Gary Wills in Why Priests? talks a bit about Jesus as role model. He points out that he is not really what most people want or more importantly need.

He was not a parent.

We know little about him as a son.  I would say that what we do know is a lad who never once says anything nice to his parents.  He comes across as insubordinate.

We know nothing about his marriage – we believe he was not married.

He did a lot of anti-cultural things – raging in the Temple, telling a man not to bury his father, using strong scary language, left a farmer robbed of his pigs.

Marriage is a core thing in Christianity.  The family is the basic unit of the Church which is why the Church involves itself in it and blesses it and regulates it.  But Jesus did nothing to set this up. 
“Before the eleventh century there was no such thing as a Christian wedding ceremony in the Latin church, and throughout the Middle Ages there was no single church ritual for solemnizing marriage between Christians” (Joseph Martos, Doors to the Sacred: A Historical Introduction to Sacraments in the Catholic Church (Liguori Publications, 2001)

All you can say that those who say they would do only what Jesus would do are fooling themselves.