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"Love the sinner and hate the sin" in the light of secularism

Secularism is the view that we must ignore religion when we are involved in state and political affairs.  It demands neutrality as a methodology.  Secularisation means a country as no interest being governed by religion as a people not just as a country.

One thing that is vital to secularism is working for as much equality as possible.  Without religion, we would be on a more level playing field.  Religion is about treating people differently: eg Muslims can't have communion in a Catholic chapel.  Mormons won't do weddings in the name of Wiccan gods. Secularism then if not anti-religion still results in people weaning themselves off religion.  If loving the bad person and hating their badness is possible then it is secularism makes it possible.  It is impossible to give it a religious spin and call it, "Love sinner hate sin", and mean it when love is about furthering equality and religion is certainly not pro-equality.  Without religion we would be all equal.

Christianity warns that sin must never be taken lightly.  It says "Love the sinner and hate the sin".  "Love the sinner and hate the sin" is a religious doctrine. It is no good to secular or secularised people. Secularists can maybe say that we can love the wrongdoer but oppose and despise the wrong they have done.

A command is a necessary evil and is saying you must do something or suffer disapproval and hopefully punishment. Both religionists and secularists are commanding.  Many say you donít need to be told what the commandments tell us.  If so why are they commandments? Commandments are trying to pressure you to behave a certain way when real goodness is spontaneous and done without being pressured.  Commandments are necessary evils at best but they do put you off morality and goodness.

 If love the sinner and hate the sin is the right doctrine then anything else is bad. Secularists then are only causing hate to be disguised as love.

That aside remember that both camps are COMMANDING you to feel horrible about the evil. You are bullied. Sin is wrongdoing but is more than that. It is a crime against God and trying to create something that is the destructive opposite of God. It is God-murder. So love the sinner and hate the sin is going to produce more hate and more commanding than love the wrongdoer and hate what they have done. With love the wrongdoer hate the wrong you have a command yes but at least you are not commanded to worry about crime against God. That is another command. To say it is necessary to love the sinner and hate the sin is to oppose the secular version and thus the secularist and to call them a danger to true morality.

We see that love the sinner and hate the sin is really a dose of passive aggression. It is a reflection on how a child lets all the evil out but an adult is smarter at concealing it and making it look good. A self-centred fake is lying if she or he claims to love sinners while loathing their sins.

Though there are overlaps between the person who says we must love sinners and hate their sins and the person who says we must love wrongdoers and hate the wrong the two are as far apart as night and day.

If love the sinner and hate the sin is a good doctrine then it is robbed of its power by the weakness of religious authority and its claims. As Jesus said a good house is built on a strong foundation.

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