The infamous inquisition was a regime used by the Roman Catholic Church for many centuries to stop anybody expressing opinions contrary to the doctrine of the Church.
Millions were put to death through it and extreme torture was deployed. Today, the Church claims to believe that it was an abuse of religion. But as long as the Church holds that it is better for one human life to be lost than for the Church not to exist we refuse to buy that. Human nature is peculiar and we are all strange to a great extent which shows why weird organisations like the Church are just asking for to be "abused". Only if you can prove your teachings can you dare to say that abuses are not your responsibility. Even being wrong or implausible is enough to prove that the abuses are your responsibility. Additionally, the Church teaches doctrines that suggest that hurting people for religious reasons is perfectly acceptable. Accepting that Jesus was right to sanction the Old Testament as God's book in which he revealed that he wanted homosexuals and others stoned to death is not harmless. A decent person rejects such scriptures outright and does not excuse them. Excusing them only opens the door for people to interpret them in a violent way. It is more natural for a man-made religion that claims to be the voice of God to get people to kill than for a human organisation that makes no religious claim to do it. This is because man can argue with man but man cannot argue with God or what is put forward as the word of God.

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