Traditional marriage is definitely disgraceful as feminists and open-minded people know. 


The traditional view of marriage here means Christian marriage which is biblically defined as being a union between a man and woman for life that is about God for God does the joining together as in divine legislation and as in setting up body to fit body. It is very narrow for the reality is that a decent God will not claim to own you but make you to own yourself. The whole concept of traditional marriage is anti-woman and anti-humanist and therefore bigoted. Christian marriage is offensive enough as a concept but made worse by the Catholic idea that God has made marriage a sacrament - a means of channellling power from God to stay together. It makes a faulty concept sacred.


This page verifies that marriage which is according to most people these days a regrettable thing to do and is old-fashioned is right.  Marriage is an attack above all on women. Marriage is about control despite the romantic wrappings. Marriage should be a private arrangement if it should exist at all. It should not concern the state and certainly it should not concern the Church. That the state and the Church and society stick their noses in where wedlock is concerned shows that they wish to apply some pressure to keep the union together.
Marriage is defined by the Christian faith and the state as the lifelong union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of any other sexual partners.
Marriage is not a union of love for it is considered valid even if the couple don’t particularly like one another.
Marriage then has no regard for the happiness of the couple. It is not created for making people happy.
People will protest that they do want couples to be happy. But how could they really care when they consider marriage binding and lawful even if it brings most people misery?
Marriage then is just a law. It’s trying to force a man and woman to have sex with nobody else as long as they are both alive. It doesn’t even let a wife get impregnated by another man’s sperm even if her sterile husband wants her to do it so that they might have a child.
If a woman has lots of nice brothers who would do anything for her then she has the right to have a baby without having the father involved in the upbringing of the child for the brothers will help her. Marriage implies that what she is doing is inferior to what a man and woman having children in marriage. It implies that she is in some way evil or sinful. It is clear that despite the link between marriage and love, marriage puts rules before circumstances and therefore before people. It’s vile. And especially when marriage contains no vow to look after the children that may result from the union. It is entirely about the right of the husband and wife to have sex together! Sex must be more important to regulate than family! Marriage vows are valid if the husband and wife intend to have children but put them up for adoption!
The law of the land and the Church decree that the wedding vows do not marry any couple until they have sexual intercourse. The once suffices and is called consuming the marriage.
Why are witnesses to the ceremony so necessary to have a real marriage when nobody witnesses the marriage being activated? There is only a potential marriage until the the consummation.
A woman who gets married will feel she cannot change her mind and refuse to have sex with her husband. It puts pressure on her that could amount to her being degraded by forcing herself to have sex.
Consummation isn't mentioned in the vows so how could the vows be binding?
A loveless physical union on the wedding night matters more than a couple who can't have sex but whose hearts are so close that they are almost one.
What is consummation? Penetration. Ejaculation without condoms. Mutual orgasm? Any of these. All these? Ejaculation without a condom can be dangerous for the woman, AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis C and so on. It is possible that no consummation takes place until the sperm of the man unites with the egg of his wife when their bodies become one in the sense of producing a new life. The definition of consummation is arbitrary. It is very biological.
The marriage is valid if the man runs off in the morning leaving an abandoned wife just because he had sex with her.
People who can't have sex are denied the happiness of marriage.
Consummation implies that the wife will not own all that the man owns until she has sex with him. This is prostitution.
People get wed because they are led to believe that marriage is the bedrock of society and will keep them together as a unit. This is a mistake for there is nothing to stop you leaving the person and marriage is still encouraged in societies where it means very little for it so easy to dissolve the marriage. It follows then that marriage is not for creating a stable home for children at all. It is persistence not marriage that is the bedrock and you don’t need marriage for that. Marriage is still binding when the husband and wife don’t and can’t like each other much and even when it affects the children so when family rights activists tell you to create a traditional family for it is best don’t buy it.
The Church rejects the view that the state recognises and supports marriage because it is basically for the husband and wife to feel good about themselves. If this view is right then gay couples should not be denied the rights that come with marriage. The Church replies that marriage is not for making the husband and wife feel good but mainly for making sure they stay together for having children and rearing them. This is why the Church rules out marriage rights for gays. It says that marriage is a heterosexual institution. The view that the husband and wife have to be deeply in love for life and stay together for the children is incorrect. All they have to do is get along and be co-operative. Lots of marriages are dead and the husband and wife have their sexual fun with other partners in discretion and put up a good front for the children. Marriage is not for the sake of the children at all. Barren couples get married and older couples past the age for having children can get married therefore marriage does not need to be heterosexual. The law needs to force parents to look after their children which need not entail marriage. At the time of writing, most of the states in the USA have decreed that marriage is a heterosexual union – an inexcusable attempt to force the Christian heterosexist agenda on the people that must be stopped. The state does not ban adultery or cohabitation which proves that the state knows fine well that marriage is unnecessary.




Marriage – by its fruits you know it – has led to the vast majority of all women giving their husband the right to rape them in marriage. Many rapes have happened – maybe even more than rapes on the street. Men have taken that right and used it. Is there a difference between legalisation and decriminalisation? There is not in this case. Marriage is a disgrace and it’s the principle of respect against women that is at stake thanks to marriage.  Marriage has never led to women being protected from rape within marriage.  It is only recently that some countries protect wives.  They create laws to impose protection on wives for marriage cannot and does not keep them safe.   As regards the principle and the harm marriage has done, it is an insult to the victims of marriage to protect marriage or for a woman to marry.  Marriage has no justified existence as shown by its lack of principle and bad fruits.

Marriage makes a laughing stock of morality and demeans the standing and value of women.

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