Many Worlds Interpretation Refutes God

There are areas in the universe where time goes backwards.

If time goes backwards and you go back in time and murder your own father before he meets your mother what then?

A contradiction arises. You cannot exist if you prevented your existence. But what if it happens?

The only way to make sense of it is that if you go back in time, you go back not in this universe but in another one where your father was not going to meet your mother anyway.

There are experiments that show that matter flits back and forth from nothing. This makes no sense.

The answer is that the matter continues to exist and is not going into nothing at all. It is leaving our universe and going to another one and coming back again.

This leads to the view that there may be an infinity of Universes. The Many Worlds Interpretation claims that every possibility comes true. Each time a change happens in the universe a universe is created that does something different.

The Many Worlds Interpretation is feared because it implies that if you feel like killing yourself you may as well because if you don't do it one of your other selves will. Killing yourself in this Universe means you are saving yourself in another. It refutes the existence of a God who has made us to be moral beings.

Christians like to say that the design in the Universe proves that there was a designer who they believe was God. They say that if the Many Worlds Interpretation is true then there is more need for a designer than ever. But if there is, the designer is only interested in being smart. He is not a loving God. No loving God creates a new universe every time there is the slightest change in this one or any other one. His purpose is to be smart not to do good.

The Many Worlds Interpretation denies the miraculous. It says a particle going out of existence and coming back is an impossibility. When particles seem to do that in experiments the reason is that they are going to another dimension and coming back.

An objector to the standard Many Worlds Interpretation points to Schrödinger's Cat. Is the cat dead or alive before you open the box? The Interpretation says the cat is both dead and alive and it only becomes one or the other when you open the box. The standard version says that there are universes with every possible variation if the cat is alive and there are universes with every possible variation if the cat is dead. The objector thinks the standard version goes too far. What you have is not countless copies of the dead cat and the live cat. If the cat is dead, then every elementary particle variation in its body that is possible takes place in a parallel dimension but only for the elementary particle. So it is parallel mini-universes not whole universes. The logic is that if every possibility happens for the cat as a cat then what if there is a universe where the cat is turned into the president of the United States? The cat will not be a cat in every universe. Nothing has meaning if a cat can be a president or turn into green cheese. 

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