The Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was founded in 1830 by a man called Joseph Smith who claimed to be a prophet of God. Was he really a prophet of God? We will soon see that he wasn’t.  He was behind scriptures such as the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.

How to Answer a Mormon by Robert A Morey is an excellent refutation of the Mormon claim that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. It copies the prophecies so you can read them for yourself and make your own choice.

Smith once said that there were men on the moon dressed like Quakers. The Mormon apologists say that only one Mormon journal said this and they do not believe it because there is nothing to support it. But the Mormons take one man’s word, Smiths, for several things they believe so they should in this one.

They take just one testimony as true in relation to some of the prophecies that Smith made that came true. Of course Smith had to be right sometime and many times you can see what is 50% or more likely to happen and chances are your predictions will be right most of the time. But the moon men prophecy was recorded by top Mormon Oliver Broadman Huntington who said that he knew Smith said it and that Smith even described the clothes they wore (page 78, How to Answer a Mormon). The Mormons are casting aside an eyewitness testimony just because they don’t like it.

They will say the prophecy was written down too long after the time it was spoken to be reliable. But in this case there can’t be smoke without fire. Memories are accurate with such startling interesting revelations so time is irrelevant. Huntington did not give a huge pile of detail but the amount that would be expected after such a long time. Had he written too much it would mean he was imagining memories or was using a diary from the times.

The prophecy was printed in a Mormon journal and you can be sure they would have made sure it was authentic before they published it.

The doctrine that there were men on the moon had major implications for Mormon theology. The Mormons could not see how their Gods could make planets that were destined to be empty when the Gods’ glory depended on having as many children as possible. Mormon doctrine says there are loads of worlds not just this one and people live on them.