Be careful to have the right reasons for getting your name removed from the parish record and church membership rolls.

The right reasons for leaving


Using a person who does not exist is still using. Its immoral for the kind of person it makes you.

Nobody should be in a manmade religion for only a god can have the right to set up a religion. How bad it is depends on the religion. The worse it is the more you should leave. The more demanding it is in principle, practice or both then the fast you should unlock the door. But it is worse to be in Catholicism should it be manmade than to be in say Buddhism.

It is religious culture and fear of what family and the community will say that keeps people in a religion and thus leading to its spread. Thus when you know you should and can go without being beaten to death then you should for it is not just about you. The culture will entangle other innocents as well as you.

Cardinal George Pell said on “Q. & A.” on ABC T.V. on 19.4.2012 that “God loves everyone except those who turn their back on him through evil acts”. This is accurate Catholic doctrine. It is man proclaiming hate not God if there is no God and man is speaking for a manmade religion. A manmade religion speaks for man not God.


Merely having your name on the membership rolls of the Church is supporting the Church. As long as you are listed as a member you are supporting the Church network of teaching and information.

Suppose you have an area which is full of lapsed Catholics. The Church will reach them and be able to make use of them in its campaigns and that is because it has a channel of information through their continuing to be part of the network. If the network breaks off and becomes Anglican the bigoted teachings of a pope will not be fed to them. The feeding tubes are dislodged.

As long as your name is on the membership list whether this is a literal list or a more informal one, you consent to the authority of the Church and are doing wrong if you disparage or ignore that authority. It is supporting the Church whether you like it or not because to keep things simple the Church has to count you a member until you defect officially or get into another religion. What can you expect?

Avoid being part of the head count the Church does - the Church counts baptisms. Two people baptised in the Church counts as two Catholics. It then uses the numbers to make governments believe that it is more powerful than it actually is and the result is that the governments think it has great influence and should be taken seriously and maybe even allowed to influence or guide the law. 1.2 billion alleged members! This counts the baptised - would be better to estimate the number of those who may really believe. It is not right to honour a list of Catholics instead of looking to count those who are Catholic in their lives and attitudes and beliefs. It is making the list more important than the people. The Church uses the membership figures to get political clout and influence. The state would regard the Church as having less significance if the membership figures were not so high. Even though most members will be lukewarm and lapsed their name in the books gives the impression the Church wants it to give!

To be a member of a religion is by default to try to be the evidence and testimony for the religion. By refusing to at least discretely sever membership you are implying that the Church's evil is being supported by you though you may hate the evil. Tacit approval is showing you are willing to be silent and let something bad happen. Being a member of the Church to any level is more than tacit approval. It is active approval. You are saying yes to the rubbish even if you say you do not.
You should not be in an immoral religion in any sense when there are better systems of belief or knowledge out there.

If everybody were sufficiently Catholic, there would be no pubs, no brothels, no sex on television, no condoms, no abortion, no critiques of Catholicism by freethinkers, no facelifts, no interesting soaps, no violent movies, no practicing homosexuals, no divorce, no Madonna and no Lady Gaga. That is naming a few things we take for granted! Involvement in Catholicism is an insult to our civil liberties.

Leave Catholicism for you must avoid giving bad example. Its a bad example if you stay. It is tacit support at the least.


If I go to mass and it is against my principle but I do it for my mother what then? I am putting a person's feelings before a principle. That is not right. But what if going to mass is against my principles but pleasing my mother is another principle? What if I have to sacrifice a principle? But my principle to be true to myself comes first. It is my life. I am insulting my mother's love by treating her as if she will never respect my duty to myself!
Many feel that religion, or a religious principle or moral stance, is an ideal or should be. If religion is an ideal then it is welcoming those who are imperfect and who fall short. That does not water down the ideal but is strengthening and emphasising it. So if your religion is wrong or if you feel strongly enough that it is wrong you are a hypocrite if you stay. You demean yourself and those who truly belong in the religion. Take a stand for religious conscience and go.


If you have serious doctrinal or moral differences with your religion join one that suits you better. You will be supported properly or should be. Staying in a religion and telling yourself that it will reform if there are enough people like you in it is just an excuse. It is logical to support the community that is reformed to your mind instead of staying out of it to reform another. If you who are not a religious expert know or are convinced that your priests and theologians are wrong then you are as good as saying your religion is corrupt and the leaders and teachers know fine well its rubbish. So what are you staying for?

Caring about what other people think about me is bad for me. That is why separating from religion and engaging in my DIY Faith - faith is not necessarily religion - is so important. When I join a religion I am saying I will care what the leaders and the god and the members will think of me and that I will live as they expect me to. I am telling them to care what I do and telling them what to think about me.


Christianity says that Jesus claimed that many will be called into the faith but that few will be chosen. If you are a Catholic cherry-picker then you will come across not a proper Catholic but as called to be a proper Catholic. No honest or knowledgeable Catholic will take you seriously if you protest against what you see as evil doctrines of the Church.

The word Catholic reflects the doctrine that Christ is the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the Church is how he manifests himself and offers himself to all people on earth as their saviour. Jesus said he accepts no half-commitment - you are for Jesus or against. The same goes for the Church. To respect that doctrine means you have to contemplate leaving the Church should it prove to be a false Church. If you don't follow the true religion you follow man not God.

Nobody who is for or against religion approves when you join a religion to hopefully help change its doctrines while thinking it is half nonsense. So why should you be accepted if you become a member and then start misrepresenting the doctrines and pretending you know better even than the founder of the religion what it should teach??

If good trees bear bad fruit at times imagine what a tree that is in error or lying will produce.

It is obvious that a religion should at least strive to preach the truth. If it does not, then it is corrupt and corruption leads to corruption. And if you give religious leaders authority and they are not entitled to it they may as well be corrupt. People in error often protect themselves from realising it. They may sense they are in error and protect themselves from clearly seeing it. Error leads to corruption and protects corruption by making it harder to weed out.

Corrupt people have to act as if they really believe their nonsense. They may even wrongly think they really believe. That is a tactic for discouraging those who try to get sense into them and is intended to make them give up trying through sheer frustration.

Atheists can agree with God if he exists that idolatry is a bad thing. Man-made religion is idolatry in itself. It does not need to worship statues. It is letting men benefit from speaking for God when they are really just speaking for themselves. A religion that allows cherry-picking is a man-made one and cherry-pickers are advocating man-made religion.


Some say that encouraging people to leave religion because it tells lies or does not take its morals seriously is implying that if they stay they are guilty by association. They are unless the evidence for the religion is very convincing and they understand the evidence. But some things are so mad and bad that no evidence for them counts! Evidence cannot make rubbish acceptable.
If serious wrong or untruth is part of a religion, to attend that religion's worship is to become guilty by association. And even more so to be a member of that religion. The Catholics who object when the pope goes and begs the Africans to believe that a rapist who has AIDS and who wears a condom is worse than one who does not are deeper in the sharing of the evil responsibility than the ignorant who don't even realise how evil and dangerous the pope is being. The objectors only make hypocrites of themselves and their lack of credibility only wrecks the cause of human rights. They are not really helping unless they divorce the Church. They have the freedom to do it these days so they are without excuse. The gay person who joins the Church is working against the cause of gay rights and detrimental to the credibility of these rights even if he or she is a militant gay rights activist. His membership says that though the Church causes gay people to commit suicide by condemning their love its not a huge deal.


Leave when you experience that the Church's remedies for sin and evil fail or at least cannot be shown to really work. Catholics are no better or worse than other religions. If the religion really were that special and set up by God to heal sinners by his supernatural grace and be the only reliable hospital for sinners you would expect to see exceptional and inexplicable degrees of holiness among Catholics. If every faith has 5 out of a hundred ministers who are child-molesters you would expect Catholicism to have a lower rate not the same rate. But sadly its rate is even worse. Catholicism is merely as human as every religion.


Catholicism makes martyrs and heroes of those who die for it. A religion that calls on people to die for its doctrines is a murderer actually and potentially if it is a manmade religion. A religion that regards evil revelations from God as sacred and true - or worse which justifies them or ignores them - is sharing in the evil. Nobody should enter such a religion. That would be bad but to put a child in it would be heinous. While it is wrong to call all members of any religion, even a murderous one, murderers for not all toe the line or have enough faith to obey, it is right to tell them to leave the religion for they are too good to tarnish themselves by being members. No religion or culture is worth a single life.

That is a reason for leaving. It is the only way to respect the martyrs.


If you are not a Catholic in your heart it is not right to act as if you are for that deceives others and insults those who want you to be a real Catholic and not a pretender.
Until you officially leave the Roman Catholic Church you have no right to use contraception, contradict the Church in its solemn teaching or look for a divorce. You committed yourself to obey the Church and marry it when you accepted Holy Communion and confirmation. Confirmation involves vowing yourself to the service of the Church.

There is such a thing as being a mere number in an organisation but that only happens if you don't know enough about it to make an informed decision to be in it and if you were enrolled without your consent. There is more to being a number if you want to be a member of the organisation. But being numbered with a religion automatically and objectively implies support for it. That overrides any subjective lack of support or opposition you are responsible for. If you oppose something and are a member then you are still objectively a supporter. It is hypocritical of you to cherry-pick its doctrines. That is not an option. Go.


Leave Christianity if and when you realise that Jesus is not a suitable role-model. Want examples? Consider his approval for the barbaric Old Testament, his having done nothing for animal rights, his teaching that unrepentant sinners will be punished forever by God, his obsession with doctrine as if it really matters above all, his lying about knowing the future. His prediction of his resurrection was written down after the alleged event and his prophecies of the future are worse than what a fortune teller would invent. He as good as admitted to being a con.

His pretending that the Old Testament predicted him clearly when interpretation is just anybody's guess. His claim that he would prove his mission was from God by rising bodily from the dead! [A promise that failed because his tomb was open when there was nobody about so somebody could have stolen the body from it and even the New Testament settles for saying only that it was not found in the tomb].

Some gay Catholics go to communion while living in "sin". It is bizarre how people could be so attracted to a Jesus who condemns their morals. Jesus' Bible was the Old Testament which never mentioned loving enemies but claims that God wants certain sinners murdered. If Mein Kampf was the Bible, you would not regard any member of the religion based on this book as a son of God. And so why do you regard Jesus as the son for being no better?

Reasons for staying?


What if you have an emotional attachment? What then? Deal with that perhaps by telling yourself the truth - it is the religion that has left you. It made it impossible for you to compromise. Or why can't you both leave each other? If a religion proves dangerous or false and you are bigger and better than it then it is the one that let you down and it is leaving you. It leaves you for it abandons you and leaves you to do the right thing.
Desires (or wants) and needs are not the same thing. You can need something without desiring it. And you can desire something without needing it. Rights are based on needs not desires. You need shelter and food and love so you have a right to these things. Simplicity is a right. Anything extra is an accessory. If anybody wants you to believe in a complicated faith or if things are not kept as simple as possible then your rights are being contravened. Leave complicated religions. In fact, it would be better to realise that even the simplest religion is a complication!


You have a great opinion of yourself and your wisdom! Chances are you are not doing much to aid this progress.

Those who know the religion is not the supernaturally revealed or credible faith community that it thinks it is, and who truly respect the religion, will leave it instead of staying inside and pretending to be a help rather than a hindrance.
They are a hindrance to what they think is the real truth. You leave a man-made religion for a wiser one. PERIOD.

Those who wish to believe and to those who struggle and need great support to follow the religion. They are doing a disservice to those who wish to leave the religion and who don't want to be identified as members of that particular faith community. And they are doing a disservice to those who want to show their legitimate objection to the religion by leaving. It is harder to leave a religion if people expect you to be a hypocrite and stay.
Those who truly respect a religion will not try to make it agree with them simply because religion is not science. Religion is not open to being proven wrong while science is. They will not use the excuse, "But if I stay inside, my voice will be heard and changes might happen." You don't need to be inside to have a voice. What you are talking about is dishonest subversion - you hope that if enough people like you "follow" the religion that the Bible and the popes and the clergy will be forced to change. Every religion has people who make excuse "If I go I am not helping the problem with this religion which is that some of its doctrine is harmful and untrue". Honest people will look for another religion or become their own religion. If you care about truth you will support what is the "truest" religion.

Cherry-pickers like to claim that the religion will improve if they "stay" in the religion and if more members become like them. But that assumes the religion is just a social club. Cherry-pickers speak for themselves and not the religion and every religion has cherry-pickers. So how can they make out that they really are working in the proper manner for change or legitimate change (every religion has its limits on what it considers a legitmate change)? They are not. They hurt the cause of change with their hypocrisy. They antagonise the loyal believers and make them more trenchant by using the religion for their own ends. A person who has the honesty to leave the Church politely and with respect and who dialogues with it if he wants change, is the one to be praised not the cherry-picker.

Staying makes you look like a calculating individual who is undermining the faith from within. Staying in or "in" a religion to defeat it or to ruin its faith is a sneaky tactic. Even if you do not evangelise for cherry-picking you promote it by being yourself. Your beliefs give your life an ethos. That has an impact on others. Roman Catholicism is riddled with "faithful" and "loyal" Catholics who really want to see an implosion of traditional religion. It is true however that a person who wants to harm the Church can do it best by pretending to be a good Catholic. People are influenced more by those who they consider part of their group than they are by those who they consider to be outsiders.


Some incredibly say they see faith as a private matter so leaving is pointless for its nobody else's business. The sanity of anybody who really thinks that needs to be assessed.

Necessary evil is unavoidable. But belief in God gives you more things to consider to be necessary evils than you would have if you were pagan or atheist. For example, obeying anybody is a necessary evil and if you have to obey God that is a necessary evil. If there is no God then it is not a necessary evil and just an evil. Atheists and pagans believe that if there are gods they have the right to differ from them so there is no strict need for obedience. If you are in a religion that you have to do necessary evil for, that evil is actually unnecessary if you don't need to be in that religion or if that religion is just human and not really directed and created by God.