For all of our existence, we humans needed to be part of groups and hunt and recognise danger. We are still hunters today though we delegate that role to farmers and those who kill animals for our food. We would do it ourselves if they took retirement. We are hunters in principle still.  Our brains need certainty. We get scared and feel threatened by the unpredictable or the uncontrollable. Your brain will inspire you to fight. Maybe you will go numb. Or maybe you will run away from the perceived danger.

The thing that is bigger than you and which you cannot control or even bargain with looms.  Your working memory will start to get more unreliable. You will not think straight. You will not retain the insights you need. You will distort information. You will not be able to deal as well with the threat. However if you tell yourself that you can get a good result when there is a problem and that it may be hard work you feel less threatened. Positive thinking as in how easy it will be is dangerous and will ruin you when you get a setback. The fear and shame will cripple you.  The disappointment may even leave you ill. You need to be more realistic than that. Real optimism is about real action and real bravery. Half the battle may be with showing more candour.  So speak out firmly but non-aggressively.  Remember that if you don’t speak your mind after informing yourself carefully you are missing out on the empathy you can receive with a problem and increasing danger and risk by encouraging non-transparency. Learn to be candid and open communication helps identify threats and how best to deal with them. Others will be involved.  Even if they avoid getting involved they can't do that for long for you are part of society and so are they.  You need to keep the talking lines open so you can get help and people can help each other.

Anything like the law of attraction - thoughts turn into real things, "have faith and God will hear", none of that is good for you. Grow up.