Calling evil a problem is insulting and unfeeling

How faith insinuates you are to blame for your life problems

John Calvin - terrorist and "Reformer"

God commanding the murder of the Canaanite people

The book, Catholicism and Christianity, on Bible errors

With the God question, what is the default belief or beliefs?

Does it make sense to say God plans randomness?

Christian List of Bible Books is Wrong

Membership in the Church is canonically invalid


Canonised Masochists

Infallible Canonisations

Can the Catholic Church count sacraments?

Prayer is not meant to help for God takes no orders

Sinners can't give sacraments

Hell is a morally redundant idea and a lie

God is Bad for your Health!

Is it true you cannot prove something (like God) doesn't exist?

You cannot separate sin and sinner

When capital punishment is euthanasia

Carbon dating refutes the authenticity of the Turin Shroud


Christians, callous in the face of loved ones going to Hell?

Caring, in caring prayer, looks good even when nobody is helped

The case against Hitler being Christian

On the book, The Case Against Miracles

REVIEW Trent Horn The Case for Catholicism

The sacraments in the Case for Catholicism by Trent Horn

A case for saying Christianity is rational

Case for a clear vision at Knock in 1879

The Case for Easter, does it show us Jesus probably rose?

LA SALETTE - the case for fraud

The Catholic case for venial sin being biblical fails

An excellent book on magic theory examined

Casual sex

Jesus at the Council of Trent approves of capital punishment murder

The Catholic catechism on faith, how dangerous faith is

Questions and Answers on absurdity of Creation

Catherine Murray - Knock witness?

It is nonsense that evolution fits the Catholic faith

Catholic describes your commitments not you unless you obey

When Catholicism was anti-ecumenical!

Is Catholic baptism really baptism? Is it effective?

Catholic teaching fails to see the true place of the Bible

Fraud Alert: Catholic doctrine is that the Bible has no errors

Catholicism and Bible inspiration

Cults in the Roman Catholic Church

Catholic ethics are dangerous

A Catholic expert refutes Medjugorje fairy-tales

Catholic tradition gloats over damned in Hell

Catholic doctrine on loving only God ultimately

Catholic underhand hatred for sinners

Implications of Catholic homophobia

An expert tries to show Catholics are not idol worshippers

Image worship in the Catholic Church

Roman Catholicism and indoctrination

Catholic Bible interpretation, how it sees it as inviolable

Catholicism's EVIL Doctrine about Hell

Catholicism and judging

Catholic faith makes a laughing stock of ethics

CATHOLICISM - its crafty plan to overthrow and manipulate reason

Some lies told by the Catholic faith

Cease Catholic Marriage

Catholic Church uses miracles to set stage for evil

Catholicism makes morality a travesty

Catholic Church endorsed persecution

Demonic possession in the Catholic Religion

Catholics - can they fund and attend LGBT pride?

Catholicism's Fraudulent Prophecies

Catholic Prophets are fortune-tellers

Catholic Church has power to restore evil Jewish laws

Catholics and demons

Catholics and the gays

Can Catholics Be Saved

The selfishness of sex in Catholic marriage

Problems with a causing b and how it reflects on free will

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on visions 1978

Why free will cannot be celebrated!

Chains of Priestly Celibacy

Celsus and Jesus

Religion is anti-democracy and implicitly pro-censorship

Census forms and Religion

Centrally organised cover up by the Catholic Church

Challenges to falsification theory? Are they valid?


Challenge wrong belief

Is challenging religious faith cruel?


Chaplains from the Church should be in hospitals?

Catholicism prostitutes its Christ

Religion has no right to its charitable status

Charity, the pure love for God

Does "Charity begin at home"?

Charlie Hebdo prayer criticised

Chastisement from God

Chaterjee exposes crafty Mother Teresa

God based forgiveness is too cheap to be forgiveness

Cheerful despair

Evil of Pick and Mix Religion

You have to be strident on Christian psychological harm to children

Children are psychological egoists!

Labelling the child religiously - the child deserves better

Children and visions

Religion harms children and makes irresponsible parents

Children must not be religiously labelled by census

The notion of damned children in Hell

Children and prayer

Does a child have right to be baptised?

Is choice just automatically right? Is it morally relevant?

Why choice and pride are inseparable

Do you choose to be born and where/when?

Christadelphians, a selfish fanatical cult

Parents don't consent to their baby's baptism properly either!

Christian - a label in Catholicism

Christians want God loved not people

Britain a Christian Country??

Essay on Science and Christianity

Christianity pretends to believe we need even very damaging free will

Magical faith, especially Christian, is a Pandora's box for violence

Christian church fails Jesus' good fruits from thorns test

Christian intellectual gymnastics are used against critics

Christianity and evolution

Christianity incites to hatred

Christianity is just another false religion of false gods

The argument that Christianity is Christ

Why Christianity is Useless

Jesus and his Church versus animal rights

How Christianity is supposed to judge

Need for incredible evidence for Christian miracles

Christian Missions – the Facts

Did the early Christians murder for God?

Christian Registrars and gay civil partnership ceremonies

Proof that Christians are Hypocrites

The Church of Christ, Scientist

Christian Science is a cult

An example of Christians in good standing defending genocide

The place of self-love in Christianity

Christians lie that they think free will excuses how God lets sin happen

A Christian refutes Utilitarianism

Christina Gallagher, her fake visions and fake miracles

Christianity is not Great, Edited by John Loftus

Christ is God - a silly book

Christmas Story Refuted

Evidence that Jesus never died on the cross

A good Catholic refutation of Christian Science cures

Mary Baker Eddy refuted by a Catholic Scholar - Christian Science

Going to church versus magic

Church Blessings and Christian Hypocrisy

Christians when on a mission to burn churches and temples

The Church is called the flesh of Jesus not bread

The Church pretends not to judge those who cohabitate

Church confesses Jewish Law in force

The Church on euthanasia - the hypocrisy

The Infallible Church is fallible!

Church speaks to an AIDS victim

Going to Church is a huge mistake

The desperation of the Churches to hide how Jesus said he was a sinner

Church lies about prayer

Most Church members are pretenders!

The Church is mercenary

Church has no right to baptise

Cult known as the Church of Christ

Catholic teaching endorses sexual immorality

How Church teaching undermines love and blocks it

Why unbelievers should not have Church wedding?

Do you think you really want a Roman Cath wedding?

Is circular reasoning of any use at all?

Miracles result in the lie of circular arguments

Circumcision - a picture of baptism?

God wants babies and men abused by religious circumcision

Mutilating the foreskin in the name of religion

Circumcision commanded by Bible God

Circumcision as an act of worship

Citizens for the Ten Commandments - a look at fundies

Civility does nothing to show a religion is good enough

Religion & same-sex civil partnerships

Miracles and the Clear Moral Purpose

Did Clement of Rome know of the gospels?

The dishonesty of the Catholic priesthood

Greed of Roman Catholic priests

The terror of clericalism

The clergy should be looked at first when evaluating religion

Clifford and James and Pascal on Faith

Would thieves have left Jesus' grave cloths behind?

Medics have no right to conscientious objection in abortion provision

Coherence theory of truth and miracles

An examination of coincidence

Ancient Coins on the Turin Shroud are imagined

The war between secularism and religion is mainly a cold war

Collective responsibility - a reason for walking from religion

Religion and the collective ego

Christianity is racist privilege built on the bodies & blood of slaves

Colossians 3, teaches a non-historical Jesus

Religion and combined probability

Catholicism - Comforter of the Afflicted? Nay!

View that miracles will be as common as daisies soon

Coming out as atheist or better still, secularist

Love of neighbour commanded because silly

Evil not a sin when you do it for God's purpose

Commands and morality are not the same thing, they don't fit

Ruini Commission Medjugorje

Problems with the first commission of enquiry at Knock

Common Ground between religious believers & sceptics

Do the dead walk alongside us?

Communion under both kinds - bread and wine

Communion in the hand mocks the Eucharist

Build the Community not the Religion

The Community of Christ, Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Differences Atheism and Christianity

St Francis Xavier: his legend parallels Jesus'

The question of the problem of good and problem of evil? Which one matters most?

Comparing yourself to others says things about you

Comparing religion and atheism

Compatibilism - fails to defend free will as true

Secularism, religion and compensation culture

Competing claims ruin the credibility of Jesus' claims

Do gospels really aim to complement each other?

A complete case against miracle believing

Being complicit in religious evil and deception

Do miracles/faith complement reason?

What does it mean to say Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit?

There are grave concerns with what prayer says about God's character

Concilarism and false popes

The end goal of atheistic humanism

Handbook of Christian Apologetics Conclusions

Conditioning - we all suffer it especially children

When a person is abused by being conditioned they can go violent

Believers project the condoning of evil unto God

God and condoning your own suffering

Faith in God condones his evil and his letting evil happen

Religion condones not knowing why God lets us suffer

Confession and Child Protection

Confession of sins is an evil practice

Confirmation - when you "take" voluntary and full membership in the Church

Miracles in the light of human psychology

Turin Shroud is confirmed as fake

Having a belief that contradicts other beliefs you have

Jesus the conjurer!

Conscience - the voice of right and wrong

The secular state will struggle with religious conscience clauses

Conscientious objection is an excuse for refusing treatment

Consciousness and free will

What's the real truth about the "miracle" of consciousness?

Conscription - the ethics

Conscience is ruined by emotional reasoning

Why a young child's consent to trans healthcare is valid

Continuous Creation or Conservation

The straitjacket of consistency for a Catholic

Conspiracies and the Cross

Conspiracies and the Cross, the book examines the New Testament

Rule that marriage must be sealed by sex makes marriage silly

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No contact print on Turin Shroud

Miracles and the slippery slope

Was Jesus reported to be contemporary with mythical Noah?

Anger involves the feeling that

Contraception and family planning

Are men given the Christian right to procreate by rape?

Miracles and contradictions cannot be distinguished!

Contradictions in the stories about Jesus coming back from the dead

Prayer as a way of trying to be in control and feeling in control

Control beliefs in the light of morality

Control Beliefs

Oppressive systems use control beliefs as weapons

Using control beliefs to manipulate people into "control faith"

Corinthians and Jesus' death myth

Core Attitudes for atheists

Core religious outlook about love makes religion feeling not faith

When cherrypickers say, "I believe the core doctrines"

John Cornwell - Medjugorje

Corrupting effect of relationships with God

Did a cosmic "computer" make all things?

Top philosopher Flew on the cosmological argument


Council Prayers - ban them in this secular world

Counselling Clerics should be outlawed!

Courtesy and Religion

Creation is only real miracle - no miracle can be shown to be creation

The Maths of Creation, 0 made equal to 1

We are inherently and biologically liars according to science

Creation implies an evil God

Creation is not an alterative view to naturalism

Creation context needs to be affirmed to allow you to recognise a miracle

Creation and the doctrine that evil is not real

Doctrine of Creation is a guess

Creation by God is illogical

God as creator is impossible

Creationism is not science

Creation and the problem of good

Creationism is not science

Why is there something rather than nothing? We know its not God!

Cure for credulity

Religious credulity is harmful

Christian hypocrisy about criminals

Crimen Sollicitationis

Jesus and the cripple and forgiving sins

Critical Study of Medical tests on Medjugorje visionaries

Criticism and being constructive and open with assessing

Criticism of prayer

Criticism of Religion

Criticism of using universally preferred behaviour instead of morality

Your right to lead and guide people away from religion

Critics of the New Atheism are unfair and uninformed

Christian critique of morality and ethics

Ignore all non-cross-examined miracle claims

Aleister Crowley - refuted

Turin Shroud and crown of thorns

Jesus' Crucifixion was revealed in visions!

Religion is dangerous when it is a crutch!

Dangers and threats posed by the religious crutch

Miracles as a crutch for the crutch of religious faith

Religion seen as a crutch threatens freedom of speech

Dangers in using religion or faith as a crutch

CS Lewis tries to exploit our love of justice to persuade us God exists!

Dubious CTS booklet on existence of Jesus

Cumulative Argument for Miracles

Current Religious Wars

David Currie on the Mass turning bread into Jesus

A Catholic attempt to show Jesus started papacy fails!