Religion and Eternal Damnation

Hell says the damned identify as their sin

The doctrine of the damned - it stirs religious hate

The danger of any faith, especially religious faith

Dangerous Catholic Doctrines

Review of Dangerous Illusions by Vitaly Malkin

Dangers of self-esteem

Dangers of the hiding God doctrine

Dangers of religion

Dangers of the Supernatural

Danger of seeing miracles in everything & everywhere

Daniel O Donnell, "Good" Catholic votes for same sex marriage

The Dark Box by John Cornwell

Darwinism and the Golden Rule


Darwinism and morality

Darwin and Paley and the divine designer

Dating the gospel of John

Dating the gospel of Luke and Acts

The late date of the First Gospel, Mark

Does Jerusalem prophecy help us with dating Mark?

Dating the gospel of Matthew

Miracles - laid to rest by David Hume

Brian Davies and Miracles

Richard Dawkins - 4 major issues

Dawkin's and the origin of life

Risen Christ a daydream?

New Testament among dead sea scrolls?

Was Christianity set off by death cult cranks?

Are we lucky that we live and die - should we be grateful?

The Death of Judas Iscariot

The death of Jack the Ripper

God has sentenced us all to death

De-baptism, National Secular Society

How I would debate Christian William Lane Craig

Posts on Debunking Christianity

Turin Shroudman was decapitated ergo he was not Jesus

Love sinner hate sin = deceit


Turin Shroud Man didn't rot - he was not Jesus

What decree do we count from for the 70 weeks prediction?

Decrees against Medjugorje visions

The Deeper Questions

When the law gives exemptions for your deeply held beliefs

When you need a crutch to get through life, what is the minimum?

Is a moral God the default?

Defection from Roman Catholicism is a Human Right!

Is formal defection only about marriage law?

Defending ethical egoism

Defending a Protestant against a Catholic priest critic

The defending of blame - in a culture that hates being blamed

In defence of situation ethics

Religion Hurts by John Bowker attempts to define religion

Scriptures Teach All Suffer to the extreme in Hell

Best argument against miracle credibility is distorted by Christians

Deliverance ministry - another Christian form of abuse

Delizia Cirollie, an example of Lourdes non-miracle cures

Anthony DeMello and Buddhism

An argument that democracy tend to prosperity

Why did the demons evangelise for Jesus?

Lord's cup versus the demon's cup in the early Church

Denial of free will and anger

Denial of free will and guilt

Deep question, "Why anything at all?" is hidden in the "proof" from dependence

Faith and depression

God belief can cause and prolong depression

Depressive realism

Evidence that Jesus was Mentally Ill

Derrida - how forgiving the forgivable is not really forgiving

Jesus was desensitised to religious barbarism and murder

The concept of deserving - useless and vicious

Christian belief that we should take all we suffer for our sins

Why something & not nothing in the light of intelligent design

Argument from desire that there is a God

Is it true that my desires cannot be all about me?

Will determinism, the denial of free will, destroy morality?

Does determinism destroy guilt and punishment?

Why you would expect determinists to be nice!

Denial of free will and reason

Does a creed appearing soon after Jesus make his story plausible?

Development of doctrine in Catholicism

A good refutation of Catholicism's development of doctrine theory

Could demons have been empowering Jesus in his miracles?

Trypho denies the existence of Jesus

Diana Basile, her fake cure at Medjugorje

Keep a diary

Didache - a manual of what Jesus' apostles taught?

Did Jesus, the God of the Catholics, exist?

Did Jesus really Suffer on the Cross?

Jesus never came to be crucified

Jesus did not say love yourself

Christ didn't send me to baptise

Differences in how atheists and religionists look at problem of evil

Difficult situations

Science and Religion - the Differences

Is there dignity in being made for God and by God?

Diognetus shows that gospels were unknown

On people who disapprove of gays or LGBT

Agnosticism is atheism with most Gods but doubts about one

Cruel doctrine that God disciplines in suffering

Evil is not God training you

If evil trains us then attempting progress is a sin

Wisdom opposes doctrine that God trains us with evil

Religion is pro-discrimination

Worship of God is the worship of an idol in your head

Catholics - Disown Gay Son

Cognitive Dissonance and Religion

Dissonance Theory

Christianity is the biggest catalyst of cognitive dissonance

Religion distorts morality just as it does history and reason

The disturbing faith of the Catholics

Chilling story of the Rich Man and Lazarus

The Rich Man & Lazarus Story

Attempts to fuse morality and God give only an amoral god

Divine command doctrine summary

God the God of executioners

Divine punishment and how it is a toxic doctrine

Is divine revelation credible? No.

Divine simplicity - is God simple in himself?

Divinity of Christ in the Handbook- was Jesus sane?

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Was Jesus God?

Bible Never Says Jesus Was God

Catholicism is divisive

Bible God forbids divorce

Cruel of Catholic Church to ban divorce

Taking a look at the divorce law in the Book of Deuteronomy


Jesus said divorce is adultery and meant it

Is your spiritual DNA Catholic if you are baptised?

Do atheists really have faith?

Docetism - in early Church

When Doctors Recommend Religious Faith!

Religious doctrine undermines the not all bad excuse for bad religion

Atheism does not wage and start wars

Does God give rewards?

Does it matter if evil is just an absence or a real power?

Catholic Church does not really believe in Venial Sin

Is it true that your feelings always tell you lies?

Religion and dogma

Dogmatic upbringing versus non-dogmatic

Was Jesus left on cross to be eaten by dogs?

Some of Jesus Mythicist Earl Doherty's thoughts

Dominick Beirne - suspect vision at Knock

Dominick Beirne Sen, a good witness to Knock vision?

Magic and the domino effect - magic is nonsense

Domino Effect - does it refute consequentalist ethics

Do miracles comfort?

Church should preach what people want to hear when it takes their money

What is done is done

You have no right to theorise about God's cruel plan

Should I get baby baptised? No!

Cons have you praying for vague things that will happen anyway

Jesus didnt command holy communion

You don't feel your free will!

Rubbish advice about sickness!

Don't mock the afflicted

Faith in miracles does us no real good, isn't needed

I don't need God to be good

Children don't need indoctrination from religion

Don't pick on the individual religionist to excuse the religion

Why I would not serve God

Nobody would want Catholicism to be true!

No country should welcome pope

Argument for not worrying about death

Doublethink - and religion

The sin of doubt

Jesus condemns the prayers of doubters as futile

Knock witnesses to the apparition give grounds for doubt

We have the right to doubt things & miracles especially

Do we need the sacrament of confession?

Jesus as a drag queen!

Was it drink that started the Knock apparition fuss?

How your tipple proves that there is no God

Drop the books the Roman Church added to the Bible

Why is the whore of Babylon said to be drunk on blood?

Miraculous drying of clothes at Fatima 1917?

There can't be two rival gods

Is the soul the person not the body?

Cases of people with suspect "miraculous" stigmata

Cheering at Dublin Castle when abortion legalised

Why even if saints should not be idols we will make them ones

Dunnes Stores - Rosary Style Necklaces

Dupery through hope worse than dupery through fear

Duty - an idea fit only for putting you off doing good

Miracles advocate intolerance against critics

Duty to expose evildoing

Miracles and burden of proof

Glucklich's Dying for Heaven - religious pleasure feeds faith terrorism

A study, can the religious buzz turn you into a terrorist?

Existential Dysphoria - religion shouldn't be forced on children