?

If God exists he will not hide himself

If God is evil then why does good exist?

If God is not there then it is useless to say he is

If good is replaced with a vacuum something will replace it - but what?

If I've no natural explanation for a miracle then must I leave it alone?

If Jesus was God then he cannot save sinners

If Jesus was God then he prayed to himself!

If judging is bad then religion makes it worse

If Lourdes cures are real it does not help the Catholic faith

If loving sinner hating sin is possible its difficult

If medicine got the money given to religion - imagine!

If nearly all religions are wrong, why not say all are wrong?

If nobody believes in miracles, the unbelief harms nobody

If nobody has certainty, does that include God? Berg says yes

If religion is true why does it need so many liars to promote it?

If the gospels are lies, why no lies that Jesus was seen rising?

If there could be a God, what issues are there around necessary evils?

If there is a creator can we call it a unicorn or God?

If there is no eternal hell is there no free will?

If virtue is in the mind then is free will a myth?

If we all came from Adam and Eve would we be the same ethnicity?

If we are always sinful how can morality matter?

If we are forced to have an objective morality we should not be

If we are God's children then we are equal to God!

If we had all the answers would there be no room for faith?

If we had all the answers, would there be faith?

If you abandon God would you worship just anything?

If you are Catholic is the label yours permanently?

If you are not reasoned into faith, can you be reasoned out of it?

If you believe in God then be angry!!

If you don't believe in God could you believe just anything?

If you forgive the sins of any - did he mean if you have clairvoyance?

If you hate slavery, you will renounce the Bible

If you must, baptise the baby yourself

If you would be better than God if possible only then are you good!

Ignatius - no evidence for Jesus but the resurrection appearances

Ignorance of the law of the land and the moral law

Ignore all non-cross-examined miracle claims

I'm a good as God if I am his child

Image worship in the Catholic Church

Immaculate Deception of Lourdes Vision

Immoral moralities

Impact of miracles & hallucinations on evidence

Implications of Catholic homophobia

Implicit atheism may be the strongest atheism!

Implicit atheism of trans who feel they are in the wrong existence


Impostor syndrome and faith in God

In Defence of Evidence - Against Super-sceptics

In Defence of Reason

In defence of situation ethics

In depth examination of how plagues refute the love of God

In favour of the 7 deadly sins

In God we Trust

In religion, you take man's word for it not God's

In theology, God is judgement - not just a judge

Incarnation of God as Jesus makes God evil

Incarnationism and the Eucharist - Justin

Incitement to hatred

Incorrupt bodies happen in natural world too, not just a Catholic one

Incorruptible Bodies - a Catholic Miracle?

Incredibly, miracles and belief in them supports atheism!

Indecent Images, the ethics surrounding this issue

Indulgences - indulgence in nonsense

Indulgue yourself with self-esteem treats!

Inexplicable, why does Christianity so easily make anti-semitists?

Infallibility is useless

Infallible Canonisations

Infant baptism has consequences so it should be abolished

Influence and free will

Ingredient of sin is stupidity, exposes love sinner hate sin as lie

Inherently discriminatory, the Church does harm

Inherently evil calls evil a brute fact

Inquiry Process is about helping to ask questions and find answers

INQUISITION The Catholic killing machine

INRI - the sign on the cross

Insane and Fanatical Love for God is commanded by Jesus

Insisting on believing what you want about yourself

Instrumental egoism - the notion that self-interest pays even if amoral or non-moral

Intention is desire and desire involves self-interest always

interesting nonsense from Book of "Wisdom"

Intrinsic and instrumental value

Intrinsic good and intrinsic evil often welded together

Inventing sins to persecute sinners

Investigating monism: notion that separateness is false and all is one

Irish Catholicism

Irresistible grace and Calvinism

Is a miracle a freak law of nature?

Is a miracle a violation of nature?

Is a miracle an event above nature not against it?

Is a miracle an uncaused event?

Is a moral God the default?

Is a religion that takes away responsibility really a religion?

Is a sense of gratitude behind God belief?

Is agnosticism innately dishonest and immoral and lazy?

Is Agnosticism the default belief?

Is all religion bad religion?

Is altruism consequentialist?

Is altruism hateful and against egoists?

Is any faith true? Keller's book, The Reason for God

Is argument from silence enough to doubt Jesus?

Is atheism a world view?

Is atheism merely the absence of belief in God?

Is becoming Catholic the best bet for a good afterlife?

Is being Catholic permanent? Indelible?

Is being forced by God to repent any good?

Is belief an accident of birth?

Is belief in God a necessary evil and not a good?

Is biological sex what determines your gender?

Is Calvinist theology sensible and coherent?

Is Catholic baptism really baptism? Is it effective?

Is Catholicism too Christian to be the whore of Babylon?

Is challenging religious faith cruel?

Is choice just automatically right? Is it morally relevant?

Is Christian faith a work by which you attain eternal life with God?

Is Christianity smarter than New Age teaching?

Is circular reasoning of any use at all?

Is Dawkins wrong on religious being inherently open to violence?

Is divine revelation credible? No.

Is egoism arbitrary? Why should I put myself ahead of the other person?

Is egoism true? Is it all about me deep down no matter what I do?

Is everybody a fundamentalist?

Is everything a miracle? Makes definition too thin

Is evil just a good that falls short or is that trivialising it?

Is evil more than just a poor standard of behaviour?

Is formal defection only about marriage law?

Is free will a joy or a necessary evil?

Is free will about spiritual stuff only?

Is getting caught the only bad thing about law-breaking?

Is God a basic belief - one that we don't need evidence for?

Is God a brute fact? If so could anything be?

Is God a scientific hypothesis?

Is God's love comforting?

Is good more valuable if you battle yourself to do it?

Is hating the sin the strongest or loving the sinner?

Is Hell unlocked meaning the damned won't leave?

Is honouring God's friends honouring God?

Is infallibility inspiration?

Is it ad hominem to condemn religion as religion for it does harm?

Is it consequences of sin you are to hate not the sinner?

Is it easy to believe in Hell?

Is it feeling or intuition or both that tell us if we have free will?

Is it good or bad or neutral that God has made us?

Is it possible that Smith did not translate the Book of Mormon right?

Is it possible that the Shroud was switched?

Is it problem of God rather than problem of good?

Is it really more blessed to give than to receive?

Is it reasonable to believe in miracles ever? Mostly or Rarely?

Is it right to call somebody an evil person?

Is it the same to say God is a unicorn or teapot as he is our Father?

Is it true that biological sex is rooted in what gametes you should produce?

Is it true that my desires cannot be all about me?

Is it true that people only believe what they want?

Is it true that spiritual people worse off than religious?

Is it true that there are no accidents?

Is it true that your feelings always tell you lies?

Is it true you cannot prove something (like God) doesn't exist?

Is it your place to forgive what was done to others

Is Jesus God the Judge or Not?

Is Jesus proof of God?

Is Jesus story based on trickery and lies?

Is leaving the Church polarising?

Is logical ability proof that we have free will?

Is looking for meaning in life all future-orientated?

Is love the reason the three persons make up one God?

Is loving sinner hating sin just describing forgiveness of sinners?

Is magic an ethical or good activity?

Is Mary at Medjugorje like the Jesus vision story?

Is Mass killing Jesus afresh?

Is Morality a Person: God?

Is morality if real simply about a real relationship with God?

Is morality like language? Is that proof it is not just an invention?

Is morality, moral rules, a necessary evil? Yes

Is Mormonism distorting the doctrine of creation?

Is objective morality necessarily bigoted?

Is one faith as good as another?

Is Paul the Servant of Isaiah 53?

Is Paul's text evidencing the resurrection of Jesus much good?

Is prayer asking for a secret miracle?

Is prayer care or an attempt at care even if it is only asking?

Is prayer really charming?

Is praying for others the best thing you can do for them?

Is punishment valid?

Is religion a mental condition if not disorder?

Is religion a mental illness?

Is religion a necessary evil?

Is religion an excuse for violence?

Is Religion Irrational? by Keith Ward

Is religion often a thought disorder needing professional help?

Is religious faith a private affair?

Is religious faith bad in the long run?

Is religious faith psychological egoism?

Is religious freedom a right or privilege?

Is religious system or individual religious belief the problem?

Is renouncing pleasure for asceticism churlish towards God?

Is resurrection a good doctrine?

Is resurrection of Jesus a good doctrine?

Is retribution a form of revenge or does it have vengeful leanings?

Is revenge wrong?

Is sacrifice real? Do we really do it?

Is Science and Health inspired scripture? Christian Science

Is science concerned with ex nihilo creation?

Is Scientism not science the problem where religion is concerned?

Is secularism at war with religion?

Is secularism directly and indirectly neutral regarding religion?

Is self-esteem selfish?

Is Stealing from God right to say atheism is a worldview? No!

Is suffering at the mercy of chance really that bad?

Is suffering ever good for our virtue and our skills?

Is the Bible right therefore inspired?

Is the Bible scientific when it says life is in the blood?

Is the calling up of Jesus a cover for Necromancy?

Is the Catholic Church holy? It says it is!

Is the fear of death a hint that there is a Hell?

Is the James of Josephus writings Jesus' real brother?

Is the lack of good always evil?

Is the last supper story history?

Is the Law of Moses abrogated in the apostles' times?

Is the little horn of the Bible the Papal Antichrist?

Is the mind separate from the body? Transcendent?

Is the Soul the Form of the Body?

Is the soul the person not the body?

Is the text of the Koran inaccurate?

Is the universe fine-tuned by God?

Is there a second chance to make peace with God?

Is there an alternative to Calvinist predestination doctrine?

Is there anything loving about the birth control ban in religion?

Is there blood on the Shroud of Turin? Is it Jesus'?

Is there dignity in being made for God and by God?

Is there no such thing as innocent suffering?

Is thinking about moral probabilities the same as relativism?

Is trans an identity? Not exactly!

Is truth relative?

Is unhappiness a negative and not a thing?

Is unworthy communion homicide?

Is your spiritual DNA Catholic if you are baptised?

Isacaron a demon composes prayers to Jesus' mother! Is she in Hell?

Isaiah 53 does not predict Jesus' death

Isaiah did not predict Virgin Birth of Jesus

Islam and the future of tolerance

Islam is more believable than Christianity

Islam is not the true religion or a desirable faith

Islam, ISIS and the Paris attacks

Islamic State

ISRAEL SCHWARTZ - Ripper witness?

Issa is not the gospel Jesus, its patronising Muslims to say he is

It could have been Jesus' shroud!

It is evil to condone violent and harmful holy books from God

It is extremist to say a zygote is a person & to kill it is murder

It is futile to say "Objective morality is God". No practical good is done

It is nasty to say evil is merely good of the wrong kind

It is nonsense that evolution fits the Catholic faith

It is not true the Law of God in the Bible, Torah, no longer applies

It is religions with agendas that "authenticate" miracles

It is selfish to look for divine approval

It is the "meanings" of life not the "meaning"

It should be original neutrality not original sin

It takes religion to make good people do evil

Its a change without an effect - bread and wine turning into Jesus!

Its about me, two forms of psychological egoism

Its enough to reject faith for the arguments are insufficient

Its even a sin to love yourself!

It's Fraud for Religion to use miracles as signs and evidence for God

Its hard-hearted to say tragic unbaptised children are God-free for

Its not true that the Knock vision was seen in daylight

Its polite bigotry to make pronouns only about manners

Its unethical to preach Heaven as a gift from God

Ivan the false prophet of Medjugorje

IVF - the ethics of In Vitro Fertilisation

Jack the Magical Ripper? The occult connection?

Jack the Ripper - butcher?

Jack the Ripper - there is a suspect who rises above all others

Jack the Ripper suspects

Jacob Levy as Jack the Ripper?

James - what did Josephus mean by calling him Jesus' brother?

James letter does not deny Protestant notion that faith alone takes you to Heaven

James, blood brother of Jesus?


Jehovah's Witnesses, The Watchtower Society

Jensen - authority of scripture

Jeremiah the Prophet

Jerry Coyne, Faith versus Fact

Jesus - an apparition or mystical force?

Jesus - creation of a fake role model

Jesus - did he change wording of Old Testament texts?

Jesus - did not rise as man but as ghost?

Jesus - died an old man!!

Jesus - fraud not God?

Jesus - relationship between his miracles and sinlessness

Jesus - the false God of Catholicism

Jesus - the son of man or not?

Jesus - there was no tomb

Jesus abused the "word of God"

Jesus affirmed anti-homosexuality texts in scripture as valid

Jesus alone is mediator so do not pray to saints!

Jesus and his Church versus animal rights

Jesus and his lying doctrines

Jesus and his nasty tongue

Jesus and pleasure, the startling truth

Jesus and prayer

Jesus and property - did he ban it?

Jesus and the cripple and forgiving sins

Jesus and the Egyptian

Jesus and the misunderstanding that he called for self-love

Jesus and the sin that will never ever be forgiven by God

Jesus anti-religion

Jesus approves murderous scripture

Jesus as a drag queen!

Jesus as the victim who is offered in the Mass? Macabre idea

Jesus at the Council of Trent approves of capital punishment murder

Jesus attacked workers in the temple not their employers

Jesus' authorised spokesmen, "Sincerity not enough for Heaven"

Jesus battles with religious charlatans

Jesus being mediator with God makes God nasty

Jesus being the way does not make him God

Jesus' best miracle causes problems for his resurrection

Jesus' bogus golden rule

Jesus' burial cloth would not have passed to the disciples

Jesus calls Herod a fox - makes a racist slur

Jesus Christ was a False Prophet

Jesus Christ was a Jew

Jesus Christ was not God

Jesus Christ was not Sinless!

Jesus condemned even understandable biblebased traditions

Jesus condemns the city of Pergamos

Jesus condemns the prayers of doubters as futile

Jesus' contemporary historian as good as denies his existence

Jesus could have been removed from tomb easily

Jesus' crucifixion not predicted in Psalm 22

Jesus' Crucifixion was revealed in visions!

Jesus' deluded ideas about gratitude to God

Jesus demands neglect of the vulnerable "sinner" in Matt 18

Jesus denied he was good

Jesus did not exist before conception

Jesus did not Live in the First Century

Jesus did not say love yourself

Jesus did not say stoning the adulteress was immoral

Jesus did not start the Eucharist, its a Church invention

Jesus didnt command holy communion

Jesus does not care about diagnosing possession

Jesus' Empty tomb was NO Miracle!

Jesus enemies could have stolen body

Jesus failed his own good fruits from thorns argument

Jesus forgives sins against God or does he?

Jesus formulated faith in a bigoted way, he made thought-crimes

Jesus gave three great commandments not two

Jesus' hair versus the Turin Shroud

Jesus' hate speech led to things such as the KKK

Jesus hates sin as does his Bible

Jesus hates those who are unsaved

Jesus hates you!!!!

Jesus' Imagined Miracles

Jesus in John 8 never said he saved the adulteress

Jesus in the Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties

Jesus in the light of the notion that sin works like a viral infection

Jesus indirectly but firmly rules out same sex marriage

Jesus is a weapon not a role model

Jesus is affirmed as supporter of the evil Moses Law

Jesus is an overrated and bad role model - admit the truth

Jesus is dead - he did not rise again

Jesus is devoid of moral credibility - don't let his followers manipulate you

Jesus is irrelevant to the ordinary person

Jesus is not in the Koran

Jesus is pro-imprudence

Jesus is still dead so he is not present in the Mass

Jesus is the only way to God doctrine

Jesus is to blame for not banning stoning women outright

Jesus left no writings at all!

Jesus lied that his coming was predicted

Jesus lied that the psalms predicted him

Jesus lived in ancient times

Jesus made lower than the angels? Was he God?

Jesus made self-respect and self-love a sin

Jesus makes out most people will be damned in Hell forever

Jesus' miracles cannot be proved, they are mere hearsay

Jesus Mysteries - Freke and Gandy: Jesus was a pagan god

Jesus never came to be crucified

Jesus never purposely contradicted the Law of Moses

Jesus' new religion permits slavery

Jesus picks on the Jews endlessly - why not on other groups?

Jesus' planted a seed that led to Islamaphobia and hate

Jesus preaches hate

Jesus preaches hell torment in Luke 16

Jesus predicted apostasy in Christianity

Jesus ran a cult - an abusing religious group

Jesus' Resurrection is unconvincing if based on parable visions.

Jesus resurrection is unpersuasive

Jesus Resurrection story came from black magic book?

Jesus rising in the light of the body not being an individual thing

Jesus said divorce is adultery and meant it

Jesus said that only the Bible is God's word

Jesus said there is no mercy for those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit

Jesus says God is daddy or Abba

Jesus says keep the Mosaic law down to the finest detail

Jesus says that few will be saved and go to eternal bliss

Jesus says, “You are Peter” – Matthew 16 Examined

Jesus should be discarded for he was a racist

Jesus should be worshipped just as the Father is worshipped? NO!

Jesus should not be imposed on schools, hes not for everyone

Jesus slandered the Jews

Jesus sowed the seeds of the Inquisition

Jesus stole the golden rule

Jesus stole the Golden Rule

Jesus story was unknown in earliest Church

Jesus teaches salvation by faith alone

Jesus teaches salvation by faith alone

Jesus' teaching - it is rational and healthy? NO!

Jesus teaching is made up and stolen

Jesus tells a parable to try and derange people who fear Hell

Jesus tempts to sin

Jesus the Black Magician

Jesus the conjurer!

Jesus the firstborn

Jesus the Man by Barbara Thiering

Jesus the Second Adam?

Jesus the Spirit Guide?

Jesus the zealot!

Jesus told us to take up our crosses to please him

Jesus twisted love and that is what he advocated!

Jesus untruthful about his main claim: to be Christ

Jesus upheld a morally defunct religious law

Jesus' useless lying sermon on the mount

Jesus uses the fig tree as a lesson for us

Jesus versus ecumenism

Jesus wants you to hate your parents if they are against him

Jesus was a bigot for affirming his scriptures

Jesus was a bogus messiah

Jesus was a fake exorcist

Jesus Was a Liar

Jesus was a slanderer and today would be found guilty of libel

Jesus was a terrible thinker as a moralist

Jesus was a threatening moral bully - "repent or else"

Jesus was an apparition not a man

Jesus was an evil divine command theorist

Jesus was anti-person, anti-humanitarian

Jesus was buried temporarily maybe?

Jesus was desensitised to religious barbarism and murder

Jesus was in league with evil "spirits" - the true Prince of Evil

Jesus was not a pacifist

Jesus was not almighty or God

Jesus was pro-Torah as vicious as it was

Jesus was the anticlerical revolutionary of his day

Jesus when examined sceptically comes out as a waster

Jesus when he used "I am" did he mean I am God?

Jesus, fraud or God? Legend?

Jesus, Moses and Joseph Smith, monarchs of the patriarchy

Jesus's dungeon of horrors in Hell!

Jesus's resurrection was not the only alleged resurrection

Jewish Antiquities 20 and Jesus' existence

Jewish Purity Laws to be kept by Christians

Jewish tradition about Balaam - is he Jesus?

Jews were falsely accused of nailing Jesus to the cross

JIHAD In Islam is about battles not wars

Joanna Southcott, Shiloh, and her sect

Joe Nickell on Padre Pio's seeming tricks

John 20:31 refutes transubstantiation and the mass

John 3 speaks of water and wind not water baptism

John 6 has nothing to do with last supper

John 6 jumbled up?

John 6 Verse 52 does not support Catholic Mass

John 8, did Jesus ban stoning the adulteress to death?

John 8, Jesus won't affirm a wife is not her husband's property

John Calvin - terrorist and "Reformer"

John Cornwell - Medjugorje

John Curry, Knock vision is suspect

John Gospel denies bread & wine turn into Jesus

John Gospel does not literally make Jesus out to be God

John Loftus and Jesus was a Moral Monster

John Paul II proves that love sinner hate sin is just words

John shocks us with revelations about his mate Jesus

John the Baptist - the Real Messiah

John the Baptist did not pave way for Jesus

John the Baptist fits the Messiah prophecies better than Jesus

John the Baptist witness against Jesus

John's gospel does not really start off calling Jesus God

Jordan Peterson and his 12 rules

Jordan Peterson and his 12 rules

Jordan Peterson, his 12 rules & ignoring of God and Jesus

Jordan Peterson, his 12 rules & ignoring of God and Jesus

Joseph Smith - the Book of Abraham

Joseph Smith boasts that he is better than Jesus

Joseph Smith was not getting messages from God

Joseph Vitolo - Bronx "Miracle"

Josephus cannot be shown to have heard of Jesus

Josephus didnt know of Jesus

Josephus' material on John is problematic, like the Jesus data

Josephus never testified to Jesus

Josephus recorded apparitions in implicit denial of the Jesus ones

Josephus refuted the reliability of our four gospels

Josephus, an Arabic version of the Jesus material

Judas Iscariot Rehabilitated

Judas, Jesus and the sop

Judge sin not sinner hypocrisy

Judging a person who commits suicide

Judging and being judgemental and God

Judging and why we don't like being judged

Judith Jarvis Thomson - In Defence of Abortion

Judy Campbell, her account of Knock vision

Jungian thought shows how God is an idol

Justify secularism

Justifying a woman's hand being cut off

Justin Martyr and the Memoirs of the Apostles

Justin Martyr did not really know of gospels

Kalam argument and the idea that the universe had a cause

Kant's epistimology - what are the grounds of belief/knowledge?

Kant's ethics - his famous moral philosophy

Kant's ethics in the light of faith

Karl Barth and the Bible's Inspiration

Karma - the notion that what you send out comes back

Kat Banyard - The Equality Illusion

Keep a diary

Keller's Making Sense of God on love, it makes anything but sense

Kenny - Why is there something rather than nothing?

Kids who suffer from wrong sex or gender identity being imposed

Killing a baby in Vietnam - a thought experiment

Kinderhook plates, fake prophet Joseph Smith called them genuine!

King Herod has Jesus risen before Jesus rose!

Knock - Telegraph 1880

Knock - witnesses influenced by outside factors

Knock and David Hume's logic

Knock apparition of 1879 is dubious

Knock apparition of 1879, the real truth

Knock Mayo Ireland vision was false

Knock testimonies give it away that it was a natural event

Knock witnesses to the apparition give grounds for doubt

Koran does not really have the Christian Jesus but Issa

Krishna Trilogy by the Hare Krishnas

KYRIOS - does this early title for Jesus call him God?

LA SALETTE - the case for fraud

Labelling the child religiously - the child deserves better

Labels as a distraction from the person's humanity

Lapide a Jew gives light on Jesus' alleged resurrection

Last Supper didn't turn bread and wine into Jesus for first time

Law of Attraction

Lead us not into temptation

Learning from past shows a religion's evil potential

Leave the Church - if its lies in a sense it left you anyway

Leaving judgement to God

Lee Strobel undermines other disciplines for the sake of theology

Lee Strobel's lies in The Case for Christ

Legends about Jesus' mother

Lessing, tolerance and the parable of the magic ring

Lessons from the baby in the burning house

Let children make their own faith decisions!

Let happiness come just pave the way and trust yourself

Letter of Clement of Alexandria on Secret Gospel of Mark

Letter on Prayer - published 2003

Letter regarding Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ

Letterkenny General Hospital - Chapel Closure

Letting person die - John Paul 2 in 1980

LGBT couples banned from Presbyterian Communion

Liar, Lunatic or Lord of all?

Liberal and Fundie theologian on the Bible

Liberal Catholics need to get out of the Church

Liberal religion facilitates nastiness towards atheists too

Liberal religions want to capture your brain too

Liberals are fundamentalists too, fundamentalism is a spectrum

Liberals, especially religious ones, are so saccharine

Liberation and guilt the gospel of atheism

Liberty - freedom must be maximised

Lie of Group Simultaneity relating to Medjugorje visionaries

Lie that the universe and nature were intelligently designed

Lies about Mary appearing at Fatima in 1917

Lies about the complimentary nature of science and religion

Lies and guesses are used to prop up the credibility of miracles

Lies in the passion story of Jesus

Lies of the Roman Catholic Church

Life - a Divine Gift?

Life is valuable just because it is life and not because of God

Life is worth living for atheists and for all

Life Offering Revelations

Liking a person is self-interest

Limbo as a Catholic doctrine

Limited atonement - the notion that Jesus did not die for all

Lindsay's Everybody is Wrong about God - findings on morality


Links to criticism of religious truth claims

Links to criticism of religious truth claims

List of Bible books is not finalised

List of Christian Hypocrisies

List of reasons why belief in a forgiving God is evil

List of religious refutation in alphabetical order

Live in the Power of Now!

Live your authentic non-religious life

Living together does not ruin the marriage

Living without the Church

Logic and the Church

Logic proves that arguments for God from creation are futile

Logical positivism undermines religious faith

Logical proof from evil that God is impossible


Looking at an attempted definition of religion

Lord's cup versus the demon's cup in the early Church

Lot and Genesis - how homosexuality is the worst sin

Lourdes - the entity was not real Virgin Mary

Lourdes - the miracles of healing are dubious

Lourdes fails tests for really being the work of God

Lourdes is an example of the dangerous power of faith placebo

Lourdes miracles show no real respect for medical science

Love and happiness for the humanist

Love damned and hate their damning sin

Love has a bad side- its overhyped

Love has a bad side so why should a lloving god mean a great one?

Love is not the opposite of hate but a form of hate itself

Love neighbour as thyself - self-love forbidden

Love of God is intolerant

Love of neighbour commanded because silly

Love sinner and hate sin is for psychopaths

Love sinner hate sin - will attack your rights at the polling station

Love sinner hate sin = deceit

Love sinner hate sin and slippery slope

Love sinner hate sin therefore love yourself least

Love Sinner Hate Sin: What Christians REALLY Believe

Love sinner morally

Love sinner, hate sin - in light of free will

Love sinner, hate sin - in light of mortal hell-deserving sin

Love sinner, hate sin - not for man but God

Love sinner, hate sin - why?

Love sinner, hate sin - you never know when hated

Love sinner, hate sin and feelings

Love sinner, hate sin is a lie and is passive-aggressive

Love the person but hate the harm they do?

Love the sinner and hate sins is against scholarship

Love the sinner and hate the sin

Love the sinner and hate the sin attacks secular people

Love the sinner and hate the sin is arsenic

Love the sinner hate the sin - is it merely against physical violence?

Love thy Neighbour as thyself - smokescreen

Love thy Neighbour as thyself - vague

Love thy Neighbour more than Thyself!

Loving God alone is evil

Loving the free will of others

Lucia made up tales about her alleged visions

Lucia of Fatima and her lie about the miracle Aurora Borealis

Lucia of Fatima was a liar

Lucia's memoirs show her lies

Lucifer is Jesus?

Luke 13 shows Jesus' hate

Luke stole from the writings of Josephus

Lying Jesus of John's Gospel

M Scott Peck - People of the Lie reviewed

Mackie - insights from his "Ethics Inventing Right and Wrong"

Mackie on Free Will, the philospher speaks

MAGDALENE - did her Jesus lie mushroom all over the globe?

Maggie Beirne, her suspect testimony to Knock vision

Magic and the domino effect - magic is nonsense

Magic is not verified by Quantum Physics

Magic is superstition and harmful in the way uselessness is harmful

Magical faith, especially Christian, is a Pandora's box for violence

Magical thinking is the secret force behind ALL religion

Mahabharata - a critique by an expert

Make religion pay taxes

Making a bad confession

Making excuses for idolatry

Making friends for humanist atheism

Making from nothing and self-creation

Making money from miracles

Making Sense of God and Happiness by Keller

Making sense of God by Keller, is God needed to be good?

Making the Turin Shroud

Man made religious constructs have no validity

Man uses religious lies about objective morality to manipulate


Manmade religion has to lead to lies, errors and lies lead to lies

Many feel that religion is inherently violent. Is it?

Many hate LGBT rights on religious grounds, admit it

Many religions are lambs in captivity and lions when able

Many religions just engage in silent, not obvious, terrorism

Many religious leaders are moral relativists who manipulate you

Many venial sins make a mortal sin

Many Worlds Interpretation - Science

Marcion is evidence that early Christianity was a cauldron of myth

Marco the painter painted the fake miracle picture of Guadalupe

Margaret Beirne, a useful witness at Knock? No.

Mark 16

Mark 16:8, it is not the abrupt ending it seems to be

Mark gospel endings are fake

Mark Vernon - God the Big Questions

Mark's gospel shows Jesus was a fake exorcising witchdoctor

Mark's Secret Gospel is an embarrassment for Christians

Marriage - an implicit judgement on sex out of marriage

Marriage - none of the states business

Marriage Annulment and the Bible

Marriage is a crime against women

Marriage is a very bad idea because...

Marriage is obsolete and anti-woman

Marriage the mature understanding

Marriage versus freedom

Marriage vows cannot really be meant

Martha and Mary and Jesus - the better portion

Martin Luther King, his problematic "wisdom"

Martindale's data on Fatima refutes the authenticity of the visions

Marxism - another persecuting religion

Mary - the Catholic idol and false role model

Mary and Joseph's fake marriage

Mary at Medjugorje by Hector Avalos

Mary Baker Eddy refuted by a Catholic Scholar - Christian Science

Mary Beirne, her suspect testimony to Knock vision

Mary did not really appear in Lourdes 1858

Mary in the Qur'an is not the biblical Mary

Mary invalidates Catholic baptism

Mary is a child mother and that is what the Church praises!!

Mary is not appearing at Medjugorje

Mary Jesus' ma did evil things - she wasn't sinless!

Mary the Mother of Jesus was not a forever virgin

Mary was only a child and had the right to abort

Mary's Fraudulent Appearance at La Salette

Mary's role in the massacre of the innocents

Mass - the Catholic gas station

Mass gets crazier when you take it to its logical conclusions

Mass is a Catholic invention

Mass is against Christianity

Mass is anti-semitist and racist against Jews

Mass is not the Sacrifice of Calvary

Mass/Eucharist is idolatry and riddled with immoralities

Masses for notorious killers such as Alan Hawe

Massless - how nature shows "spirit" is physical

Materialism is not the opposite of spiritual

Maths and science go together, they override religious hearsay

Maths and the notion that evil is incomplete good

Matter is all there is - spirit is a figment of the imagination

Matthew 23 - When Jesus engages in hate speech

Matthew 7, By their fruits you know them says Jesus

Matthew Gospel Commands Keeping the Jewish Law

Maximally Great Being is God?

Maybe sin does not oppose God's ways so much as reinterpret them?

Mc Loughlin her suspect testimony to Knock vision

McGrath - Mere Theology

McGrath on miracles being seen as violation of nature

McGrath on Papal Infallibility

McPhilpin's lies promoted fake apparition of Knock

Me too! How saying this can ruin listening

Meaning in life is down to your methods

Mechanistic universe cannot be avoided with miracle claims

Media refutes Pio

Medics have no right to conscientious objection in abortion provision

Medjugorje - A Hoax?

Medjugorje - neither truly Catholic or supernatural

Medjugorje - Science proves Nothing

Medjugorje and abortion

Medjugorje and the Heresy Book

Medjugorje bishop ignored when he asked that messages not be published

Medjugorje is one of the biggest ever religious tricks

Medjugorje opposes the rights of Church leaders

Medjugorje Spirituality has a bad side - keep away!

Meessen and the miracle of the sun Fatima 1917

Melchizidek and Jesus - their priesthood

Membership in the Church is canonically invalid

Memes for slider advocating atheism

Memories of past lives - how real are they?

Men saved without baptism

Menance of miracles or menace of believing in them

Mercy and justice - do they conflict?

Merit and Catholic doctrine

Messiah means zealot - Jesus was a terrorist

Methodological naturalism

Michael Tooley refuted God

Middlesex Street and the Ripper?

Militant atheism is compassion

Mind over matter?

Minucius Felix attacks the crucifixion of Jesus

Miracle - a necessary evil?

Miracle - Did it happen not can it happen?

Miracle - Word means nothing

Miracle and Hallucination

Miracle belief directly and indirectly leads to harm

Miracle beliefs come from a sense of God being stupid

Miracle believers are potential bigots and bigots

Miracle believers have only ad hominem attacks for critics

Miracle factuality or significance - what matters?

Miracle healings are nonsense and dangerous nonsense too

Miracle Images - they are tricks

Miracle is just another name for magic

Miracle is unnacceptable to the true historian

Miracle of dry gable at Knock

Miracle of hating sin not sinner

Miracle of priests absolving sins

Miracle of transforming bread & wine into Christ

Miracle preservation of Pope John XXIII? Obviously its wax!

Miracle, is it what nature cannot do? Is that a good enough understanding?

MIRACLES - a waste of psychic power?

Miracles - an exception to nature? No No No!

Miracles - do you have to beg the question to believe?

Miracles - hide scripture contradictions

Miracles - is it evidence or testimony that is insufficient?

Miracles - it is harmful and irrational to believe in them

Miracles - laid to rest by David Hume

Miracles – refuted by parapsychology

Miracles - shot to death by the silver bullet?

Miracles - the burden of evidence

Miracles & the Burden of Showing they are Persuasive

Miracles ? When you should assume trickery

Miracles accuse God of being an immature show off

Miracles advocate intolerance against critics

Miracles advocate the superstition of the God of the Gaps

Miracles and burden of proof

Miracles and contradictions cannot be distinguished!

Miracles and evil is non-thing idea

Miracles and Free Will

Miracles and Minor Details

Miracles and pantheism

Miracles and proof for God

Miracles and repeatability

Miracles and secularism

Miracles and the claim that God has mysterious ways!

Miracles and the Clear Moral Purpose

Miracles and the notion that evil is misplaced good

Miracles and the problem of true believers

Miracles and the slippery slope

Miracles and trusting in God

Miracles are a pandoras box

Miracles are a toxic belief

Miracles are anti-dignity for human nature needs defaults respected

Miracles are attacked from all sides, not just by evidence

Miracles are intrinsically improbable

Miracles are not necessary!!!

Miracles are ridiculous - all of them!

Miracles are weaponised by the Church as an excuse for division

Miracles as a crutch for the crutch of religious faith

Miracles as signs? Why are so many of them so weak then?

Miracles backing up contradicting religions

Miracles cannot be falsified - why that matters

Miracles cannot give real grounds for a real faith

Miracles do not happen

Miracles endorse suffering

Miracles evidence too hard to assess - its not for the layperson

Miracles faith and hope

Miracles guilty of fraud or error until proven innocent

Miracles have to be uncommon

Miracles if they call us sinners that is hate speech

Miracles imply God corrects himself!

Miracles impossible by definition?

Miracles in the light of human psychology

Miracles in the Light of Science

Miracles in the light of the fact that I can prove only me

Miracles indicate weak faith

Miracles make us sin more not less

Miracles make you make the miracle the centrepoint

Miracles need maximal investigation to be believed

Miracles Put You Off God

Miracles result in the lie of circular arguments

Miracles ruin trust in others

Miracles surprisingly challenge Catholic "truth"

Miracles teach lies

Miracles versus the God who judges

Miracles versus trust in nature

Miracles wreck attempts to find the supernatural explanation

Miracles: Sceptics & believers must concur what solid evidence is needed

Miraculous drying of clothes at Fatima 1917?

Miraculous Medal - Catherine Laboure

Model for the Turin Image was standing on the cloth

Moderate religion is bad

Moderate religion is boring and that encourages extremism

Moderate religion makes it harder to see whose dangerous

Modern antipopes

Money can buy happiness if you go about it correctly

Monica Besra - how the Vatican used her to fake a miracle

Monotheism - having only one God - is bad news

Moonies - Unification Church

Moral Absolutism Refuted

Moral Absolutism Refuted

Moral Absolutism Refuted

Moral agency and the notion that evil is unreal as in a lack

Moral argument for an explicit and clear God?

Moral Argument for Faith is Nonsense

Moral argument for God

Moral argument for God suffers from the "if" question

Moral Argument for God: nonsense

Moral argument only points to God but does not prove?

Moral arguments for God forget that morality is not main thing

Moral bullies tell you to forgive, you only need to deal with the hurt

Moral Case for Abortion Ann Furedi

Moral Conundrums to think about

Moral fictionalism and God

Moral Neutrality - and evil falls short of good theodicy

Moral relativism exaggerates moral disagreements in humankind

Moral standard ad infinitum or has to stop somewhere?

Moral subjectivism

Moral values for the secularist

Morality - euphemism for necessary evil

Morality - ought to be fair, loving, etc

Morality - questions of right and wrong

Morality about no other way

Morality and Socrates and Aquinas

Morality as hate for injustice and cruelty

Morality Gap by Lutzer a review

Morality in the light of circular reasoning, is it a circle?

Morality is communication, "You ought not to do this" or is it?

Morality is none of God's business

Morality justifies itself - it is self-justified

Morality that is just talk is empty morality

More than one source of morality?

More Tricks, Religion treats provisional testimony as last word

Mormon baptism - void and harmful in Catholic eyes

Mormon God is not wholly trustworthy!

Mormonism - a False Religion

Mormonism - a False Religion

Mormonism is a hoax which shows Christianity could be too

Mormonism is occult

Mormonism is the creation of men not God

Mormons and unforgiveable sins

Moroni or Nephi? Who supposedly appeared to Smith?

Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel - the implicit atheism

Mortal sin, the terrifying notion that you can shut God out

Moses - gave evil lawbooks and lied they came from God

Moses' Law is made for all nations and peoples

Moses' law still overrides civil law

Moses, False Prophet

Most Catholic doctrine is from Tradition not the Bible

Most Church members are pretenders!

Most misogyny is silent, Jesus' silence was the loudest ever

Most of our acts are omissions and are selfish

Most people might be civil but they are not good

Mother of Abominations

Mother Teresa forced religion on the dying

Motivational self-deception

Motive and how it relates to altruism etc

Motives in the light of altruism egoism and Jesus

Mourning is better than forgiveness

MP Carol Monaghan goes to the House of Commons with ashes on her head

Mrs Hugh Flatley at Knock, her suspect vision

Muhammad rejects notion of binary sex or binary gender

Muhammad was not a true prophet of any God never mind Allah

Muhammad was not predicted in the Bible

Muncaster on the alleged Bible code

Muslim by Hank Hanegraaff shows Islam has social dangers

Muslim or not, ISIS is a religion

Muslim Religion is untrue

MUSLIM: What You Need to Know - Islamic theology

Must your good deeds be somehow forever to matter?

Mutation - cause of paranormal belief except belief in a good God

Mutilating the foreskin in the name of religion

My critical facebook comments on the pope

My flesh is food indeed - Jesus is not referring to the Mass

My Freethinking Letters

My posts on Building a Bridge to LGBT man Fr James Martin

My posts on gay teachers in Catholic Schools

My thoughts on children's nativity plays

My thoughts on human rights

Mysteries around the murder of Mary Kelly Ripper Victim

Mystery doctrines in religion are inherently disrespectful to you

Mystery of God letting evil happen - gives insights into psychology


Myths about atheism!

Nancy Fowler apparitions of Mary

Napoleon and Jesus - can you refute their existence?

Narcissism of gay inclusive theology

Natural evil over moral evil - which matters most?

Natural Law and morality

Naturalism and miracles and religion

Naturalism questions and answers

Nature doing bad things shows blaming us for evil not God is nonsense

Nature is evidence and evidence is nature - miracles out!

Nature of belief in the light of faith and religion

NDE - Near Death Experiences

NDEs - are they caused by cultural influence?

Necessary evil is just everywhere

Necromancy - sinister Catholic prayers to the "saints"

Need for incredible evidence for Christian miracles

Need proof to love sinner and accuse them of sin

Needing God is dangerous and degrading

Needs are not wants - religion and God are not needs

Negative utilitarianism - reducing suffering as much as possible

Neurons and belief

NEUTRAL: Some deeds/attitudes actually as bad as they are good

Neutrality with regard to how we treat others

Never feign membership of or belief in a religion!

Never just assume anybody's intention, especially God's, is good

New Testament - probably 2nd century

New Testament among dead sea scrolls?

New Testament contains false prophecy

New Testament Contradictions

New Testament demands credulity

New Testament does not say Jewish Law abrogated

New Testament Evidence Against Miracles of Jesus

New Testament is not clear that the Holy Spirit fathered Jesus

New Testament is not Inspired

Nicholas Humphrey


No Church, no misogyny or antisemitism!

No competent psychiatrist commends religion

No compulsion in Islam verse scrutinised

No contact print on Turin Shroud

No country should welcome pope

No depth in "love one another"

No faith unity - therefore a Church is just a social construct

No guards at Jesus' tomb so was he stolen?

No justification for loving God alone

No miracle claim is on its own, its always in a collection

No person has right to grow in a body without being put there

No place for blasphemy laws in a modern society

No priests in the Christian Church

No Proof for God can work!

No real benefit in believing in afterlife

No real pope was known in the church for centuries

No reason to think apostle Peter is buried in Rome

No Sacred Cows: Investigating - SUPERNATURAL - DAVID MCAFEE

No tests to see if it is the same "Mary" at Lourdes, Fatima etc

No Unbiased Evidence for Jesus Existence

Nobody could ever really predict the future

Nobody ever experiences free will

Nobody has right to spread unchecked miracle claims

Nobody has the right to say God is right to let you suffer

Nobody makes you unhappy but you

Nobody would want Catholicism to be true!

NOMA - The attempt to keep religion from being examined by science

Nonbinary rights are human rights

Non-directive counselling

None of God's business what we believe especially about miracles

Non-Natural Moral Realism examined

Northern Ireland

Not all Catholics are really Catholic

Not responsible for being free

Not sin to hate when forced - says the Church

Not true that free will defence motivates good works

Nothing in the Bible says the Church is infallible

Nothing in the Bible says the Church is infallible

Notion of a perfect God is about making you inferior!

Notion of faith being a grace has bad implications

Notion of food and drink becoming God is anti-biblical

Notion of secret miracles is deadly

Notion that evil is not real puts thin line between good & bad

Notion that life is a gift from God, undermines respect for life

Nudity Hypocrisy and God

Numbers 5 and God's hatred of woman

Nun spurns Mother Teresa

Nuns and clerics take up arms when they are able

Objections to prayer

Objections to the D'Arcis memorandum

Objections to unconditional election

Objective morality and God and circular reasoning

Objective Morality and its element of force

Objective Morality and Mysterious Purpose of God

Objective morality fallacy

Objectively evil not to baptise?

Objectivism and God

Obscure miracles

Obscure Religions

Occult doctrine that magic has to work with and within nature

Occult hallucination of the resurrection

Old Testament God says Moses's laws are irrevocable

On Evil, a review of the book by Terry Eagleton

On optimism - the atheist and mature optimism

On people who disapprove of gays or LGBT

On Strobel's The Case for Christ

On testimonies to miracles, how useful are they?

On the book, The Case Against Miracles

On the hidden and secret gospel of Mark

On this rock I will build my Church

Once a Catholic, not always a Catholic

One violation of nature overthrows all natural law

One Witness? Jesus resurrection

Onkerzele - site of apparitions

Only consider believing in a miracle when you see it yourself!

Only God can make an excuse for creating thought crimes

Only real Christian is the Jewish Christian - Christians are few

Only troublemakers say, "I have a right to my opinion end of discussion"

Only you, not God, not religion, not the state, rule your body

Ontological argument for an evil God

Open Letter to Bishop Boyce Raphoe Diocese

Open Letter to Seminarians

Open theism - turning God into a weak thing!

Oppose religious labelling - stand up for yourself

Oppressive systems use control beliefs as weapons

Ordaining priests and bishops

Ordaining women to serve a patriarch is not feminism

Ordinary believers in Jesus were gullible

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis - women cannot be ordained

Origen and Book 20 of the Antiquities by Josephus

Original Sin - Anti-Social Propaganda

Original sin - how does a new human being get it?

Original sin is dogma of the faith

Ossuaries that verify the reality of Jesus or do they?

Other's belief in miracles is not evidence for miracles

Our atheist hope

Our Father/Lord's Prayer is offensive

Our Lady of Beauraing, Golden Heart, Belgium

Our Lady of San Damiano - Mama Rosa

Out of body experiences and visions

Outrageous lies that a psalm said Jesus would rise again

Outside the Roman Catholic Church theres no Salvation

Overall's three arguments against God's existence from miracles

Overview of the violent commands of the Jewish Law

Own House in Order

Own yourself, don't let religious opinion try to define you

Padre Pio - Carbolic Acid

Padre Pio - the dubious stigmata

Padre Pio - the Startling Facts


Padre Pio becomes a saint

Padre Pio stole a saints writings to pass them off as his own

Padre Pio stretched all credibility

Padre Pio Under Investigation - Review

Padre Pio's dubious stigmata in pictures

Padre Pio's fake attempts to hide stigmata

Padre Pio's tricks for luring people into thinking the stigmata was a miracle

Paedophile Priests

Paedophilia is condoned in Roman Catholic Canon Law

Pagan historian Suetonius didn't mention Christ or did he?

Pagan Origin of Christ

Pagan Origin of Roman Catholicism

Pagans prayed to saints too

Pain and how it shows morality is a mask

PALM SUNDAY a critic of the resurrection speaks

Pantheism = is everything God?

Papacy is best friend AIDS ever had

Papal infallibility in the Catholic Church

Papal Serpents and do-gooders

Parable of the blind men and the elephant

Paradox of selfishness

Paranormal is suspect and why it matters hugely

Pardoning venial sin in confession

Parents and sex education in school

Parents don't consent to their baby's baptism properly either!

Pascal was right, religious faith does evil best

Pascal's Wager - should we take a bet and follow God not atheism?

Pathetic stupidity of saying religion is just good and about good

Patrick Beirne witness to the vague image at Knock

Patrick Beirne, his suspect testimony to Knock vision

Patrick Hill, his doctored testimony to Knock vision

Patrick Walsh - suspect vision near Knock

Patron Saint of Paedophile Priests?

Paul admits there is a big "IF" over Jesus

Paul affirms that if Moses' law is law of land then obey it

Paul and Jesus made same ban on LGBT love-making

Paul contradicted all the gospel story

Paul hints Jesus lived in ancient times

Paul is the first to decide what Jesus rising means

Paul Pearsall, The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need

Paul Quincey in Skeptical Inquirer, Quantum isn't weird

Paul says we no longer know Jesus as a man?

Paul shows that the gospels tell lies - see Romans 13

Paul talks as if he knew no Jesus or barely anything about him

Paul the apostle of credulity

Paul the first Christian theologian was essentially spurious

Paul wrote that three witnesses needed for Jesus having risen

Pauls Letters teach salvation without good works

Pay it back

PDF downloads refuting the goodness of God and religion

Peck - exorcism in his book People of the Lie

Peck - Road Less Travelled

Peck: is evil just self-deception at work?

Penal theory of the atonement of Jesus

Pentecostalism in the New Testament

Pentecostalism is a worry

Pentecostals and charismatics

People believe in their interpretation of miracles not miracles

People can and do die for their religious lies

People cherry pick what sinners to love or hate

People do good because they are

People matter as people, not as "images" of God

People of the Lie, Peck on evil parents damaging their child

People of the Lie, responding to evil

People only assume that an event is a miracle

People pretend they know what Jesus would want

People serve God-belief not God

People who experience their body is not them, not their gender

People who were religious frauds were canonised

Perceiving Knowledge of God or Atheism- makes God improbable!

Perfect Answers a book by the Hare Krishnas

Perhaps we have too much free will?

Perjury the Church's favourite sin

Permission - what it is, does and says


Perseverance of the saints

Person who does not believe in God can be the most charitable

Personal experience in Christian faith

Personal identity and the trouble that relates to it

Personal responsiblity examined

Personhood beginning at conception and twins

Peter - the lie that he was bishop of Rome

Peter Atkins & the universe from nothing that is nothing

Peter Boghossian on religious faith as a deadly virus

Peter is not buried in the Vaticanus cemetery

Peter never died in Rome

Peter shows that in the 60s AD no gospels were coming

Peter Singer Ethics in the Real World 82 Brief Essays

Peter was devoted to a vision claiming to be Jesus not a man Jesus

Peter was never in Rome and so was never pope

Peter was not the bishop of Rome or first pope

Peter's Second Letter and the Papacy

Peter's vision of all food and animals being clean

Philippians 2 and the hymn about Jesus as Lord does not say worship him

Philippians 2, does it say Jesus was God?

Philosophers on egoist and altruist motivation

Philosophical Proof for Afterlife? No such luck!

Philosophy and Christianity

Philosophy of Religion for A Level

Philosophy of the argument for God from design

Philostratus writes about the other Jesus Apollonius

Photos of allegedly incorrupt bodies

Pick and Mix Catholicism

Pick and mix religion is dishonest

Pick and mix religionist is a religion to herself or himself

Picture messages refuting religious validity


Pillars of atheism

PJ McGrath's excellent but sceptical study of the Jesus miracles

Placebo of Christian faith

Plato and Spinoza on Evil - the great philosophers

Please don't follow Jesus

Plot holes, the gospels offer a resurrection of the gaps

Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtora

Poetry excuse for getting around Bible errors

Pointless suffering argument shows God's love is not real

Polish bishops and those who wish to leave Church

Politicising the Eucharist

Politics and the religious label

Politics of the Mass - Do not attend

Polygamy - Bible God permits a man to have more than one wife

Pompeii and the worship of Christ

Pope Benedict's Rules on Miracles

Pope demands that clerical abuse be protected and covered up

Pope Francis - hero of those who do not hate bigotry enough

Pope Francis and Islam

Pope Francis, homophobic pope and trans hater

Pope has stolen his office as monarch of the Catholic Church

Pope Honorius - arch-heretic and proof that the pope is not infallible

Pope is a Bare-faced Liar

Pope is not a head of state - but lies that he is!

Pope Joan: The She-Pope?

Pope Leo XIII on how heresy makes you a non-Catholic

Pope risks violent attacks on abortion provision by calling workers hitmen

Pope Vigilius: Jesus lied if he said popes wouldn't preach heresy

Popes are always ready to lie to you

Pope's claims lack credibility

Popes Formosus and Stephen VII - archenemies!

Popes have stolen their role as head of the Church

Popular "morality" exposed

porniea - is divorce permitted by Jesus for this sin?

Positive thinking

Possibilities don't count

Posts and comments refuting religion

Posts and comments refuting religion

Posts on Catholicism and why its bad

Posts on Debunking Christianity

Posts on fake visions of Medjugorje

Posts on miracles

Posts on Psychology Today on religious subjects

Potential personhood of foetus arguments and abortion

Pray for your enemies and those who persecute you

Pray to yourself for that is you do anyway!

Prayer - absolutely needed to get eternal happiness?

Prayer - not about helping people

Prayer - the affirmation of hypocrisy

Prayer and its alleged power to protect from temptation

Prayer and its relationship with fear

Prayer and science

Prayer and trying it to see if there is a God

Prayer as a way of trying to be in control and feeling in control

Prayer causes war for leaders pray for guidance

Prayer does not show trust in God!

Prayer for others is untestable and thus a lie

Prayer in schools

Prayer is an attempt to control somebody else's "free will"

Prayer is an insult to the problems of life and to people

Prayer is black magic - its bad occult

Prayer is degrading submission to God

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Prayer is full of silliness and passive aggressive laziness

Prayer is never answered

Prayer is not benevolent

Prayer is not meant to help for God takes no orders

Prayer is programming badness into your mind

Prayer is seeking a result, a show, and why that is terrible

Prayer is to be an addiction

Prayer is toxic and yet we pray for evil people!

Prayer judges people for asking them to be virtuous is prioritised

Prayer of petition is pure hypocrisy

Prayer seeks the grace of being able to pry

Prayer should be good action if anything

Prayer that blames the victim

Prayer to Abraham?

Prayer to God condones his evil

Prayers in state bodies and state schools

Prayer's role in psychological manipulation

Praying "God your will be done " is infantile submission

Praying and the Nocebo Effect

Praying for somebody is selfish

Praying for someone in trouble - brings more evil on them?

Praying for the conversion of sinners

Praying is lack of trust in yourself & your abilities

Praying people get sick and harm and die like the rest

Praying to saints is a mistake and many saints are not saints

Predestination and hate

Predominant Egoism

Pregnancy as condition implies a right to abortion

Prejudice against mentally ill

Pre-nuptial agreements show the folly of marriage

Presuppositionalism - thoughts

Priest as judge who absolves

Priests and their sacraments block Jesus out

Priests are man-made roles and have no right to claim authority

Priests do harm, their rank is not justifiable

Priests forgiving sins is immoral superstition

Priests pretend to have inherited spiritual powers from Jesus

Priests saying that Jesus was an only child

Priests saying, "We are not all child molesters"

Priests supporting IRA murders

Prince versus Massachusetts Case - Jehovah's Witnesses

Principles - you cannot be who you are without them

Principles and their importance

Privacy Policy

Private Interpretation

Pro-afterlife fallacies

Probability or evidence in relation to miracles or both?

Problem of evil and happiness

Problem of evil is really PROBLEMS of evil, there's a fatal problem

Problem of good as in problem of good logic

Problem of Good does not give evidence for God

PROBLEM: Prayers/spells will pass tests if standards lowered enough

Problems - Knock Depositions

Problems with "Extraordinary claims need equally extraordinary evidence"

Problems with knowing or not knowing morality is objective

Problems with prayers of praise

Problems with the first commission of enquiry at Knock

Process theology - the changing God

Prochoice - if any cells in you could just grow into babies you would abort

Professor Lennox's lies in the service of Christianity

Prohibition does not work - divine prohibition is even worse

Projector fits the Knock data concerning the alleged apparition

Prolife is just Catholic self-righteous hypocrisy

Pro-life people don't worry much about the unborn suffering

Pro-life Teaching supports murder

Pro-miracle evidence refuted by little contrary evidence?

Proof for existential egoism

Proof for Psychological Egoism

Proof from suffering that speaking of God's love is nonsense

Proof that Christians are Hypocrites

Proof that Jesus' 12 apostles were liars

Proof that there is no free will and we don't really want it

Proofs for God - question of why something not nothing

Prophecies about Jesus' suffering refuted

Prophecies of Malachy and Columbkille

Prophecy - the only Sign?

Prophecy refutes the Resurrection of Christ

Prophets did not predict coming of Jesus

Proselytism - when a mission is bullying

Protecting people from themselves

Protestant doctrine that Jesus did not die for all sinners but some

Protestant idea that the Church is spiritual rather than an organisation

Protestantism - is it the real purified Christianity?

Protestantism has problem with bible only doctrine

Protestantism is in error

Protestants dishonest about Catholic miracles

Proudly defy God even if he exists

Prudence warns you to be cautious with miracle beliefs

Psychiatry and possession and exorcism

Psychiatry in the book People of the Lie by Peck

Psychokinesis is magic with a deceptive science flavour

Psychological Egoism is irrefutable

Psychology and prayer

Psychology exposes "love sinner and hate sin" fraud

Psychology Supports Opposition to Free Will

Psychology Today

Public speaking

Punishment and free will

Pure evil - necessarily a magical divine or supernatural thing?

Purgatory denies that you are saved if you are there

Purgatory doctrine is a Catholic means of trafficking with the dead

Purgatory if true would mean the saints are bad

Purgatory is a Catholic myth

Purgatory versus the Bible The

Put your religion to the test - it may be the best thing for you!

Put your religion to the test for your own sake and the vulnerable

Putting the lost out of existence

Queen of Heaven? The Catholic doctrine of Mary

question of why something not nothing, why or how?

Question what you believe for it is the only way to be sure you are free

Questioning tradition that there were women at the tomb of Jesus

Questions and answers - challenging religion

Questions and Answers on absurdity of Creation

Questions Islam Cannot Answer

Quietism - and Catholic prayer

Quirinius Census Controversy

QUOTES: Is religious faith a private affair?

Quran and friendship between people of different religions

Qur'an Issa versus Jesus - they are rivals not the same person

Raelian Claims Assessed

Raelian Movement, The Latest Message

Raising children properly

Rape and abortion

Raphoe Diocese - clerical sex abuse covered up

Rational Feminism - granting true equality to women

Rationalisation is hypocritical fake reasoning

RC Church - called whore of babylon by its Bible!

RC Church manipulates by not telling the whole truth

Re same sex marriage rejected in Northern Ireland 2014

Reading signs and wonders into coincidences

Real respect for one's opinion

Real self and false self

Realities of suffering and evil make God unworthy of love

Reality will always bring you down with a bump, be real

Really forgiving - what is it?

Reason can work without having free will

Reason is a tool, a method, not a belief

Reasoning for humanism

Reasons for suicide

Rebecca Hamilton and the Cure

Reconciliation and forgiveness

Refuting the excuse, "He was a man of his time"

Reincarnation better gospel than resurrection

Reincarnation is a false hope

Relationship between indifference and love sinner and hate sin

RELATIVISM - is it behind same sex marriage?

Religion - a hospital for sinners?

Religion - is it a force for good or evil?

Religion - is it natural to be religious?

Religion & same-sex civil partnerships

Religion abusing its own is enough to condemn it

Religion admit possibility of natural disaster refuting God

Religion against the doctrine of creation from nothing

Religion and combined probability

Religion and dogma

Religion and Eternal Damnation

Religion and faith are subtle weapons and can hurt you

Religion and forced conversion - what it really thinks!

Religion and idolatry are two sides of the one coin

Religion and its skill of internalising evil

Religion and its subtle warmongering

Religion and killing those who refuse to convert to it

Religion and mixed marriage

Religion and science being distinct fails if religion is man-made

Religion and science cannot really be true friends

Religion and science, methodology or ideology?

Religion and the "They Are Not All Bad" Excuse

Religion and the banality of evil

Religion and the bystander effect

Religion and the collective ego

Religion and the delight its ego gets from you affirming its nonsense

Religion and theocracy - when a religion rules the state

Religion and treason - its potential and often real treason

Religion as solidarity, that is how it does evil

Religion blames all humanists in some way for the evil done by a few

Religion blames the patient when its quack cures fail

Religion can be underhand in how it controls you

Religion condones not knowing why God lets us suffer

Religion distorts morality just as it does history and reason

Religion does not admit how pro-persecution it is

Religion does not support your informed religious choice

Religion drove and protected the Ripper

Religion drove Jack the Ripper

Religion equals rudeness and needs to be told what it is!

Religion getting exemptions under the law

Religion gives opinion while science offers facts

Religion harms children and makes irresponsible parents

Religion has a lack of empathy for suffering

Religion has no justified existence

Religion has no right to its charitable status

Religion has to make the biggest problem of evil of all

Religion hates a woman's right to choose for it hates women

Religion helps fuel civil wars

Religion hides its true feelings of hate

Religion Hurts by John Bowker attempts to define religion

Religion Hurts by John Bowker on Islamic violence

Religion Hurts, Why religions do harm as well as good by John Bowker

Religion ignores absurd miracles

Religion ignores any miracle that contradicts its theology

Religion in Haidt's The Righteous Mind

Religion instils faith by harming the mind

Religion is a form of avoidance behaviour

Religion is a placebo for human evil

Religion is a plausibility structure and thus gets people to accept nonsense

Religion is a social construct, labels even more so

Religion is a theatrical placebo

Religion is a treadmill so it must accept blame for failure in individual members

Religion is about commanding morality, you cannot do that

Religion is about gaining a sense of being in control

Religion is about justifying God and not for helping people

Religion is always fundamentalist

Religion is an environment and may not be good for you

Religion is an ingredient of violence, its like arsenic

Religion is an unsafe space for trans children

Religion is anti-democracy

Religion is anti-democracy and implicitly pro-censorship

Religion is art gone zany

Religion is based on rationalising not reasoning

Religion is basically hidden moral relativism

Religion is dangerous when it is a crutch!

Religion is fanatical superstitious and therefore harmful

Religion is ineffectual against abortion

Religion is just superstitious magic feigning intelligence

Religion is lies and atheism is liberation

Religion is not excused by saying, "We all sin"

Religion is obscurantist

Religion is parasitic on politics and embraces its machinations

Religion is passive aggressive role play

Religion is politics and rides on the back of political corruption

Religion is pro-discrimination

Religion is sectarianism and based on unfair thinking

Religion is victim-shaming nonsense

Religion is violent in spirit if not in action

Religion lies it sees miracles as divine testimony not human

Religion like human nature is conditioned to be soft on much evil

Religion manipulates your weakness for going into denial

Religion motivates crime

Religion opposes freedom of thought!

Religion seen as a crutch threatens freedom of speech

Religion sees natural law and order as miraculous

Religion should be sued for falsifying its scriptures

Religion showed zero tolerance for non-Christian Cultures

Religion soothes the violent and encourages them

Religion soothes your nasty harmful side

Religion starts wars

Religion stops pharmacists doing their job?

Religion subtly schemes to make people violent

Religion takes away your reality check and that is violence

Religion turns some people into terrorists

Religion twists around the evidence against Jesus being holy

Religion unifies faith & love to bias towards miracle belief

Religion uses God to excuse the invention of morality

Religion uses God to rob you of moral agency and authority


Religion when treated as a stepping stone to peace in the midst of sectarian strife

Religion, faith and spirituality

Religionists Arbitrarily Choose the Miracles They Believe in

Religion's tacit support for IRA speaks louder than the condemnations

Religious advertising on state television must cease

Religious belief makes only a fake reconciliation with science

Religious cognitive dissonance

Religious credulity is harmful

Religious criticism is necessary to expose insincere religious leaders

Religious doctrine undermines the not all bad excuse for bad religion

Religious education is not suited for children

Religious education should not be indoctrination

Religious faith is abusive to evidence

Religious faith is an unnecessary evil

Religious Faith is Illogical

Religious faith is the enemy of tolerance

Religious faith often gives way to worse faiths

Religious faith unlike other faith demands bias

Religious gratitude means affirming evil

Religious groups have infighting unlike secular groups

Religious homophobia kills, Bible neglect of LGBT kills

Religious indoctrination of children is evil

Religious labels even if inapplicable still manage to divide

Religious liberalism - faith for the sceptic

Religious love has a dark side

Religious morality is not very useful or beneficial

Religious Mystery is Dangerous

Religious opinion - that is what religion harms people for

Religious opinions always seek to ruin freedom of speech

Religious people fake humility

Religious privilege - special treatment

Religious privilege, examples of the inequalities it causes

Religious science? An oxymoron?

Religious self-deception must be rife

Religious spin - how to hide the toxic side of faith

Religious structures are violent even if it does not seem so

Religious tradition is peer pressure from the dead

Religious tyrants play on your "need" for God

Religious wars listed

Religiously lax religious terrorists

Remember victims of religious violence

Renounce the authority and services of your Catholic priest!

Renting your flat to gay couple

Reply to Paranormal Debunkers

Reply to The Dawkin’s Delusion

Reserved sins

Respect & thinking carefully (reason) are two sides of one coin

Respect for life

Respect thy neighbour - its not love thy neighbour


Respecting beliefs

Respecting God - it is self-disrespect

Respecting religious belief and Catholicism

Response to miracle claims


Resurrection - Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Resurrection Fact or Fantasy?

Resurrection of Jesus comes from a social and religious context lacking credibility

Resurrection of Jesus, like any miracle, is a ahistorical

Resurrection v reincarnation

Rethinking some of the errors in Why I am not a Christian


Retribution is backdoor revenge

Retribution is revenge in disguise

Revelation 6 and Christian apostasy

Revelation and the sacraments of the great whore

Revelation from God demotivates truth-seeking

Revelation says the Super Whore wields occult power

Review Atheist Universe by David Mills

Review Fr Pat Collin's Freedom from Evil Spirits

Review of Berg's Six Ways of Atheism

Review of Dangerous Illusions by Vitaly Malkin

Review of infallible by Hans Kung

Review of Randi's Prize - alleges sceptics shouldn't dismiss paranormal

Review of The Everlasting Check: Hume on Miracles - George

REVIEW Trent Horn The Case for Catholicism

Review, the book, Why I am a Buddhist

Review: Morality: An Introduction to Ethics by Bernard Williams

Review: Affirming Jesus' Resurrection by JP Holding is full of errors

Review: Earl Doherty on Jesus being a myth - Jesus Neither God or Man

Review: Gleason Archer's lying Encyclopedia Bible Difficulties

Review: Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller

Reviews of books that expose the lies that comprise religion

Revise the Christian canon of scripture?

Rewards are not about free will directly

Rewards as a means of exploitation

Rewards punishments do not justify belief in free will

Reza Aslan wrote Zealot, Jesus was a zealot

Richard Abanes on Tolle - A New Earth and Old Deception

Richard Dawkins - 4 major issues

Richard Dawkins - a secular fundamentalist?

Richard Robinson - An Atheist's Values

Richard Swinburne's Principle of Testimony

Right to defect from your religion is a fundamental one

Right to have baptism certificate shredded or amended

Right to sue those who inflict indoctrination on you?

Right to your own opinion?

Rihanna and Tesco - the lessons

Ripper letters

Risen Christ a daydream?

Robinson on the state and the perils of equality An Atheist's Values

Robinson writes on human fallibility in An Atheist's Values

Robinson's examination of good in An Atheists Values 1964

Robinson's Treatment of Christ in An Atheist's Values

Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake

Roman Catholic annulments

Roman Catholic Jesus is the beast of Revelation

Roman Catholicism - the world's first officially sectarian religion

Roman Catholicism - we call on you to leave it

Roman Catholicism and abortion

Roman Catholicism and blaming the baby for Adam's sin

Roman Catholicism and contraception

Roman Catholicism and indoctrination

Roman Catholicism and the illegitimate child

Roman Catholicism and the Sacrament of Matrimony


Roman Catholicism is a deception

Roman not Catholic refutes the pope

Romans 1

Romans 10 hints that Jesus is non-historical

Romans 3 cites Psalm 14 and says nobody at all pleases God

Romans 7 teaches nothing good in man

Rome added its own notions to Jesus' gospel

Rome Rule in Ireland led to a sectarian bloodbath

Rosa Mystica - apparitions

Royal baptism, the bad example for the people

Rubbish advice about sickness!

Ruini Commission Medjugorje

Rule that marriage must be sealed by sex makes marriage silly

Sacrament of baptism is an occult ceremony pretending to be holy

Sacrament of Masturbation!

Sacrament of the Sick is fanatical nonsense

Sacramentals - Catholic white magic

Sacraments - they are occult rites pretending to be godly

Sacraments are surplus nonsense

Sacraments are what Jesus called "vain worship"

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint worship is necromancy - occult dealing with the dead

Saints - the strange gods of the Pope

Saints are pagan gods if they can see all the secrets in the universe

Saints are weaponised to control God but nobody admits it

Saints can depend on God's power and still be Gods themselves

Saints don't care about people damned in Hell

Saints party in Heaven while knowing the damned languish

Saints prayers for us are not rewarded! Demeaning!

Salman Rushdie warns against religion

Salvation - Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Salvator Mundi - proof that Leonardo behind shroud image?

Same sex marriage redefines everybody's marriage and that is good

Same sex marriage referendum

Same-sex Marriage

Sartre and existentialism

Satan the Devil

Satanism - a silly cult

Satan's occult powers

Saturday is the Real Sabbath

Savita Hallappanavar - murdered by faith

Say "I was assigned x religion in childhood" not "I am x"

Saying "Go to Hell" to someone

Saying "God is with you" is blaming the victim

Saying "Somebody else will" as an excuse for hurting others

Saying all are sinners has serious dangers

Saying god sees the good you do is rewarding yourself for it

Saying somebody is wonderful

Saying we should believe in hell for we cannot trust Jesus if we don't

Saying your free will justifies God letting you harm is arrogant pride

Scholars on John 8 - did Jesus sanction murdering women?

Scholars on the non-bodily resurrection of Christ

Schools are being used to exploit vulnerable minds

Science - how the book Stealing from God treats it

Science and Bible Interpretation

Science and evidence matter more than faith and theology

Science and faith/religion are incompatible

Science and miracles, why science rejects the possibility

Science and Religion - the Differences

Science and religion conflict on free will

Science and secularism go together

Science and the meaning of life

Science Bible's Mortal Enemy

Science contradicts God by saying that he may hypothetically false

Science is the anti-faith

Science Speaks by Peter Stoner is error-ridden

Science without religion is lame????? Really?????

Scientific proof that there was a Jesus?

Scientific resurrection?

Scrap the word should

Scribes and Pharisees as term of abuse

Scriptures such as the Bible are violent in language/imagery

Scriptures Teach All Suffer to the extreme in Hell

Search My Site

Search My Site

Secrecy around annulments of marriage is a problem

Secret evil

Secrets of the Dead

Secular education

Secular Humanism

Secular Humanism Criticised

Secular parents and their child

Secular rights are more important than religious rights

Secular sex

Secularisation - we must all advance it

Secularism - different forms

Secularism & free will, learning to keep supernatural out of it

Secularism and confidentiality

Secularism and medical matters

Secularism and oaths

Secularism and religious feasts and symbols

Secularism helps restrain religious extremism

Secularism is a fundamental human right

Secularism is a fundamental human right that religion damages

Secularism is inherently implied criticism of religion

Secularism, religion and compensation culture

Sedevacantism - denying that the Catholic pope is real pope

See that you are not a sinner

Self deception - it takes great self knowledge to root it out

Self-compassion, the foundational value

Self-Confidence - Seek it First and Seek it as an Atheist

Self-deception - the toxic power of lying to yourself

Self-deception is insincere - there has to be a gut instinct

Self-deception is the nourishment of religion

Self-evident truth and reason

Self-gratitude - be grateful to yourself first and foremost

Selfharm can cause religious "faith"

Self-image - source of happiness

Self-improvement through erotica

Selfish magic, the reason why magic is anti-social

Selflessness as a principle turns choosing happiness into sin


Sentimental tripe of "When you suffer God suffers more"

September 11th 2001 and religion

Sequence theory of how prayer works

Serenity asking "to accept the things I cannot change"

Setting the Sermon on the Mount against Jewish law is wrong

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray

Seventh day Adventism - a dubious denomination

Sex outside Marriage is not a Sin

Sex Priests Sexual Abuse Catholicism

Sharing in the evil of religious faith and the harm it does

Sharing the experience! Don't hide liberating power of atheism

Shiprah and Push - pack of lies

Should be: "Why something popped into existence when might not have done"

Should Bible be interpreted to fit science?

Should Catholics and Christians bar gays from their b & bs?

Should children be exposed to Christianity?

Should gay men opt for a Catholic funeral?

Should I get baby baptised? No!

Should it be LGB not LGBT?

Should LGBT+ call for religion to be tolerant of it or reject religion?

Should only sceptical witnesses of a miracle be checked out?

Should there be an Atheist Identity Politics?

Should we believe in free will for pragmatic reasons?

Should we talk about extremists or absolutists? It's in the word!

Should You Believe in Psychics? If not why not?

Show the oppressive God belief the door!

Shroud makes out Jesus was buried alive!

Shun confession to a priest


Silence when bad beliefs are voiced is promoting them

Silent antisemitism, nobody tries to understand how Jesus endangered Jews

Silly Messages of Medjugorje

Simon Magus rivalled Jesus - and unlike him had independent testimony

Simon Magus the inspiration behind the Jesus myth?

Sims useless approach to religious mania

Sin and the meaning of life

Sin as crime

Sin contradicts "innocent until proven guilty"

Sin is a vindictive concept

Sin is the greatest evil? The RC Church says yes!

Sin of Natural Birth Control

Sin of Sexual Fantasy

Sin to love somebody entirely

Sin to make sinners happy?

Sin to see through love sinner and hate sin

Sinister doctrine that we are made in image of God

Sinister side of believing that nothing human pleases God

Sinister teaching of the duty of prayer

Sinners can't give sacraments

Sinners can't give sacraments

Sinners forbidden to be good!

Sinners should receive communion

Sirach is a false scripture

Site Map

Site Map

Situation ethics

Situation ethics abuses the Bible to make its case

Six Ways of Atheism

Sixtus V, the Infallible Pope who re-wrote Bible

Size does not make a religion probably true

Skepticism in Photos

Skilled interpreters of the Bible know its teaching is anti-gay

SLANDER, Hell says you're potentially evil enough to hate forever

Slavery in God's word - the Bible!

Smith's discarded scripture, Book of Commandments refutes his prophethood

Smiths magic glasses were not reliable enough to translate Book of Mormon

So the "Pacifist" Jesus riots in the Temple and hits people???!!!

So-called good is really just necessary evil

Sodom Gomorrah - the sin of gay sex?

Soft determinism is dismissed by all clear thinking philosophers

Solar miracle at Fatima and the photos

Solar miracle at Fatima or solar phenomenon?

Solomon the Myth

Somatoparaphrenia - its behind the notion that you are a spiritual soul

Some argue

Some excellent quotes from Robinson's An Atheist's Values

Some experts on the myth of free will

Some God arguments refuted

Some harms that prayer does

Some lies told by the Catholic faith

Some New Testament books are forgeries

Some non-religions can still act like intolerant religions

Some of Jesus Mythicist Earl Doherty's thoughts

Some principles for Humanists

Some religions oppose the not all bad line of thinking

Some things Christians are hypocritical about

Some thoughts from Lindsay's book, Everybody is wrong about God

Some weak arguments for afterlife from Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Something being good is not enough for religion

Something there when an atheist attends Mass?

Son of God means?

Sotah 47a accuses Jesus of idolatry and sorcery

Soul - a body hating and dehumanising religious fairytale

Speak the truth about miracles

Specified complexity


Spinoza spindoctors the command to love God

Spirit God leads to intolerant concepts

Spiritual and verbal inspiration of scriptures such as the Bible

Spiritualism - a false risky religion

Spirituality is a seductive psychological disorder

Spontaneous Remission of serious disease

Spot the Pope: Tebaldeshchi or Urban VI?

St Augustine of Hippo condoned god evil

St Bernadette of Lourdes and her visions

St Bernadette of Lourdes- incorrupt body or waxwork?

St Bernadette's miracle corpse is heavily treated with wax

St Bridget of Sweden

St Elizabeth of Hungary

St Francis Xavier: his legend parallels Jesus'

St Gemma Galgani "Stigmatist"

St Januarius

St John Bosco - fake saint and bigot

St Maximilian Kolbe promoted hate of Jews

St Mother Teresa - False Saint

St MotherTeresa of Calcutta defended a clerical sex abuser

St Paul and Homosexuality in Romans 1

St Paul the loose cannon who only wanted his own view of Jesus

St Saul - Skeleton Key to the Mystery of Jesus?

St Saul - what we can learn about St Paul from this book

St Saul book, did Paul think he had a vision establishing the eucharist?

St Seraphim

Stages of Evil - people lure you in bit by bit

Stages of Evil - people lure you in bit by bit

Stand Firm Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze Svend Brinkmann

Start with suffering if you want to defend God

State or God, whose law potentially can assist liberty?

Stealing commanded by God

Stephen Hawking and Miracles

Stephen Hawking eliminates God

Stephen Hawking lays the god of the gaps habit to rest

Steven Weinberg sees religion as a dangerous placebo

Stigmata and stigmatics such as Padre Pio - not genuine

Stigmata is not supernatural

Stigmata replicated? Dr Lechler

Stoics - and suffering, do they condone it?

Stone at tomb easy to move?

straightdope on Jesus and the Shroud

Strawman religion must be avoided - there is a way to test for real Christian belief

Strobel on the Resurrection of Jesus

Strobel The Case for Christ Refuted

Strongest - good or evil?

Studies showing religion is a potential and actual mental problem

Stupidity - the word must go...

Subliminal or subconscious magical belief

Sudarium - does it support the Shroud?

Suffering - always punishment from God?

Suffering and the Sovereignity of God by John Piper

Suffering as part of life if there is a God

Suffering cannot be given a purpose by God

Suffering is random and thus comfort from God is no comfort

Suffering is something that treats a person as an object, a nothing

Suffering when understood correctly cannot be training from God

Suggested links if you are a freethinker

Suggesting God MIGHT be blessing you when others starve is heinous

Suggestions on how to make the Turin Shroud image

Suicide and religion

Summary - Baptism and Indoctrination

Summary - Baptism and Indoctrination

Summary of an excellent atheist book An Atheist's Values

Summary of the Case for Humanism

Summary of why its unreasonable/harmful to be open to miracles

Sunday the Lord's Day

Superiority/Inferiority Complex

Supernatural faith of Catholics?

Superstition degrades people and truth and reason

Support pro-choice legislation

Supreme value of human life

Survey on belief in the resurrection of Jesus

Survival of the Fittest

Suspect apostles of knowing the truth about Jesus vanished body

Swearing and taking oaths and Jesus

Switching from love to hate isn't loving sinner, hating sin

Systematic theology - reviewed

Systematic Theology book says you hate sinner and sin

Tacitus - his writings altered to support Christ's existence?

Tacitus and Nero and Jesus

Take accreditation away from religious indoctrination

Take responsibility for your beliefs

Take theft theory of what happened at Jesus't tomb seriously

Taking a look at the divorce law in the Book of Deuteronomy

Taking away fear drives religious terrorist activity

Talk about the problem of temptation, not evil

Talmage, Mormonism a Marvellous Work?

Talmud on Jesus

Tamesha Means a victim of the Catholic faith

Target baptism to bring the Church down

Telepathy and God and Miracles

Television - A Christian occasion of sin?

Telling somebody you're praying for them

Telling the bereaved the dead are okay is dismissing their pain

Telling the difference between right and wrong

Temptation disproves God

Temptations of Jesus - they show he was play-acting

Ten Commandments explained

Ten Commandments explained

Terms - religion, superstition, fundamentalism

Test religion facebook page posts

Testimony to miracles is insufficient

Testing the fruits of visions and today's "prophets"

Thank goodness theres no God!

Thankfully there is no afterlife

Thanks to Lucia, Fatima became a legend

The "sin" of masturbation

The "visions" of Medjugorje are lies

The 1906 discovery of a Josephus text on Jesus etc

The abomination of desolation - Jesus or the Mass or both?

The alleged powers of the soul

The ally of the fanatic is worse or as bad

The Amalek Mass Murder that God commanded

The apostle Paul didn't teach bodily resurrection of Jesus

The apparition at Knock's bad fruits

The apparition of Mary at Pontmain

The appearances of the Virgin Mary Medjugorje are nonsense

The argument that Christianity is Christ

The argument that Jesus' corpse would have turned up

The argument that you need a God to be grateful to

The atheist and the sacred

The atheist can have hope and does have it

The atheist has the most mature approach to suffering

The atheist is as sure of God as she or he is of Zeus

The attempt to sue the Mormon Prophet for fraud

The author of John in tradition

The baffling support religion gets even from critics

The baptismal character

The bare essentials of atheism

The best rules for the most happiness - rule utilitarianism

The Bible "egalitarian" texts are twisted for political reasons

The Bible and Abortion

The Bible and contraception, does it forbid it?

The Bible and the atonement of Christ for sinners

The Bible and the charisms and pentecostalism

The Bible blames God for Hell

The Bible claims to be verbally inspired by God, godbreathed

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

The Bible contradicts the doctrine of the Trinity

The Bible corrupts its own text and so is not God's word

The Bible God demands human sacrifice

The Bible God does not agree with himself - contradictions in scripture

The Bible God protected violent slavery not just slavery

The Bible God requires lighter judgment when a Christian does evil

The Bible is a palliative for the conscience of the paedophile

The Bible is as Evil as Mein Kampf

The Bible is often snuff porn

The Bible is used to condone Roy Moore alleged molestation of girls

The Bible on opinion

The Bible versus transgender people

The Bible was altered

The Bible, and by extension faith, was & is a murder weapon

The Bible, briefly shown to have neither decency or plausibility

The Bigger the Commitment asked the Bigger the Evidence Needed

The bigger the miracle the bigger the evidence fallacy

The Birds being Silent at Medjugorje

The bishops who exposed the Turin Shroud as fake

The bizarre doctrine that God is beauty

The blasphemy of "solving" problem of evil

The blasphemy of the Catholic Mass

The blood and gore of animal sacrifice in the Bible is still in force

The Blood of Jesus does not forgive sin

The book Everybody is Wrong about God

The Book of Baruch

The Book of Genesis says that religious murder is a law for all

The book of Leviticus on homosexuality

The book War and the Gospel

The book, Catholicism and Christianity, on Bible errors

The brutal law of the Old Testament and the so-called gospel

The bungled commission that authenticated Fatima

The Burden of Proof and the claim your faith is supernatural

The Burial Cloths of Christ, Catholic Truth Society

The burial of Jesus is hearsay even if you go by the gospels

The case against full apostasy in Christianity

The case against Hitler being Christian

The case for allegory?

The Case for Easter, does it show us Jesus probably rose?

The Catholic case for venial sin being biblical fails

The Catholic catechism on faith, how dangerous faith is

The Catholic Church is not Catholic

The Catholic doctrine that revelation ended with the apostles

The Catholic mass is based on an error called reification

The Catholic priests ruined Ireland

The Christian doctrine of justification

The Christian doctrine of original sin is the original slur

The Christian lie that God loves the damned exposed

The Christian star attraction - Jesus is the only way to peace and God

The Church and the visions of Garabandal

The Church does not officially ask for pain relief for late abortion

The Church is called the flesh of Jesus not bread

The Church is mercenary

The Church of Christ, Scientist

The Church on euthanasia - the hypocrisy

The Church pretends not to judge those who cohabitate

The Church shames itself in 2001

The claim that you have to believe in Hell if you believe in free will

The clergy should be looked at first when evaluating religion

The Community of Christ, Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The concept of deserving - useless and vicious

The cures at Knock

The cynical act of baptising babies

The danger of any faith, especially religious faith

The danger of religion

The dangerous marriage between placebo and faith healing

The Dark Box by John Cornwell

The dark side of forgiveness

The Dark Side, Valerie Tarico, Ph.D

The dark underpinnings of Jesus' "I give you a new command of love"

The death of Jack the Ripper

The Death of Judas Iscariot

The Deeper Questions

The defending of blame - in a culture that hates being blamed

The desperation of the Churches to hide how Jesus said he was a sinner

The dishonesty of the Catholic priesthood

The disobedience of the vision of Medjugorje

The disturbing faith of the Catholics

The doctored testimony of Patrick Hill at Knock 1879

The doctrine of a mystery God leads to dogmatic legalism

The doctrine of the damned - it stirs religious hate

The doctrine that even God venerates the saints!

The doctrine that even if our will is programmed we are still free

The doctrine that God always deals with sin is a lie

The doctrine that Jesus is the Torah, the evil Jewish law

The doctrine that magic is a form of love

The doctrine that nature is permitted by God to go its own way

The doctrine that the cruel Law of God is written in the heart

The dubious testimony of Patrick Walsh of Knock

The dying and living again Messiah could have been any number of people

The early Christian view that the general resurrection was past

The ecstasies of Medjugorje during "visions"

The end goal of atheistic humanism

The end goal of atheistic humanism

The End of Biblical Studies by Avalos shows why its a fraud

The Enigma of Evil by John Weldon

The Enigma of Medjugorje 1999

The Epistles Indicate that the Gospels were NOT Published Early

The epistles of John

The essential deadly sin, Pride

The Eucharist Miracle Deception Lanciano

The Euthrypho Dilemma

The evil chapter where Jesus demands that children be murdered

The evil of marriage

The experience of evil is real even if evil is not

The experts on God as projection

The family and secularism

The fanaticism of praying for protection

The fanaticism of saying its all for God and all about God

The feeling of being loved by God is your real God not God

The fires of Hell are literal fires

The first Muslim - how it rules out Jesus as a special prophet

The formal proof that God is disproved by evil

The foundations for praying to Jesus in tradition are not solid

The four gospels are untruthful and also slanderous to Jews

The free will argument for God puts cart before horse

The Gerasenes Demoniac - Legion, Mark 5

The Gnostic vision of Jesus is 100% non Biblical

The God Instinct by Jesse Bering

The God of the Christians has no free will!

The God role is played by your subconscious mind!

The Godless Delusion A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism

The good fruits argument for Medjugorje

The gospel account of the pre-resurrection Jesus is mad

The gospel of atheism - being fair

The gospel of atheism - don't expect too much

The gospel of atheism - gossip is a plague

The gospel of atheism - lying and stealing

The gospel of atheism - proper relationship of church and state

The gospel of atheism - the need for social regulation

The gospel of atheism - the value of education

The gospel of atheism - ways of being complicit in society's evil

The gospel of atheism and animal rights

The gospel of atheism on value on human life

The Gospel of John is Antinomian

The Gospel of John is Antinomian

The gospels were closed books for the people were illiterate

The gospels were not published early or for general perusal

The Hail Mary prayer is gender critical as is the Church

The harms of letting religion into your heart

The hate doctrine of exclusive salvation

The hell doctrine forces people to hate

The Heresy of Infant Baptism

The heresy of Proportionalism

The Holy Mass is to blame for access to children by paedo priests

The homosexual who is active in the Catholic Church

The honouring the saint is honouring God argument refuted

The horrors of sacramental marriage

The huge percentage of atheist scientists

The hypocrisy of the Muslim faith

The hypothetical and what it says about you!

The idea of a personal God is nonsense

The idea of an all-powerful God can be about you wanting to believe he has this power

The idea that Catholicism grew more complex because of growing understanding

The idea that you only reject what you think the Church is

The identification of Jack the Ripper

The imagined link between prayer and therapy

The Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception of Mary is Anti-scriptural

The Implications of Psychological Egoism

The implicit atheism of the Sedona Method

The importance of evidence and why probability not possibility is what counts

The incapitated and objective morality

The Infallible Church is fallible!

The infinite weakness objection to Hell

The insane doctrine that selfishness is the tormenting hellfire

The insane notion that atheism is a crutch or can be

The insincerity of the pope

The irony when Christians condemn blasphemy!

The irritating argument that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality

The its a matter of interpretation excuse for violent scriptures

The Jesus Code by Grant Jeffrey

The Jesus Hate Crime, a child of another race is called a dog

The Jesus Inquest by Charles Foster

The Josiah Effect

The joy of atheism

The Just War Theory and Religion

The Kalam Argument for God fails

The Key to Transcendence for an Atheist

The Knock apparitions could have been paintings

The Koran and Book of Mormon condemn Christian baptism

The Koran condemns homosexuality

The Koran is not inspired by any God

The Lanciano Legend - there is no history behind alleged miracle

The late date of the First Gospel, Mark

The law and religious incitement to hate

The law of Moses

The leap of faith

The letter of Jude advocates hate

The Liar Lunatic and Lord trilemma

The lie that the Bible only condemns man with boy not man with man

The lies about the 1917 visions of Mary at Fatima

The lies that Jesus rose and why Easter is a shrine to them

The link between boredom and religious extremism

The link between God and free will is not there

The link between science and religious faith is non-existent

The love sinner hate sin delusion

The Lusk Letter and Jack the Ripper

The lying genealogies of Jesus Christ

The magic bleach - the cure-all

The Making of a Modern Exorcist

The mark of baptism - its opposition to equality

The Mass and reason

The Maths of Creation, 0 made equal to 1

The Medjugorje Deception by E Michael Jones

The Medjugorje story by Hector Avalos

The mercenary side of you is your God

The Messiah who surpassed Jesus in providing evidence - Guglielma

The millennium in the Bible

The miracle is faith

The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

The morals of what you think about others and they you

The Moses story lacks credibility

The most famous relic ever, the Turin Shroud

The motive that led to the formation of Christianity - antisemitism!

The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss

The myth of Peter and Paul's martyrdoms

The myth of the progressive Catholic

The nasty doctrine free will is only about good v evil

The Nazis saturated their own endeavour with prayer and God

The Necessary Being Argument for God's existence

The necromancy surrounding the raising of Jesus Christ

The need for litigation against the Church

The New Atheism

The New Mormon Challenge - review

The New Mormon Challenge book challenges the Mormon "God"

The New Testament Documents by FF Bruce

The New Testament word arsenokoitai is anti-gay

The New Testament word arsenokoitai is anti-gay

The No True Atheist argument - a version of the No True Scotsman

The notion "End justifies the means" is hardwired into us

The notion of damned children in Hell

The notion of God speaking through prophets is mistaken

The notion of just war means holy war if you believe in God

The notion of one God being harsh and having a merciful rival

The notion of wishing harm on the sin not the sinner is BS

The notion that we are always tainted by sin is evil

The Olympic Park Bomber was driven by faith

The origin of evil - the vindication of atheism

The origin of the Handbook of Christian Apologetics

The other apparitions of Lourdes

The outrageous claim that there is writing on the Turin Shroud

The papal schism over Urban VI proves Catholicism a false religion

The Passover Plot Hugh Schonfield

The path gives meaning to life, not the goal

The Perils of Prayer

The place of self-love in Christianity

The placebo effect

The pollen on the Turin Shroud

The pope changes catechism to ban capital punishment

The pope is not a true friend of the family

The Pope is not the Vicar of Christ and neither was Peter!!

The popes have been wilful liars??

The possibility of demons having supported Jesus' display of magical power

The Power of Now by Tolle

The pressure put on the Christian martyrs by faith

The problem of evil in the light of a God who necessarily exists

The problem of how to be grounded in nature so you can recognise a miracle

The problem of knowledge

The Problem Of Right Conduct and applied ethics

The process of elimination

The quality of apparitions is often exaggerated

The Queen said the Holy See helped bring peace to Ireland!

The Quest for Miracles is the Quest for Propaganda

The question of the problem of good and problem of evil? Which one matters most?

The Qur'an denies its Messiah was crucified

THE RAELIAN MOVEMENT, its misuse of the Bible

The real attraction for faith in God is how its an avenue for narcissism

The real foundation of Catholicism is a fanciful interpretation of John 3:5

The real Krishna, the truth about a god man

The Reformed Doctrine of Unconditional Election

The rejection of supernatural ideas - naturalism

The relationship between law and morality

The religious label and the trouble it brings

The religious scepticism of Hume is valid and commonsense

The resurrection of Jesus is mere speculation not a belief

The resurrection of Jesus was a ruse

The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry by Michael J Alter

The Revelations of St Elizabeth are revealing yes!

The Rich Man & Lazarus Story

The Righteous Mind by J Haidt - Review

The rights of prostitutes

The Ripper Letter concerning Joseph Levy

The Ripper Letters and Goulston Street Message

The Ripper's manual was the Bible!

The Rosary - a late Catholic gimmick

The rudeness of suggesting there is a God

The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

The sacrament of marriage is a scandal

The sacraments in the Case for Catholicism by Trent Horn

The Saint-Medard miracles that nobody wants to believe in

The Samson tale refutes Bible reliability

The Santo miracle & Fatima's saints-to-be

The Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey

The seal of confession

The Second Face on the Shroud

The Secret of Our Lady of LaSalette

The secret of religion is the fallacy of misreading causation

The Secrets of Our Lady of La Salette

The secular state cannot protect religious ideas with blasphemy laws

The secular state will struggle with religious conscience clauses

The self-esteem gospel is lies, Jesus did not affirm self-love

The selfishness of sex in Catholic marriage

The Selfless Gene Charles Foster

The seven hills that the Great Whore is enthroned on

The Shepherd of Hermas

The sick porn of the Bible influenced Jack the Ripper

The simple truth is that Jesus is not God!

The sin doctrine hardwires people to hate others

The sin heresy - sin is heresy in psychology

The sin of doubt

The sin of gambling

The sin of sodomy or homosexuality and the Bible hate for gays

The sobriety argument for Gospel reliability

The Spiritual Barrier - the Mass has to be spiritually ineffective

The state must not validate Church marriage

The Statehood Test - From the Case of the Pope

The stigmata of Louise Lateau

The story of the Witch of Endor raising the prophet Samuel

The straitjacket of consistency for a Catholic

The stupidity of Justin Martyr annuls his case for Jesus

The subconscious is the only god you ever need

The superstition that holy souls in Purgatory are helpless

The surprising truth about morals and their opposition to Gods

The suspect in the Knock Apparition Hoax - Cavanagh

The sweet but hateful teaching of St Paul on love or charity

The teachings of Silvanus and the Gospels

The ten commandments examined

The terrible argument that natural evil is irrelevant to the God question

The terror of clericalism

The tests done on Medjugorje "visionaries" are unconvincing

The theory that we are one person in many bodies

The Third Secret of Fatima

The tradition of praying to Jesus is an invention

The trials of Jesus - replete with lies

The Trick Question - why something not nothing?

The trolley problem - does it show morality is just a prejudice?

The True Christian sees sin in everything!

The Truth about Fundamentalism

The truth about the "most reliable" Knock witness, Mary Beirne

The truth about the evil Hindu God Krishna

The Truth About The Gita – by Narla, Review

The truth about the God-shaped hole

The Truth behind the Bible Code by Satinover

The uneducated and spiritually immature witnesses

The universe is becoming un-"designed"!!!

The Vatican Embassies - shut them down!

The Vatileaks scandal

The view that Jesus is not the shroud man is plausible

The Vindictive Side of the Catholic Mass

The violinist argument for abortion

The Virgin-Birth of Jesus is a Fairy-Tale

The virtue of pride - there is a good way to be self-important

The vision of Medjugorje cannot teach credible religion

The war between secularism and religion is mainly a cold war

The wealth of the visionaries of Medjugorje

The woman of Revelation

The words of Jesus at Last Supper refute the Mass

The worship of God is really just hiding self-interest

The Zeitoun "Apparitions"

Theism - Bad for Mental and Emotional Health

Theo Hobson, his unfair view of atheist values in his God Created Humanism

Theodicies - excuses for divine neglect examined one by one

Theofascism -why its oppressive to love God most

Theologian argues for God and the soul

Theologians - are they rational or just careerists?

Theology of the body versus birth control

Theology of the Inquisition, it had to happen

Theology responds to Logical Positivism

Theorising about evil having an answer if there is a God is cruel

Theoterrorism - all religion has this trait

There are grave concerns with what prayer says about God's character

There are religious conspiracles surrounding miracles

There are two essential theodicies - reasons why God should let evil happen

There can't be two rival gods

There is a God by Antony Flew

There is a God, Flew's book reviewed

There is a good side to having no answer for suffering

There is more to right and wrong than mere choice?

There is no evidence at all for sanity

There is no evidence for God

There is no evidence for God, God will not give us gift of evidence!

There is no God - be your own God

There is no natural evil if there is a God!

There is no need for sex to be limited to marriage

There is no original sin in your baby

There is no point in believing in free will

There is no real case for trusting the New Testament

There is no right to have your child baptised

There never was one Church

There would be no Hell if there were no God

Thiede's Nonsense refuted

Things that are nice to believe

Thinking about homophobia

Thinking about miracles

This saying explains nothing, "Objective morality needs God"

Thomas fails to witness to Jesus being risen

Those ancients who said the evidence for Jesus was scanty

Those in Heaven enjoy the suffering of those in Hell

Those who call you offensive may be only trying to shut you up

Those who say harmful acts are pure evil

Those who say Vatican II popes are not popes

Thoughts about Jesus' prophecy of the end of the Temple

Thoughts on abortion

Thoughts on an Islamist terrorist couple

Thoughts on atheism in the book, Stealing from God by Turek

Thoughts on blasphemy laws

Thoughts on Darwinism in politics

Thoughts on egoism

Thoughts on evil being absence of good

Thoughts on existentialism

Thoughts on miracles being spiritually useless

Thoughts on morality and David Hume

Thoughts on narcissism

Thoughts on religion forcing conversion on people

Thoughts on slander

Thoughts on the notion that good is a property

Thoughts on the ontological argument

Thoughts on the visions of Mary of LaSalette

Threats to self-esteem and its healthiness

Three forms of faith - Kurtz

Three Gods

Three gods in one God

Three persons in one God - its a contradiction

Three Popes at once

Ticking Catholic in the census

Tilma, the miracle picture of Mary is of human origin

Time the healer? Is time's power overrated?

Timothy and Titus letters - their "evidence" for Jesus

Timothy Keller, Christian warns about the dangers of identity

Tips for Mental Health: an atheist view!

To a Catholic convert

To accuse a child of being hostile to God is reprehensible

To accuse a doubter of sin or possible sin is slander

To be religious is to be prejudiced

To hate the harm done is not the same as hating sin

To like the sinner you must like the sin!

To love everybody results in loving nobody

To refute Ian Wilson is to refute the Shroud of Turin

To understand all is to forgive all

To women contemplating a termination

Today Christian supporters of religious murder

Tolerance has a bad side

Tolerance, the bad side

Top Christians applaud Hell torments

Top philosopher Flew on the cosmological argument

Top theologians show Christian teaching on free will is nonsense

Top thinkers and theologians on the subject of miracles

Top thinkers deny "The exception proves the rule"

Torment of loving sinner and hating sin

Total absurdity cannot exist

Total inability to turn to God?

Toxic beliefs in religion

Toxic faith and religious addiction

Toxic Faith book, non-toxic faith?

Toxic faith book, overview of the toxic faith structure

Toxic Jesus, the book

Toxic Religious systems

Tract on Religious mystery and paradox

Tracts refuting religion and God

Tradition as the interpreter of the Bible

Tradition does not support the sacrament of penance

Tradition v. notion of Catholic mass as sacrifice

Trans, "Born in the wrong body"

Transcendent - is it as important to us as religion says?

Transgenderism and autism

Transgenderism and narcissism

Transubstantiation is it possible even if it does not happen?

Trees at Sunset Template

Trees at Sunset Template

Tripe book "God created humanism" does not know what Christianity is

True age of the Turin Shroud

True believer syndrome

True Church claim is Arrogant!

True for me and not you - a polite way of saying, "I'm lazy and selfish"

Trust is betrayed when the Church paints you with original sin

Truth about Christian testimonies that God has life-changing power

Truth about Jesus and underage sex

Truth about modern bibles

Truth is real, its not just opinion

Truth is what you have to conform to, its not about you

Truth is what you need so have the courage to line up to it

Try to be more accurate in things for you only bring others trouble

Trying to make science avoid refuting God fails - NOMA

Trying to prove a negative is still worth trying

Trypho denies the existence of Jesus

Turek Stealing from God - a review

Turin Shroud - a photograph?

Turin Shroud - could only today's science make one?

Turin Shroud - testing the three-dimensional effect

Turin Shroud and crown of thorns

Turin Shroud contradicts New Testament data

Turin Shroud if true means resurrection of Jesus is untrue

Turin shroud image too strong and muscled to be Jesus

Turin Shroud is confirmed as fake

Turin Shroud is not a contact print and is not evidence for Jesus

Turin Shroud is not a Miracle

Turin Shroud is not Jesus' winding sheet at all

Turin Shroud Man didn't rot - he was not Jesus

Turin Shroud Man is not Jesus

Turin Shroudman was decapitated ergo he was not Jesus

Twenty Arguments for Atheism by Peter Kreeft

Twenty arguments for God refuted

Two forms of religious mystery outlined plus their perfidy

Two Lourdes Miracles

Two understandings of free will as power to choose good

Two Views of the Book of Abraham

U.S. versus Ballard

UKIP in the UK wants Muslims to repudiate violent scriptures

Ulterior motive for faith in God

Ultimate truth - the theorems of atheistic humanism

Ultimate truth - the theorems of atheistic humanism

Unbaptised babies banned from Heaven

Unceasing punishment in Hell is in the Bible

Unceasing torment in Hell is a Cruel Lie!

Unconditional love is pretentious bullshit and harmful

Unconditional love, like God its another universal lie

Understanding your right to freedom from religion

United Nations - and the Vatican

UNITY IN CHRISTIANITY - it will never come to pass

Universal Life, a German Cult

Universally preferable behaviour - a rational basis for morality?

Universally Preferable Behaviour - can it replace morality?

Univocal language about God shows you adore fantasy versions

Unmasking religion's doctrine of ultimate good

Unpacking the "not all bad" statement on religion

Unpacking the things people say

Unrighteousness or sin is a condition

Untestable beliefs lead to oppression

Use Occam's Razor against miracle claims

Use satire to change the minds of the religious

Using a religious crutch is bad

Using control beliefs to manipulate people into "control faith"

Using God as prop to validate morality is not validating morality

Using prayer to force God to do your will

Using reason correctly means protecting yourself correctly

Using the good fruits test of Jesus

Using the right pronouns to affirm trans or genderless or genderfluid or nonbinary

Ustashi - a latter day Catholic killing machine

Utilitarianism - one of the great moral theories?

Utilitarianism and atheism

Validation of LGBT relationships is a not an option but a duty

Validity of ordination to the priesthood

Values around the end of life, abortion, euthanasia

Varying accounts regarding Knock vision of 1879

Vassula Ryden, Jesus' spirit medium

VATICAN 2, On Religious Liberty

Vatican guilty of unholy compassion for clerical child abusers

Vatican Norms - Apparitions

Veneration of the saints is unbiblical

Venial sin - does it make sense?

Venial sin doctrine is hypocrisy

Venial sin doctrine versus the Bible

Verbal scriptural inspiration was part of Jesus' culture

Verbally Inspired Bible

Veridical hallucinations - might explain risen Jesus visions

Verification Principle works against unverified paradox

Versus the Shroud of Turin

Vicarious reparation for sinners in Catholicism

Vicka at Medjugorje nearly poked in the eye!

Vicka was caught faking at Medjugorje and lied afterwards

Victimless crimes and sins - do they really happen?

Victims of Jack the Ripper

Victor Stenger refutes marriage of science and religion

View that miracles will be as common as daisies soon

Violence in the Koran

Violence is implicit in praying for people not to be LGBT!

Violent Religion and Inherently Violent Religion

Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, a critical look

Virgin of Revelation

Virgin of the Poor "appears" at Banneux

Virtue of Scepticism

Vision of Knock 1879 is based on lies

Visions and apparitions in the Church are dubious

Visions and their alleged physical impact

Visions from Heaven are modern day myth making and lies

Visions of Mary - never of the same woman

Visions on Demand Video exposes Medjugorje fraud

Visit of Pope Francis to Ireland 2018

Visualisation - a form of magic?

Vitandus excommunication from the Catholic Church

Vittorio Micheli Lourdes Cure, lie of the regenerated hip

Vlasic and Medjugorje

Voluntarism - when God is given the right to invent morality

Vulnerable endangered woman is put under threat by Jesus

Wait and see attitude to science is just a repudiation of science

Walter McCrone says Turin Shroud is a painting

Wanting a daddy God is immature and toxic

Wanting and needing

War heroes when acclaimed by religion

Was "this rock" the rock Jesus and Peter were standing on?

Was a Roman soldier Jesus' real father?

Was Christianity set off by death cult cranks?

Was Constance Lamerliere the La Salette Virgin?

Was early Christianity a socially-deviant movement and thus plausible?

Was Elizabeth Stride really a Ripper Victim?

Was Empty Tomb of Jesus a Legend

Was God head of state in Israel?

Was it a ghost story about Jesus that started the resurrection tale?

Was it drink that started the Knock apparition fuss?

Was Jesus a Homosexual? Yes!

Was Jesus bipolar?

Was Jesus' burial a hoax?

Was Jesus buried in the first place?

Was Jesus debunked by sceptics of his day?

Was Jesus fatally wounded in the side?

Was Jesus in the first story killed in another world?

Was Jesus left on cross to be eaten by dogs?

Was Jesus possessed by the Devil?

Was Jesus prophesied by the Old Testament God? No!

Was Jesus really baptised in the Jordan?

Was Jesus reported to be contemporary with mythical Noah?

Was Jesus rescued from the tomb? Was he buried alive?

Was Jesus the Messiah?

Was Jesus the Prophet predicted by Moses?

Was Jesus wiser than Solomon as he boasted?

Was Knock apparition a "trick of the light?"

Was Mary a literal virgin? Its not clear

Was Padre Pio suspected of sexual abuse?

Was the Archdeacon behind a pious fraud at Knock?

Was the blood picture on the Turin Shroud printed on?

Was the Early Church Mormon? No!

Was the Knock Apparition really near the ground?

Was the real location of Jesus' tomb lost forever for it was a secret?

Was the Resurrection a Legend?

Was the resurrection history or revelation?

Was there a tomb for Jesus to be buried in or is that a lie?

Was there an impostor at La Salette pretending to be Mary?

Water baptism is not taught in John 3

Water is not the sole meaning of baptism in the Bible

We all have faith, so what do we need miracles for?

We are all givers

We are egoists therefore miracles are false

We are inherently and biologically liars according to science

We are natural evil

We have the right to doubt things & miracles especially

We would know all if there is a God

Weak psychological egoism

Wedlock, is it holy? It is patriarchial foolery

Weil versus the hateful God of power

Welcome to The Chance to Transform YOUR Life without God belief!

Were gospel stories put into Trypho by fraudsters?

Were Jesus' miracles myths?

Were Peter and Paul enemies?

Were the women hallucinating visions at Jesus' tomb?

Western Schism shows papacy is not from God or approved by him

What about baptising children into both Protestant and Catholic Church?

What about the ethics/desirability of God forcing repentance on sinners?

What are Affirmations

What baptism of the dead says about baby baptism

What causes religion to harm more than anything else?

What city is meant by Babylon?

What decree do we count from for the 70 weeks prediction?

What did science learn about the Medjugorje "visions"?

What does eating body of Jesus actually mean?

What does evil mean? How understanding it furthers atheism

What does it mean to say Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit?

What does Jesus mean by Gehenna in the Mark gospel?

What does love sinner hate sin mean?

What does the Bible say about the afterlife?

What does the New Testament mean by baptised?

What earthquakes say about prayer

What I Believe by Anthony Kenny

What I posted to Equality Commission against Ashers Bakery

What if an atheist sees evil as unreal or a lack?

What if both parents object to their babys baptism?

What if evil has no purpose but just has to give way to good?

What if Evil is versus God not God versus evil?

What if evil, even if it is a power, is vague and cloaks itself?

What if God is hallucinating that he is God or can give us orders?

What If I just Believe in My Own Free Will?

What if violent or formerly violent religion is most convincing?

What if your children lived when people kept Bible stoning laws?

What is a basic belief? When evidence is not everything.

What is a sacrament?

What is a sect and how many different kinds of sect are there?

What is altruism?

What is being pro-choice?

What is done is done

What is forgiveness?

What is free will?

What is Free Will?

What is God?

What is idolatry?

What is logical positivism?

What is love?

What is meant by hellfire? God's love? A real fire?

What is my essence?

What is my essence?

What is off-putting in faith in God and its supposed healthiness

What is part of the Christian attraction?

What is prophecy needed for?

What is sin?

What is spirituality?

What is the free will defence?

What is the Holy See doing with an embassy?

What is the Knock apparition trying to tell us?

What is the mark of the whore of Babylon?

What is the safest religion to follow?

What is the worst theory for how things came to be?

What is Violence?

What is wrong with being a member of a dodgy or erring religion?

What is wrong with love neighbour as oneself?

What is wrong with the notion of "lesser of two evils"?

What Jesus is referred to in Josephus?

What kind of man was the Ripper?

What political correctness should be!

What secularism sees you as

What the Church says about the time there were two rival popes

What we do is not God's concern

What you do is none of God's concern!

What's so terrible about morality based on authority?

Whats wrong about Purgatory?

When a person is abused by being conditioned they can go violent

When a teen won't go to Mass!

When Apostle Paul tries to self-validate

When believers treat human suffering as a numbers game

When capital punishment is euthanasia

When Catholicism endorses separation between spouses

When Catholicism was anti-ecumenical!

When cherrypickers say, "I believe the core doctrines"

When Christians revere the stoning texts of the Bible

When Christians say they can defend the faith - apologetics

When Doctors Recommend Religious Faith!

When faced with magic claims, here is how to detect baloney

When faith and religion are toxic

When faith is just lazy and an excuse to avoid learning

When God believers care more about predictability than babies suffering

When God lost his own word - the Book of Mormon!

When God lost his own word - the Book of Mormon!

When Hitchens told Frank Turek religion was the only evil

When holy books record evil things are they celebrating them?

When is a leap in the dark rational?

When it looks like baptism has an occult effect on child

When Jesus said gnaw my flesh in John 6

When Jesus said the flesh is useless for giving life

When Jesus told his listeners they would see him return in glory

When Jesus went out of his way to erase LGBT

When Joseph Smith "revealed" there were men on the moon

When leaders get blamed for a religion being evil

When LGBT supports the Church

When miracle witnesses lie

When miracles held to be merely possible by believers

When Muslims go to Islamist terrorist funerals

When my prayers comfort me - or do they?

When one parent objects to the baptism of their child

When people say their religion will change for the better

When Prayer is Listening to God!

When praying for the sick is more important than treating them

When religion does science itself but silences it if does not like what it says

When religion feeds relativist tyranny

When religion gets offended ...

When religion has had a violent history

When religion says science is as evil as itself

When religious dogma is put before people

When religious faith becomes toxic

When sin or evil or immorality is seen as nearly good

When some miracles are true for me & others true for u

When terrorists look saintly and like they are ready for God

When the Catholic Church says, "I absolve you..."

When the Church turns romance into a sort of sin

When the law gives exemptions for your deeply held beliefs

When the worship of God is just selfish

When to forgive is to judge

When trans are in the wrong sexed gendered existence

When was Jesus Crucified?

When we won't change beliefs

When you cease to love God, you will love somebody else instead

When you make a claim your duty is to support it with evidence

When you need a crutch to get through life, what is the minimum?

When your atheism becomes your faith

Where religion is concerned I should be out out OUT!

Where the "witnesses" of Knock vision stood

Where was the Shroud of Turin in the first millenium? Ans: nowhere!

White privilege - its worsened by Christian faith

Who am I to judge?, Pope Francis

Who are you to tell a sufferer its for a reason?

Who forged Mark's gospel?

Who forged Matthew's gospel?

Who is the anointed one in Daniel's prophecy? Its not Jesus!

Who really killed John the Baptist?

Who really wrote the Book of Revelation?

Who says the supernatural isn't mechanistic?

Who was the bishop in the apparition at Knock?

Why 1 absurd miracle that is real demolishes all miracles

Why a Humanist Funeral?

Why a sensible attitude is everything, everthing!

Why a young child's consent to trans healthcare is valid

Why argue against a God you do not believe in?

Why assume psychological egoism is true?

Why at most it was a deceiving occult spirit that Bernadette saw at Lourdes

Why atheism is a form of strength - the best form

Why be moral? It leads to loads of questions

Why belief in evil says its inexcusable so there's no place for understanding

Why believe evil is unreal?

Why believe in free will?

Why Buddha was no saint

Why Care what Others Believe

Why choice and pride are inseparable

Why Christianity is martyrdom glorifying and dangerous

Why Christianity is Useless

Why claiming healing powers is pride

Why did Jesus have to die?

Why did Paul not know of Jesus' basic teaching?

Why did the demons evangelise for Jesus?

Why did the gospel writers not want us to know who they were?

Why do evil people try to hide their evil and justify it?

Why do people believe and get addicted to miracle wonders?

Why do people lie that religion is good?

Why do so many good holy people make the best evildoers?

Why do some faiths do specific harms that others don't do?

Why do we have to hate the sin? Can't God just forgive to save us the trouble?

Why do we judge and condemn wrongdoing?

Why does Paul never distinguish Jesus from a myth?

Why does trying to ground morality in God matter?

Why eternity makes the idea of God being the necessary being absurd

Why even if saints should not be idols we will make them ones

Why evil and suffering gives birth to atheism

Why exorcists are abusers

Why forgive your enemy or those who have harmed

Why free will cannot be celebrated!

Why giving a sweet to a child is better than a day of prayer

Why God believers have to persecute atheists

Why God will not accept the Catholic Mass as worship

Why having scriptures, especially cruel ones, needs a reprimand

Why I am not a Buddhist

Why I can't tell if I see miracles

Why I should not be afraid of a God!

Why I would not serve God

Why is apostasy such a serious sin in Christianity?

Why is Brigham Young University called after a racist?

Why is God the same as morality? There is no answer.

Why is hate a sin?

Why is Hell everlasting?

Why is the eternal Hell doctrine almost a staple in the religious menu?

Why is the figure Issa mistaken for Jesus in the Quran?

Why is the whore of Babylon said to be drunk on blood?

Why is there nothing rather than something?

Why is there something rather than nothing? We know its not God!

Why it is bad to believe in revelation

Why it is dangerous to think faith in man's word is faith in God

Why it is evil to be accused of having and abusing free will

Why it is inhuman to condone God's often cruel plan

Why it is oppression to protect trans just because they are few

Why it is selfish to say God uses suffering to train us

Why Jesus never existed

Why Josephus did not write a testament about Jesus

Why leave the Roman Catholic Church?

Why lgbt who does not identify as Catholic should tick no religion

Why live, why be happy and why suffer?

Why magic is more ethical than prayer

Why merely assuming God exists is irresponsible

Why Miracles cannot be believed even if they do happen

Why miracles lead to sceptics being called harmful

Why mysteries of religion and physics do not compare

Why one good historian is more valid than a Church opinion

Why oppose ALL religion

Why Papal Infallibility is a Hoax

Why People Hate Hypocrites - the shocking truth!

Why people stay in a man-made and wrong and bad religion

Why persecuting others is wrong

Why prayer is socially applauded vanity

Why prayer offends against decency

Why protest against dangerous religions?

Why proving some of Jesus' miracles is not enough

Why Quantum Mechanics Is Not So Weird After All

Why refute the belief in God?

Why religion loves the intelligent design science theory

Why religion saying love is voluntary is problematic

Why religion says we must risk condoning what God does to us

Why Religious Faith is Insincere

Why religious frauds get away with it

Why religious freedom is no excuse for denying recognition to a same sex marriage

Why Roman Catholicism is harmful

Why sincere religion will not pay taxes

Why some try to make out Jesus' two big commands disagree

Why something & not nothing in the light of intelligent design

Why something & not nothing question in the light of suffering/evil?

Why something not nothing ?- is it about a verb or noun?

Why something not nothing? Should it be a "how"?

Why something not nothing? Is it scientifically relevant?

Why something rather than nothing? Intelligible question?

Why something rather than nothing? It's an evasion

Why something, not nothing implies everything needed

Why stay away from Mass!

Why suffering is a religious experience countering God

Why Suffering? A silly Christian book

Why swearing on the Bible is vain and useless

Why telling somebody you experienced a miracle is about ego

Why the Holy Spirit notion is so offensive

Why the idea of god's grace leads to discrimination or should

Why the Old Testament is not the word of God

Why the permissive will of God doctrine is a smokescreen

Why the religious crutch is bad and risky

Why the Virgin Mary would not be a mass goer

Why theologians need to stop pontificating on medicine and law to declare Jesus dead

Why there is danger and irresponsibility in the afterlife doctrine

Why transmen/transwomen references risk abusing people

Why truth matters and error only matters for refutation!

Why Turin Shroud could be a painting

Why unbelievers should not have Church wedding?

Why were no priests whistleblowers about clerical abuse?

Why would God give one free will?

Why would God heal one person and not another?

Why would you want to believe in

Why you must help the Church to decline

Why you need to be in a virtual world if there is a God

Why you should ask the record of your parish to remove you?

Why you would expect determinists to be nice!

Why"Resurrection happened for we are not liars" isn't an argument

Wicca and Witchcraft

Wicca the real story about its origins

Wicked excuses for God letting bad things happen to us

Wilful ignorance is espoused by bigots of religion

Will anybody turn evil in a bad situation - is Hitler in all of us?

Will determinism, the denial of free will, destroy morality?

Will religion never disappear from the earth?

Wisdom opposes doctrine that God trains us with evil

Witches - the Old Religion?

Witches and the Occult

With religious belief comes responsibility

With the God question, what is the default belief or beliefs?

Without the consent of the Church - papal infallibility

Witnesses to Book of Mormon Examined

Women have the right to abortion

Women Priests

World Upside Down - book review

Worship of God is the worship of an idol in your head

Worship of God is worship of his inventors by proxy!

Would Jesus have been buried in Nazareth?

Would thieves have left Jesus' grave cloths behind?

Wounds depicted on Shroud contradict the gospels

WWJD - What would Jesus do?

You are a liar once you give opinions/data with poor evidence

You are your truth so be true to truth

You can beat religious fanatics but you have to blame their faith too

You can sincerely do great evil

You cannot choose Catholicism for your baby at baptism

You cannot derive an ought from an is

You cannot judge if a person is a relativist

You cannot separate sin and sinner

You do not have the right to get baby baptised

You do not have the right to get baby baptised

You don't always need to forgive, just walk away

You don't feel your free will!

You dont need God to be good!

You have a will but it is not free in the religious sense

You have no right to theorise about God's cruel plan

You just need to see your worth

You must be better than God when you can speak for him

You need to know the truth about hate

You only assume a miracle witness is right

Your child is too good for baptism!

Your right to lead and guide people away from religion

Zalmoxis - a Jesus before Jesus?

Zanic letter against the Medjugorje scam

Zanic Sermon against the Medjugorje visions scam

Zeal is wasted on religion and revelation but not on science

Zenlike: Meditation is for atheists and humanists too!!

Zeno and life after death