Dennis Mc Kinsey, Biblical Errancy
Argues against the Fundamentalist claim that when the book of Leviticus says that the life is in the blood it was stating an unknown scientific fact and showing that the book was written by God. McKinsey says that since the context of this verse is about sacrifice to God it means spiritual life or holiness is in the blood and is not on about physical life.

Note: This page gives some excellent criticisms of the fantasies and lies of Henry Morris and the Institute of Creation Research. It is obvious that the fact that the Institute of Creation Research could not possibly be called scientific though it claims that label as its bedrock next the Bible for you cannot prove something as odd as creation. Creation is something coming out of nothing and who is to say that something just as bizarre as this and something that we cannot even think of is not the reason why things exist? Creation is an assumption and the idea of a God making a creation that is not part of him is incoherent. If there was only God and God is his power and God is infinite (infinite means God has all power and no power exists that isn’t his) and it takes infinite power to put something where nothing was then it follows that far from creating God just metamorphosed himself into the cosmos so that Morris and me and everybody else is God.