Jesus and the Jewish Law

Those who are more interested in what they want to feel is right or wrong rather than have rules lie about how Jesus freed us from God's Jewish Law.  But the fact is that Christian tradition as shown among the apostles is clear that the law is good and holy.  That would tell us what Jesus would think.

It is wrong to think Jesus ever meant to contradict the law. He could have done accidently for the law contradicts itself so why would he be guaranteed to be consistent? But there is no proof that he never did.  When he said Moses was wrong to allow divorce he did not say the Law was wrong.  He said that Moses was forced to lay down rules to regulate it which does not imply approval.

There is nothing in the New Testament that says the law is ever wrong. Even when Jesus made all foods clean it could be meant to mean that he magically took away whatever it was that made them dirty or unclean. It would not amount to saying, "Food is clean no matter what the law says." Jesus told the adulteress that she deserved stoning - he just got those who were to stone her to see that they should leave her alone for they were no better themselves. The story only says she was saved then. The would be stoners were not going to kill her according to the law but were going to stone her without authority. But what about after that? If she had been in danger of being stoned and the law was applied correctly Jesus would have told them to stone her.

He was not a good role model - it is Christian lies that try to make out he was.  There is an egotism in saying that your god is the best or the perfect one and that you are in a position to assess for you are so smart and good.