Silly Messages of Medjugorje
The Virgin Mary is allegedly appearing at Medjugorje.  When you look at the messages you suspect that it is a hoax or a stupid ghost that is appearing.
A big book called Words from Heaven quotes the messages and comments on them. It says that the Virgin said in 1982 (15), and it interprets her as saying, that there will be no more apparitions on the earth after Medjugorje (16). This is repeated on page 41. The last apparitions claim is a good advertisement for Medjugorje and has contributed immensely to its phenomenal success as a spiritual Disneyland.
Her first sign will be given at the end of the apparitions (102). Ivan wanted to know when that would be and she said that the visionaries, her angels, were impatient. The sign must then be something nice like a miracle sign for she did not criticise them for seeking it. In 1981, the Virgin said that she appears to others occasionally and briefly (105). The comment on this is that she must mean other visions in Herzegovina. This is correct when she says the apparitions of the Medjugorje area will be the last. This shows that the bishop is right to question Medjugorje when he thinks there are too many visionaries.
She says that all people with different beliefs are equal but their religions are not the same for they disobey the commandments of God and reject them (105). This implies that the Catholic Church does the most obeying! Religions often are saintly for they are liberal in morality so it is not hard for them to obey God according to their best light. The “Virgin” denies this. The visionaries should be sued for incitement to hatred. Remember, Church and state have to be totally separate so a person cannot be allowed to do things like that even if they say an apparition said it for the state must live as if apparitions and miracles and Gods are not true.

The vision told the children it would be good if they become priests and nuns but only if they want it and they are free to decide (117). Becoming a priest or nun would be serving God best and doing a lot of praying. Mary is saying God does not mind if they don’t do what is best. And she would say that celebrating Mass is the supreme good work! If morality is not what is best there is no morality. Also what happened to the Catholic doctrine of the call? According to this doctrine, God chooses you to be a priest and a nun and your life will be defective and will fail to fulfil his plan if you refuse the call. The Bible says that no man takes the honour of the priesthood to himself but needs to be called by God.
The Lady is right that faith is the foundation from which all your thoughts and actions flow but she incorrectly says you cannot force a person to believe. God can “force” a person to believe by changing thoughts and desires to cause the person to freely change which she can do (119).

The Virgin denies reincarnation in a message given in 1982. She says that the body that decays never rises again but man receives a changed body (131). This is a denial of the doctrine that Jesus was raised bodily and this bodily resurrection was why his tomb was empty. It denies that the Virgin rose from the dead in her human body. They get new bodies. Or perhaps the Virgin decayed in the grave and was given the new body at the instant of her death. Catholics say that St Paul, in scripture, said that the natural body is transformed into a new body not that it is replaced by a new body.
On July 23 1982 the Virgin told Vicka that that her apparitions would be the last on earth (130) and even went as far as to tell the children that she cannot help the world without them (page 235). The real Virgin would not give the visionaries an excuse for being proud and thinking they are indispensable.
On July 12 she said that there would be no third world war completely contradicting the worldwide war predicted by Christ and the book of Revelation that will come before the reign of God is visibly established (130). If some maniacal dictator wanted to wage war against his neighbouring countries and did not want a world war though it could happen if he attacked, this message would give him the courage to declare war and cause a world war.
The Virgin admitted that Jesus prefers people to pray to him without doing it through a saint and then she asked for prayers to herself (134). She denies that doing what is best alone is what is moral and she hints that she is an antichrist.
The Virgin once apologised for having to say that Satan existed (139). Really! The Virgin Mary apologising for doing her duty! Mirjana had just seen a vision of the Devil so what had the vision to apologise for?

Marija was told by the Virgin that she approved of the heretical and fanciful revelation, Poem of the Man-God (141). The Church allegedly stated through Cardinal Ratzinger that the Poem could be read as long as it was not believed to be supernatural in origin. But this is dishonest for the book claims to be revelation from God and Deuteronomy 18 says that a prophet who makes an error should not be listened to AT ALL! Mary must know better than God for even Catholics scholars admit that the Poem of the Man-God makes errors! Did Ratzinger read the whole book which is long and understand that it was good enough reading? Probably not. If the book is heresy no Church decree could make it right to read it.
Catholics universally do prayer and penance to get the souls of their loved ones out of the agony of Purgatory and into Heaven around All Soul’s day and they gain indulgences for them as well which cancel the penalty that confines them in Purgatory. The statement of the Virgin that most souls get out of Purgatory not on All Souls day the day of special prayer and penance for them but Christmas (144) is unbelievable. All Souls should be the time when they are focused on the most. And Easter is more important than Christmas.

The failure of the Virgin’s signs to come to pass though she said they would soon proves the fraud. She told Marija to tell a priest to warn the bishop and the pope very soon about these things in 1983. So soon means soon.
The Lady did not like pilgrims taking pictures in the apparition room but wanted them to pray for special grace during the vision (153). That is in case one of them would take a photo that would refute the alleged synchronicity and trances of the visionaries. Taking pictures could be a prayer and there is nothing wrong then with offering this up to God as an action prayer and no harm in snapping people just looking at a wall. She orders the pilgrims to believe she is appearing when they are to be more interested in the present moment than in taking pictures that inspire them to pray often in the future. She unrealistically wants the priests of Medjugorje to pray four hours a day (155). She must mean that they do this apart from their ordinary prayerful duties which take a lot of time.
A picture on page 46 of the Catholic Truth Society booklet, Medjugorje, clearly shows the visionaries facing the same direction but looking in different angles. The emotions on some of the faces are different. With one visionary smiling and the rest being sour-faced it is clear that their apparitions are probably fabrications.
At Mary’s two thousandth birthday party in 1984 she said that she never cried with sorrow as much as she cried that evening with joy ALL HER LIFE (Words from Heaven, 157). Shouldn’t the resurrection of her son and her reunion with him in heaven have been the happiest days of her life? It is selfish of her to like her birthday party so much.
The Lady said that nobody on earth received as much grace as the visionaries and their brothers and sisters (168). This implies that these people will find it easier to become saints. This runs down anybody in the world who might be a real saint. That statement ruins the claim of the apparition to cherish humility in people and shows that the visionaries are being arrogant when they would even repeat a message like that.
The Virgin made an excuse that she was appearing so much to the children because she wanted to help them live the messages (238). Is she more concerned about them than the people she appeared to briefly? Could she not help them without appearing? And she would not be appearing if she was not making progress with them so they are letting the world know by revealing this message that the Virgin is well pleased with them which completely contradicts the command of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount that forbids people to show others that they are good.
She says that if we pray for the souls in Purgatory we will gain many new people to intercede for us (238). Do they not pray for us until we get them out? Impossible! The souls couldn’t care less about us according to her and they are in Purgatory to learn to love perfectly! They are just there to be tortured.
The Virgin said in 1989 that she cannot give new messages if the children do not live the messages she gave (300). This is the children letting us know that they live the messages – boasting. And why can’t the Lady give messages even if they just reject them so that the devotees might benefit from them? The visionaries are her favourites. She often said that God has no favourites so who sent her?
It is interesting that a magical blessing that would chiefly work for conversion can only work best if you receive the power to give it at the site of the apparitions (330). Good for tourism that! The Lady should care more about the love in people’s hearts than about them physically going to Medjugorje.
Page 331 would make you faint for the Virgin Mary, who the Church says never sinned and cannot sin for she is with God and too happy to sin, is said to have prayed the Our Father with its plea to be pardoned for ones sins in 1988! It is said she said it for us and did not mean herself to be included. But us in that prayer means I and you so even if she said she did not include herself, and she never said that, I wouldn’t believe her.
On October 8th 1985 the Virgin said that those who say they do not believe in God will have it hard when they approach God who tells them to go to Hell (171). This blackmail is typical of theistic religion and it should not get away with it. Religion says that people are weak and such a teaching will lead to hatred against promoters of Atheism. This incites hatred, for the Virgin accepts that a good conscience is the way to God even if it is wrong but she makes one exception for Atheists. Jesus said that going to Hell was a lot easier than going to Heaven even though everybody in the world at that time had such low standards it was easy to have a clear conscience but this Lady says most people are saved though they have to go through Purgatory.
Anybody in Purgatory cannot go to Hell so they are saved from Hell (144). More go straight to Hell than to Heaven. If most people get saved then if you don’t live that great a life there is nothing to worry about.
Many Atheists would take issue with the March 1995 message that there is no peace where people say no prayers and that there is no love when faith is absent (278). People who believe in nothing and not even in reason can still love. The context is about peace in families and in hearts.

She said that we cannot love others if we don’t love God first (278). But we can when we are more sure others exist than we are that God exists. She denies what we all know to be the most sure. She puts God first.
Are there no courses in philosophy in Heaven?
At the end of nearly every message the Virgin thanks the children for having responded to her previous calls. The Blessed Virgin does not owe us a debt of thanks for the Christian religion states that all our responses to God are gifts from God and to God alone belongs the thanks and the praise. It is all God’s work. God does not say thanks for God gives you the rewards and blessings you deserve. That is much better for you will feel smug when congratulated by a heavenly visitor but if the visitor shows it in action and gives you blessings that will prevent you becoming self-conceited. God’s gifts always make you humbler.
And besides, the Church never recognises apparitions as authentic when the messages glorify the seer or seers. The Virgin is telling the children that they have responded well to her previous messages when she thanks them. She often asks them to love God above all things and in the next message she thanks them for their responding to it. She is declaring them virtuous and saintly while even the most ardent supporters of Medjugorje admit that the visionaries have told lies and did wrong things and may be too fond of material pleasures.

Fr Tomislav Vlasic wrote a booklet called Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Queen of Apostles, in which Mary says that fasting on bread and water is essential and that eating fish instead of meat is not fasting (7). She contradicts Catholic tradition in this. She is heretically declaring herself superior to the magisterium of the Church which is above apparitions. But she is right all the same.
[In Medjugorje, Facts, Documents and Theology page 163 "Fast strictly on Wednesday and Friday." Mary supposedly said this on 14 August 1984. That is actually too much fasting. It makes no sense.]
She said that a visible miracle would be left as a sign for the Atheists on the hill of the first vision (10). The sign would be given to convert them but Jelena, who is not one of the six but an approved seer who hears voices and who had the sanction of the Virgin in her appearances to her said that when the sign comes it would be too late for unbelievers to repent and be converted (page 340-341, Words from Heaven). The Virgin said that the world had to be told to hurry up and repent before God starts taking revenge. This is a prophecy that the whole world would be able to hear this message but it hasn’t happened.
Vlasic speaks of the word MIR, peace being written in the sky and about the different visions people saw on August 2, 1981 in which the sun came out of the sky and angels and crosses appeared inside it. A real miracle would have them seeing the same thing. It is interesting that this imitates the miracle of the sun of the bogus apparition of Fatima. Vlasic saw the cross on the mountain disappear and a white shape like Mary appear in its place (11). Vlasic was anything but a reliable witness. The Lady says that mixed marriages are bad for there can be difficulties and Christian education for the children will be neglected (13). Why does she say this for the difficulties can be avoided with maturity? She can’t give anybody good advice. The messages she gives instead are often vague, always boring and it is undeniable any eleven year old could make them up. The banality of the messages is why many Catholics cannot believe that this is the mother of God.
And they are right.

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THE WANDERER by Paul Likoudis, 1998
Unity Publishing has pictures allegedly proving that the messages from Mary are being made up by the priests and that the visions are hoaxes. Ivan was snapped acting as if he was guarding the door while the priest and a visionary were inventing the message. This is however is a pro-Catholic site.


VISIONS ON DEMAND, Network 5 International, 1997
DIVINE OR DECEIVED? COVER-UP, Network 5 International, 1998
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