Are loving and committed same-sex relationships unnatural and therefore evil? Religion opposes civil partnerships which gives gay couples rights similar to married couples. Religion prefers to encourage the promiscuity it accuses gay people of by doing that - though it faints with horror and outrage at promiscuity. Oh the hypocrisy! The Christian view of marriage is that the man is the head and the woman is under his authority. Few Christians dare to teach this today and yet these are the ones opposing the gay right to have a relationship protected by law.
Some Christians who oppose civil partnership bills and laws claim that they do this not because they are anti-gay but pro-marriage. That is like hitting a wife-beater and saying you are not against him but his wife-beating. Christians imagine differences that don't exist - such is their hypocrisy.
The Bible teaches that homosexuals are guilty of grave sin and stand to be separated from God forever unless they repent. The Bible is the foundation of the Christian religion for it is the word of God, God’s revelation to them.
Most religion unfairly approves of smoking despite all the deaths and wastage of money and disgust it causes and it certainly is not natural.  And then it would condemn a single gay act that did no harm. Even if it did do harm and serious harm was avoided it would not be as bad as a life of smoking. To say that homosexuality is sinful is a heinous crime against humanity. If it is bad then it follows that the transmission of AIDS by gays is inexcusable. If it were good the AIDS would be a tragic side effect. It would be like wives being said to be good for having babies though giving birth will kill some or even all of them. But if the wives have no excuse for having babies it is different. Religion certainly teaches that gay people have no excuse for having sex. So what is happening is that gays are being accused of deserving the death penalty. They all deserve to die for they promote an evil that leads to death and the human person is the absolute value so to be a practicing homosexual is to be a murderer. If it were only married people who could get AIDS and who get it in marriage the Church would not condemn marriage because of that. So, don’t argue that the Church condemns gays out of love for them and the wish that they will not get AIDS.

Men and women do all sorts of seemingly unnatural acts in bed. Many men and women have nerve endings in their rectums that makes them need and enjoy anal penetration of some kind – a clear proof from nature that homosexuality is natural. Nature must want some of us to have that kind of sexual pleasure. It is not perverted pleasure when nature makes it possible.
If sex is for increasing the human race, people should stick to penis-vagina intercourse alone and why does nature not make sure that every act of intercourse between a male and female results in a child? Because sex is about fun more than making babies. We do not regard sex between sterile or contraceptive people as unnatural so we deny that love-making is only for reproduction. We see sex as about making ourselves happy and about having children if we wish and are ready. It is no more unnatural than eating food we do not need for pleasure.
When the Church says that sex means that two people are telling one another they will be together for life it follows that pre-marital sex is always unnatural but so hypocritical is the Church that it does not. For a man to sexually desire his wife when she is not aroused would seem to be unnatural for she cannot respond. But the Church does not teach that it is. As chapter 4 of Mortal Questions argues the first level of sexual feeling is arousal by someone who is not aroused and the second is arousal by someone who is with both consenting. It defines perversion as that which gets stuck at the first level and does not progress to the second. That is why bestiality and raping children and flashing are wrong. The Church has to reject this logic for its Bible simply does not care about the wife in marriage. It can’t give convincing reasons against these things so it must take some of the blame when these things happen.  Mortal Questions upholds the view that buggery and oral sex are permissible as long as both partners like them. It says that homosexuality cannot count as a perversion for there is a great deal of variety in man and woman relations anyway.
The Catholic Church holds that anal sex and oral sex are unnatural sins and are forbidden for they are not open to life. The man’s duty is to get on top of his wife and stick to putting his penis in her vagina for the missionary position increases the chance of pregnancy. Kissing her breasts must be sinful sexual activity as well for it is not necessary or open to life. It cannot be right for a woman to be pleasured during sex. The man has to just get up on her for sex is about babies so the only thing that matters is penetration and getting sperm in the vagina. Anything else would be inconsistent with sex being for babies. When the Church says sex is only loving when a baby is intended if God so wills, it follows that the holiest sexual acts are those that can result in conception. So going straight for the vagina is the law for a man who claims to love his wife.

It is odd that the Church does not consider a man who finds red hair on a woman a turn-off to be abnormal and does find a man who cannot fancy women at all abnormal. The Church is obviously prejudiced.
The Church does not protest when married people snog each other on television or forbid us looking at it. Kissing can convey as much intimacy as sex can and the only reason the Church does not complain about what is an abuse of a sacred act according to its doctrine because people will look on the Church as a society of weird people. For example, if a woman and man were deeply in love and they never made love and the man was dying in a car crash the woman kissing him would convey deeper emotional intimacy that sex needs to have and it would convey as much physical intimacy as she could give him. She is making love to him with her lips and there will be some erotic stimulation. Snogging passes on bodily fluids and there is penetration of some sort, the lips go part of the way into the other person’s mouth and often the tongue is inserted. A person can have sex and pretend he is with somebody else but with kissing this is less likely for it is more difficult. Christianity panders to social mores for an easy life and picks on gays because society does the same.
We ought to break the laws of nature for our own good. We do that all the time. Nature has put water in lakes and rivers and streams and not in the pipes leading into our homes. Nature is not more important than people especially when it makes us think that people are more important. Anybody who says that homosexuals are dirty and wicked because they are unnatural should be thrown in jail for incitement to hatred. In actual fact, we don’t really know what natural or normal is apart from the fact that it is abnormal though common to be evil and it is arrogant and blind to say we do. The Humanist solution that if the behaviour makes sense to you then it is natural. We believe that the religious habit of following beliefs just because it is desired that they be true is seriously abnormal. The ones that go on about normal without knowing what it is are usually abnormal themselves or think they are. We hate others for being what we hate in ourselves.

Natural law does not deserve to be treated as something sacrosanct and inviolable for it is blind and brutal. Nobody should mind a man living with a man or two lesbians living together as long as they are happy. If it is against nature that that is too damned bad for nature is tarnished by evil and deserves all the defiance it gets.

It cannot be proved that same-sex love is unnatural for if you want a computer to think that 2+2=5 then that is the way the machine needs to be. It looks unnatural but it is not unnatural for it only looks that way.

People of the same sex are able to enjoy sex with one another so don’t be so sure that they are not physically or naturally incompatible. Perhaps God pushes people who look physically incompatible together for one of his mysterious purposes. Also, a man knows a man’s needs and body better than a woman’s and a woman knows a woman’s desires and body better than a man’s. The sexes are so different that it is difficult for them to be sexually and emotionally compatible. Consider the number of women whose partners cannot give them an orgasm. This tells us that gay loving is not as unnatural as it looks.

Many people feel that since homosexual relationships tend to be short-term that they are wrong.  But immaturity and weakness or the pressures down to the hostile attitude of society and not homosexuality are to blame for that. Gay love can be stronger than a lot of “straight” love.

The Bible should be illegal for by condemning gay people without evidence it commits the crime of incitement to hatred. The Bible also says that humans wholly oppose God though they may fake devotion to him meaning that if a man lives in the condemned lifestyle of a homosexual he should not be believed if he cannot say his sexuality was not a choice.
Nobody has the right to say that homosexuality is immoral unless they can prove it. And they cannot.  
Even if it is unnatural it is more unnatural to force celibacy on gays and what is the most natural should be what should be encouraged and allowed even if this means condoning homosexuality even if it is unnatural.
If homosexuality is a disorder then when there is no damage to the brain it follows that like all mental disorders that are psychological in nature it must be caused by fear and fear of women would have to be the cause. But gays like women and respect them better than many straight men do so if there is a fear it must be of having sex with women. But many gays want to become straight so that is a strange suggestion too. The fear would then most likely arise from the sense that men are more sexually accessible than women. They are easier lays. Thus the Church would have to say that homosexuality is caused by depravity. The fact that gays have a smaller choice of people to make love with refutes this.
The suggestion of some that only homosexual acts are disordered and not the sexuality is unacceptable – they say that the homosexual orientation is not a sin but acting on it or encouraging it is. This really means that you must do all you can to avoid sexual feelings. It is too wrong to be taken seriously for if the sexuality is not unacceptable then the acts are acceptable. If men should have sex with women and not men then to say the inclination to have sex with men is okay is insane and insincere.
The Church would agree that a gay person should try to become straight and go into therapy in the hope of that happening and pray ceaselessly for a cure meaning that to accept being gay is a sin and it is only not a sin when there is really nothing you can do. Even if the cure rate is very low the homosexual and lesbian is obliged by Christian doctrine to keep trying to become to called “normal”. So they must pray a lot, visit therapists and analyse themselves and avoid temptation. The key word is try. The fact is that when homosexuality as an orientation will make one’s life a misery then even if it is not a disorder it is not a good thing. If you admit that much and you have to then if you think it leads to or tries to lead to disordered acts then it is a disorder. You do not say hatred is not a disorder but hateful acts are disordered for that makes no sense.
The Church manipulates people to oppose homosexuality on the grounds that it does not look very natural. It looks as if vaginas are meant to hold penises so sex should only be between the two sexes. But looks are often deceiving. Trees seem to be meant to grow in the ground and not to end up in the fireplace. The danger in the Church’s logic is that it subtly advocates racism. It looks as if blacks should only wed blacks. So if same sex relationships look unnatural then it follows we should not let whites and blacks marry each other.  It looks as if black skin is given to be maintained and passed on not to be lost or reduced through the descendants of blacks who wed whites. But again, what is important is people’s happiness and if nature drives a white man to wed a black woman he should and that is what nature wants regardless of what happens to the skin of their offspring and theirs. The Church finds itself backed up by its Bible which gives no argument against homosexuality whatsoever. It is just condemned as if there could be no argument about it for it looks unnatural. This implicit racism needs to be dealt with by the law. The anti-racist campaigners should not let the Church get away with its racist inferences which are more dangerous than open racist comments for they are more deceptive. 


To say that gay sex and gay rights are to be celebrated and not just tolerated is saying that you are made homosexual and this is the same as being made black or white.  Blacks, whites and gays are born that way.  If so then the anti-gay is as bad as a racist.

Some Christians who support gay rights state that Romans 1, in the Christian scriptures which God wrote through men, which condemns same sex relations is just condemning heterosexuals who deliberately force themselves to indulge in gay acts though it is against their nature. Romans actually states that it condemns people of the same sex desiring each other. Changing from heterosexual to homosexual can only be wrong if homosexuality is always wrong. The Church does not mind forcing some people who are latent gays to think they are heterosexual. The Christian regime does its best to produce heterosexuals with the result that this happens. Nobody can say that it is just perverting your sexual nature that is wrong.

Rules based on what is natural or unnatural are meaningless and the only exception is that evil and cruelty are disorders.

Religion says that the homosexual must not doubt that homosexuality is a sin for that is a sin. They are not allowed to learn that homosexuality is not evil or need not be evil so they must silence all doubts. You can’t learn without doubts. Religion has betrayed gay people by making such rules.

Society approves of people looking at violent films with plenty of killing and blood and guts and it can’t stand homosexual love. The Church likes people to see nails penetrating Jesus on the cross on TV and then has the nerve to forbid pornography and even harmless erotica. All this sanctions hypocrisy and nit picking. The Church then claims that the revulsion many feel for homosexuality is an inner sense telling them that homosexuality is abnormal. But that feeling goes as soon as people get used to seeing gay people kissing or making love on television. It is just the strangeness of it all after seeing and thinking of men and women doing it all the time. When people are repulsed Christendom is there to convince them that it is nature telling them that homosexuality is abominably wrong. The game is to make them believe this for people don’t always be sure why they feel what they do so that they will be manipulated into being convinced that homosexuality is wrong and evil. I feel repulsed by the Christian doctrine and piety so why doesn’t the Church tell me that it is nature trying to tell me something and warn me about the Church?

The Church tells us to contemplate the violence of the cross which we can only expect when Jesus said it was the means of our salvation. Why is it okay then for us to fill our heads with violence in this way?
Homosexuals should be granted the same rights as heterosexuals. Christianity is guilty of opposition to equality and human rights for gays. If it is consistent, it shouldn’t want to give them any rights at all!