Padre Pio - the Startling Facts

Padre Pio stole a saints writings to pass them off as his own

Paedophilia is condoned in Roman Catholic Canon Law

The Bible is a palliative for the conscience of the paedophile

Paedophile Priests

Pagan Origin of Christ

Pagan Origin of Roman Catholicism

Pagans prayed to saints too

straightdope on Jesus and the Shroud

Pain and how it shows morality is a mask

PALM SUNDAY a critic of the resurrection speaks

Was a Roman soldier Jesus' real father?

Pantheism = is everything God?

Pope's claims lack credibility

Case studies - popes who show infallibility is a lie

Pope has stolen his office as monarch of the Catholic Church

Papal infallibility in the Catholic Church

The insincerity of the pope

Papal Serpents and do-gooders

Visit of Pope Francis to Ireland 2018

Bishop Papias - did he know our current gospels?

Jesus' Resurrection is unconvincing if based on parable visions.

Jesus's resurrection was not the only alleged resurrection

Christianity is parasitic on moral relativism

Pardoning venial sin in confession

Parents and sex education in school

Islam, ISIS and the Paris attacks

Pascal's Wager - should we take a bet and follow God not atheism?

Lies in the passion story of Jesus

Letter regarding Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ

Prophecies about Jesus' suffering refuted

Silence when bad beliefs are voiced is promoting them

The Passover Plot Hugh Schonfield

Memories of past lives - how real are they?

The path gives meaning to life, not the goal

Patrick Beirne witness to the vague image at Knock

Patrick Beirne, his suspect testimony to Knock vision

Patrick Hill, his doctored testimony to Knock vision

The dubious testimony of Patrick Walsh of Knock

Patron Saint of Paedophile Priests?

Paul the first Christian theologian was essentially spurious

Paul and Jesus made same ban on LGBT love-making

St Saul - Skeleton Key to the Mystery of Jesus?

Paul contradicted all the gospel story

Could it be that Paul was not an apostle but a fake?

When Apostle Paul tries to self-validate

Bible doctrine that you don't make you good, God does!

Did St Paul hallucinate his experiences of the risen Jesus?

St Paul and Homosexuality in Romans 1

Is Paul the Servant of Isaiah 53?

Apostle Paul was a liar

St Paul the loose cannon who only wanted his own view of Jesus

Did Paul believe Jesus could do magic miracles? NO

The sweet but hateful teaching of St Paul on love or charity

Pentecostalism in the New Testament

Paul talks as if he knew no Jesus or barely anything about him

Paul is the first to decide what Jesus rising means

Why did Paul not know of Jesus' basic teaching?

Pauls Letters teach salvation without good works

Pay it back

Its about me, two forms of psychological egoism

Peck - exorcism in his book People of the Lie

People of the Lie, Peck on evil parents damaging their child

People of the Lie, responding to evil

Peck: is evil just self-deception at work?

Estelle Faguette and Pellevoisin apparition

Penal theory of the atonement of Jesus

Avoid the Catholic Confessional

Pentecostals and charismatics

People can and do die for their religious lies

M Scott Peck - People of the Lie reviewed

Psychiatry in the book People of the Lie by Peck

Dr M Scott Peck on religion in his book People of the Lie

How our perception shows that we hate the damned person

God's love to me is only my perception, I cannot taste the reality

Perfect Answers a book by the Hare Krishnas

Jesus condemns the city of Pergamos

The Perils of Prayer

Perjury the Church's favourite sin

Is being Catholic permanent? Indelible?

If you are Catholic is the label yours permanently?

Permission - what it is, does and says

Why the permissive will of God doctrine is a smokescreen


Mary the Mother of Jesus was not a forever virgin

Why God believers have to persecute atheists

Perseverance of the saints

The idea of a personal God is nonsense

Personal identity and the trouble that relates to it

Faith and Spirituality reside on personality disorders & cause them

Personal responsiblity examined

God give sex a break!

Peter was devoted to a vision not a man Jesus

Apostle Peter was a liar

Peter was never in Rome and so was never pope

Peter shows that in the 60s AD no gospels were coming

Peter never died in Rome

Peter was not the bishop of Rome or first pope

The myth of Peter and Paul's martyrdoms

Peter's vision of all food and animals being clean

Biblelight article on Peter's tomb in Jerusalem

Were Peter and Paul enemies?

Prayer of petition is pure hypocrisy

Did Jesus call Peter petros or Petra and why it matters?

Scribes and Pharisees as term of abuse

Catholic pharmacists and morning after pill

Religion stops pharmacists doing their job?

Philosophy and Christianity

Philippians 2, does it say Jesus was God?

Philosophy of the argument for God from design

Soft determinism is dismissed by all clear thinking philosophers

Religious Faith is Illogical

Philosophers on egoist and altruist motivation

Philosophy of Religion for A Level

Did the physical universe come from a spiritual one?

Pick and Mix Catholicism

Picture Messages refuting religion


Padre Pio becomes a saint

Padre Pio - Carbolic Acid

Dr Festa gives grounds for suspecting Padre Pio of deception

Padre Pio Under Investigation - Review

Padre Pio's dubious stigmata in pictures

Padre Pio's tricks for luring people into thinking the stigmata was a miracle

Padre Pio stretched all credibility

The placebo effect

A placebo always involves a lie and is bad for that reason

Plato and Spinoza on Evil - the great philosophers

Religion is a plausibility structure and thus gets people to accept nonsense

Evaluate, "Pleasure, not suffering, being meaningless is the problem"

Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtora

Poetry excuse for getting around Bible errors

Pointless suffering argument shows God's love is not real

Is leaving the Church polarising?

Polish bishops and those who wish to leave Church

What political correctness should be!

Thoughts on Darwinism in politics

Politicising the Eucharist

Politics of the Mass - Do not attend

The pollen on the Turin Shroud

Polygamy - Bible God permits a man to have more than one wife

Pompeii and the worship of Christ

The apparition of Mary at Pontmain

Papacy is best friend AIDS ever had

Catholics try to fuel and justify Islamic anger when Islam is mocked

Pope is a Bare-faced Liar

The pope changes catechism to ban capital punishment

Early Roman bishops were not popes for they didn't choose other bishops

The popes have been wilful liars??

Pope demands that clerical abuse be protected and covered up

The pope is not a true friend of the family

Pope Francis - hero of those who do not hate bigotry enough

John Paul II proves that love sinner hate sin is just words

Does the Bible lead to the pope being seen as antichrist?

Pope Francis and Islam

Popes are always ready to lie to you

Pope Benedict's Rules on Miracles

Pope Vigilius: Jesus lied if he said popes wouldn't preach heresy

Popular "morality" exposed

Positive thinking

Can a Christian according to the Bible be possessed?

Was Jesus possessed by the Devil?

Demonic possession

Jesus and property - did he ban it?

Possibilities don't count

The possibility of demons having supported Jesus' display of magical power

When miracles held to be merely possible by believers

The secret of religion is the fallacy of misreading causation

Posts and comments refuting religion

Posts on Catholicism and why its bad

Posts on fake visions of Medjugorje

Posts on miracles

Potential personhood of foetus arguments and abortion

The alleged powers of the soul

Prayer that blames the victim

When my prayers comfort me - or do they?

If Jesus was God then he prayed to himself!

Prayer - not about helping people

Prayer to Abraham?

Prayer should be good action if anything

Prayer is to be an addiction

Why magic is more ethical than prayer

Prayer and science

Prayer is not benevolent

Is prayer care or an attempt at care even if it is only asking?

Is praying for others the best thing you can do for them?

Is prayer really charming?

Prayer to God condones his evil

Praying for the conversion of sinners

Sinister teaching of the duty of prayer

What earthquakes say about prayer

Prayer and its relationship with fear

Using prayer to force God to do your will

Prayer is programming badness into your mind

Prayer is an insult to the problems of life and to people

Prayer is black magic - its bad occult

Prayer judges people for asking them to be virtuous is prioritised

Notion that life is a gift from God, undermines respect for life

Praying is lack of trust in yourself & your abilities

Prayer is never answered

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Problems with prayers of praise

Prayer seeks the grace of being able to pry

Prayer - absolutely needed to get eternal happiness?

Prayer in schools

Is prayer asking for a secret miracle?

Praying for somebody is selfish

Prayer is degrading submission to God

Prayer and its alleged power to protect from temptation

The imagined link between prayer and therapy

Prayer does not show trust in God!

Prayer for others is untestable and thus a lie

Prayer causes war for leaders pray for guidance

Praying for someone in trouble - brings more evil on them?

Pray for your enemies and those who persecute you

Prayer is toxic and yet we pray for evil people!

Even believers must hold that at

The fanaticism of praying for protection

When Prayer is Listening to God!

Praying and the Nocebo Effect

Catholics pray to Jesus' blood and his cross!!

The tradition of praying to Jesus is an invention

Pray to yourself for that is you do anyway!

All prayer assumes, "Lord I am not worthy"

Predestination and hate

Protestantism is in error

Did Jesus predict that he would NOT rise?

Predominant Egoism

Jesus did not exist before conception

Pregnancy as condition implies a right to abortion

Jesus did not Live in the First Century

Hebrews says Jesus was a priest who didn't live in 1st Century

Does Book of Revelation put Jesus in prehistoric times?

Paul hints Jesus lived in ancient times

Prejudice against mentally ill

Pre-nuptial agreements show the folly of marriage

Catholicism on preparation for death

LGBT couples banned from Presbyterian Communion

The pressure put on the Christian martyrs by faith

Miracles guilty of fraud or error until proven innocent

Presuppositionalism - thoughts

The essential deadly sin, Pride

Priest as judge who absolves

Priests pretend to have inherited spiritual powers from Jesus

Bible denies priests really can forgive sins

Priests do harm, their rank is not justifiable

Priests supporting IRA murders

Can Priests ordain priests and bishops?

The Catholic priests ruined Ireland

God as primary and secondary cause of all things

Prince versus Massachusetts Case - Jehovah's Witnesses

Principles and their importance

Principles - you cannot be who you are without them

Was the blood picture on the Turin Shroud printed on?

How Catholics use the printing press to fight Protestant logic

Private Interpretation

Pro-afterlife fallacies

Does evidence for miracles override improbability?

Probability or evidence in relation to miracles or both?

Problem of evil and happiness

Doctrine that good God and evil can co-exist is ideology

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - problem of evil

Another look at Christian apologetics for the problem of evil

Handbook of Apologetics tries to explain away human suffering

Is it problem of God rather than problem of good?

Problem of Good does not give evidence for God

Problem of good as in problem of good logic

Talk about the problem of temptation, not evil

Book: The Problem of Right Conduct

Problem of evil is really PROBLEMS of evil, there's a fatal problem

Atheism is the Null or the Default by process of elimination

Process theology - the changing God

What is being pro-choice?

Catholicism empowers men to procreate through rape

The myth of the progressive Catholic

Prohibition does not work - divine prohibition is even worse

Freud - is God based on wishful thinking

Projector fits the Knock data concerning the alleged apparition

Prolife is just Catholic self-righteous hypocrisy

Pro-life people don't worry much about the unborn suffering

Pro-life Teaching supports murder

Using the right pronouns to affirm trans or genderless or genderfluid or nonbinary

Proofs for God - question of why something not nothing

Skilled interpreters of the Bible know its teaching is anti-gay

Thoughts on the notion that good is a property

Prophecy - the only Sign?

Prophecy refutes the Resurrection of Christ

The notion of God speaking through prophets is mistaken

The heresy of Proportionalism

Proselytism - when a mission is bullying

The rights of prostitutes

Protestants dishonest about Catholic miracles

Protecting people from themselves

Why protest against dangerous religions?

Proudly defy God even if he exists

Divine providence - God looks after his creation or does he?

Jesus' miracles cannot be proved, they are mere hearsay

Miracles in the light of the fact that I can prove only me

Trying to prove a negative is still worth trying

Saints can depend on God's power and still be Gods themselves

Why proving some of Jesus' miracles is not enough

Worship of God is worship of his inventors by proxy!

Prudence warns you to be cautious with miracle beliefs

Romans 3 cites Psalm 14 and says nobody at all pleases God

Outrageous lies that a psalm said Jesus would rise again

Jesus' crucifixion not predicted in Psalm 22

Don't be a pseudo sceptic

Should You Believe in Psychics? If not why not?

Is religious faith psychological egoism?

Psychokinesis is magic with a deceptive science flavour

Proof for Psychological Egoism

Psychological Egoism is irrefutable

David Batson psychologist, on altruism

A psychologist who says Jesus was well-balanced!!!

Psychology Today

Posts on Psychology Today on religious subjects

The sin heresy - sin is heresy in psychology

Prayer's role in psychological manipulation

Psychology and prayer

Public speaking

Punishment and free will

Suffering - always punishment from God?

Hypocrisy of saying, "Punish the sin not the sinner"

Those who say harmful acts are pure evil

Does God fight ontologically evil forces with lesser forms of evil

Are there persons who are pure evil?

Can science test evil if it is a real power?

Pure evil - necessarily a magical divine or supernatural thing?

What if evil, even if it is a power, is vague and cloaks itself?

Discuss, "Maybe pure good cannot exist unless pure evil exists too?"

Whats wrong about Purgatory?

Purgatory is a Catholic myth

Purgatory doctrine is a Catholic means of trafficking with the dead

Purgatory if true would mean the saints are bad

Purgatory versus the Bible The

Purgatory denies that you are saved if you are there

Jewish Purity Laws to be kept by Christians