Has the Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady, Queen of Peace been appearing in Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia since 1981? Six young people have reported these visions and have been subjected to tests. The authenticity or otherwise of the apparitions is a matter of great debate in the Catholic Church.
The visionary Ivan has been banned from many Catholic properties for producing visions on demand. And there is the disrespect of somebody claiming visions on sacred ground that are not certain to be from a truly Catholic and divine source.
The bland expression on his face when he is having visions is interesting and tells it all. He is deliberately looking at empty space.
Unity Publishing wrote,

On May 10, 1981, Ivan wrote and SIGNED the words of the "Virgin": "There will be a big shrine at Medjugorje in honor of my apparitions and this shrine will be in my image. The sign will be fulfilled in the sixth month."

[The promised miracle.]

Three years later, Ivan insists, “That was not the sign, nor is it the date."

The signed statement is still in existence. Nine years later, there is still no sign. Three years later, Ivan said that the Virgin reprimanded him for writing the lie. [Three years later?]

Marian Times responded, If the Virgin reprimanded him for telling the lie, it clearly demonstrates that not even the Virgin Mary is compelled to stop somebody lying if they want to. And, we can apparently see signs that Mary herself is having troubles with the one or two of the visionaries. Mary and the visions themselves are untouchable with this report though. If it is true, it is clearly a personal matter. It is hardly enough to condemn an entire apparition and so the Church most certainly hasn't. I don't see Rick following up every lie told within the walls of the Vatican in an attempt to invalidate the Catholic Church. Perhaps Ivan simply had enough of the questions and said something just to get an annoying reporter off his back. This is personal weakness, nothing more.

This is just trying to minimise something very serious. However it is good that the major pro-Medjugorje resource admits that the prophecy was made and was false.
Ivan would have to say he lied when the prophecy was proved false. It was the only way to cover up for the vision if she had made a false prophecy. Why should we believe a liar that the Virgin didn’t say this after all?
The rule of scripture is that if anybody lies while getting revelations from God all the revelations must be rejected (Deuteronomy 18). This is because revelation claims to reveal God who comes first and who is to be loved with all our heart and soul and mind. God is the ultimate concern. So if someone claims God is speaking through him and teaches false doctrine in these revelations or makes a prediction about the future that fails to come true then that person is to be put to death. this penalty shows that God cannot be involved in Medjugorje for he regards false prophecy such as Ivan’s with extreme seriousness.
I have explored this in-depth to show how much self-deception and outright lying exists among the promoters of Medjugorje.
Ivan was a false prophet and by implication so were the rest of the visionaries.