If nearly all religions are wrong, why not say all are wrong?

John 8, Jesus won't affirm a wife is not her husband's property

Affirming trans is not an option but a requirement

Jesus picks on the Jews endlessly - why not on other groups?

Religion is art gone zany

Say "I was assigned x religion in childhood" not "I am x"

Believers are too spiritually vain to abandon evil scriptures

Don't accuse a baby of needing baptism to have God inside

Gender or sex is imposed on baby by Church in baptism

Telling the bereaved the dead are okay is dismissing their pain

St Bernadette's miracle corpse is heavily treated with wax

German bishops finally admit Church complicit in the Holocaust

How Jesus used faith as a weapon to victim blame

Why is Brigham Young University called after a racist?

Only you, not God, not religion, not the state, rule your body

Some non-religions can still act like intolerant religions

Can faith/prayer supply the voltage to make an evil God real?

Faith in God is too easily weaponised by carebullies

Catholic - means you have Catholic obligations, that is all

Person who does not believe in God can be the most charitable

Christians hide the bad bits of the religion from the unwary

Why do some faiths do specific harms that others don't do?

Human nature is more a mix of other species rather than a species

Choices should be self-affirming actions, YOUR actions

People who experience their body is not them, not their gender

First Nations People persecuted by Catholic Church

God commanding that there be no other gods is colonialism

Conscientious objection should ONLY apply in war

Conscientious objection should not apply with abortion

Catholicism is extremist when it comes to contraception

All revelations from "God" contradict each other

Counselling by clerics - get them to sign a disclaimer first

God makes all from nothing - that is not making, its magic

Jesus should not be imposed on schools, hes not for everyone

Atheists who threaten nobody get death threats from believers

Try to be more accurate in things for you only bring others trouble

Detrans are only having another transition

Chart to help you see the options for the mind-brain question

Religion is an environment and may not be good for you

When Jesus went out of his way to erase LGBT

Eucharist is based on unfounded accusations against Jews

Evidence not faith must tell you what and how to think

Evil is redefined as flawed good by affirming a Good God

Implicit atheism of trans who feel they are in the wrong existence

Father and mother are social constructs

Moral bullies tell you to forgive, you only need to deal with the hurt

Gametes and biological sex being a social construct

The Gnostic vision of Jesus is 100% non Biblical

Belief in God always puts that belief not God before people

The atheist is as sure of God as she or he is of Zeus

Baptism implies God loves unbaptised less

Why do so many good holy people make the best evildoers?

The Hail Mary prayer is gender critical as is the Church

SLANDER, Hell says you're potentially evil enough to hate forever

A higher purpose and a higher power are not the same thing

Christianity hijacked Judaism to create a new religion

Hitler devoutly leaves a Church

Hitler persecuted atheists

Hitler was clear that his movement was Christian

Pope risks violent attacks on abortion provision by calling workers hitmen

Christian faith by silence abetted the holocaust

Comparing Christians and Humanists

God worship is idolatry if not directed at a real God

Faith leads to being prone to undue influence

Inquiry Process is about helping to ask questions and find answers

Religion showed zero tolerance for non-Christian Cultures

Why swearing on the Bible is vain and useless

Jesus' planted a seed that led to Islamaphobia and hate

Issa is not the gospel Jesus, its patronising Muslims to say he is

Jesus is devoid of moral credibility - don't let his followers manipulate you

Jesus affirmed anti-homosexuality texts in scripture as valid

Jesus upheld a morally defunct religious law

Jesus indirectly but firmly rules out same sex marriage

Most misogyny is silent, Jesus' silence was the loudest ever

Jesus in John 8 never said he saved the adulteress

Jesus' hate speech led to things such as the KKK

An admission that the Knock apparition 1879 has been exaggerated

St Maximilian Kolbe promoted hate of Jews

Religious labels even if inapplicable still manage to divide

The Church does not officially ask for pain relief for late abortion

Leave the Church - if its lies in a sense it left you anyway

Elton John would ban religion

Should it be LGB not LGBT?

Violence is implicit in praying for people not to be LGBT!

Catholicism denies that living as LGBT is a vocation

Lourdes miracles show no real respect for medical science

When you cease to love God, you will love somebody else instead

I "love sinners and hate sins" is a smug arrogant boast

Manmade religion has to lead to lies, errors and lies lead to lies

The evil chapter where Jesus demands that children be murdered

Mary was only a child and had the right to abort

Mary is a child mother and that is what the Church praises!!

Jesus demands neglect of the vulnerable "sinner" in Matt 18

Vicka was caught faking at Medjugorje and lied afterwards

Religion instils faith by harming the mind

A Christian does not have the right to speak in front of Jesus

If nobody believes in miracles, the unbelief harms nobody

Moderate religion makes it harder to see whose dangerous

The Nazis saturated their own endeavour with prayer and God

Hateful quotes from Jesus against Jews appeared on Nazi signs

No Church, no misogyny or antisemitism!

Atheism is the absence of religion, its not a religion

Nuns and clerics take up arms when they are able

You are a liar once you give opinions/data with poor evidence

Those who call you offensive may be only trying to shut you up

Build hospitals not churches, fund education not prayer books

Ordaining women to serve a patriarch is not feminism

To accuse a child of being hostile to God is reprehensible

Calling people sinners is admitting you oppose their existence

Catholicism is a form of TERF, trans exclusive reactionary feminist

Biological design is an illusion, its an accidental pattern

If Christianity is a placebo then why should it reduce abortions?

Its polite bigotry to make pronouns only about manners

Praying people get sick and harm and die like the rest

Christianity is privilege, it thrived on colonialism

Prochoice - if any cells in you could just grow into babies you would abort

Why mysteries of religion and physics do not compare

Quran and friendship between people of different religions

Vulnerable endangered woman is put under threat by Jesus

Who are you to tell a sufferer its for a reason?

Is a religion that takes away responsibility really a religion?

Plot holes, the gospels offer a resurrection of the gaps

Saying god sees the good you do is rewarding yourself for it

No person has right to grow in a body without being put there

Salman Rushdie warns against religion

Christian faith makes the blood run in Rwanda

Liberals, especially religious ones, are so saccharine

Science and evidence matter more than faith and theology

Jesus approves murderous scripture

A religion has no right to say any religion is bad

Secular rights are more important than religious rights

Atheism is about owning yourself

When praying for the sick is more important than treating them

The Bible God protected violent slavery not just slavery

If you hate slavery, you will renounce the Bible

Religion is a social construct, labels even more so

Suggesting God MIGHT be blessing you when others starve is heinous

Liberals are fundamentalists too, fundamentalism is a spectrum

Prayer is an attempt to control somebody else's "free will"

Religion is about commanding morality, you cannot do that

Conversion therapy for LGBT is linked to being anti marriage equality

Jesus is to blame for not banning stoning women outright

Survey on belief in the resurrection of Jesus

You can beat religious fanatics but you have to blame their faith too

Jesus attacked workers in the temple not their employers

When terrorists look saintly and like they are ready for God

Jesus could have been removed from tomb easily

Why it is oppression to protect trans just because they are few

A trans atheist affirms they are their own god and will make themselves

Faith is a violent concept for many with gender dysphoria

Truth is what you have to conform to, its not about you

Its hard-hearted to say tragic unbaptised children are God-free for

Truth about Jesus and underage sex

The lie that the Bible only condemns man with boy not man with man

Its enough to reject faith for the arguments are insufficient

If God is not there then it is useless to say he is

Validation of LGBT relationships is a not an option but a duty

Remember victims of religious violence

The "visions" of Medjugorje are lies

You don't always need to forgive, just walk away

Steven Weinberg sees religion as a dangerous placebo

What if your children lived when people kept Bible stoning laws?

White privilege - its worsened by Christian faith

If medicine got the money given to religion - imagine!

Saying "God is with you" is blaming the victim

When trans are in the wrong sexed gendered existence

People pretend they know what Jesus would want

It is extremist to say a zygote is a person & to kill it is murder