The trans person may suffer from failures to affirm themselves.  They suffer from others not affirming them.  Their legal gender can be changed but that brings some problems.  It comes across as forcing people to treat them as their legal gender.  It can be damaging and unsatisfying.  They may feel that God is important and God does not affirm them.  It is difficult for a secularist or liberal to understand the deep impact that can have.  Even if a trans person thinks God affirms them, the fact remains that they cannot know it the way they can know their friend beside them affirms them.  It barely counts as an opinion.  Its forced and desperate and unsatisfactory.

While the trans person is a grave concern, the trans child is a graver concern.

A child should not be enrolled or baptised into a religion that doubts or forbids or even damns transgender rights and the right to have gender confirming healthcare.  Another issue is the wrong name and wrong gender or sex will be put on the baptismal certificate.  A trans child will be forced to go to Church ceremonies such as confirmation or first communion in the wrong sex and this can leave its mark.  A transman will be discriminated against for the priesthood in the Catholic Church.  His marriage to his bride will not be facilitated or recognised.  A transboy is not granted the same rights as the boy who the Church considers to be simply a boy.

Christian worship erases trans for it is all about man and woman and the wily Jesus said that the divine plan was set at the start that it is only one man and one woman in marriage for life.  The Catholic marriage ceremony goes into heteronormative overdrive and amounts to abuse.  The prayers are so heterosexual and cis that they amount to anti-trans conversion therapy in a sense.

The idea of trans children alarms many Christians who think of how Jesus said that if you scandalise a child, ie show a child a sinful example, you would be better off with a heavy stone placed around your neck and jump into the sea to drown.  LGBT if seen as a sin are accused of deserving this hate for trying to show children that it is okay to have LGBT feelings whether they are LGBT or not.  Another concern is how religionists accuse LGBT of being narcissistic enough to want to sort of rebirth themselves and their LGBT identity in children.

Trans children need to be afforded funding and the right to hold parents accountable for putting them in unsafe religion and by extension unsafe faith schools.

Attacks on a person with dysphoria need to be treated the same as serious abuse.