Religion treats free will as indicating that there is a God.  Religion argues that without free will a relationship with God would be meaningless.

There is love, hate and indifference. Which of these is the automatic or the default?

Love is a choice to value another, hate is a choice to deny value to another and so is indifference. You would hope love is the default but it is not.

Indifference can be a weapon. When you act some reasons for acting can be hate, some can be indifference and some can be love. An act can be a mixture of motives.

Indifference is a choice. It can be consciously chosen or unconsciously. A passive choice is still a choice. It is like when you find yourself eating bread for you are starving without even realising you grab it and consume it.

Passively chosen indifference is the default. If God made us like that in our natural state then God is evil. By calling him good we want to praise our bad selves. It is not about him.

If the idea of an evil God is absurd then you can say there is no God and that the evil is really in those who say there is one.