People are ashamed to be seen as healers and miracle workers for they know that these claims imply that they are special people and are superior and more valuable than others. So what they do is indulge in some mischievous misuse of language and claim that some force working through them does these things and not them and that the force is not making them better than anybody else. This is nonsense. If some force supplies healing energy and you use that energy you are a healer just as much as the other force is. A doctor may get his medicines from a drug company but that does not mean that the drug company and not him is what is helping people. The healers and miracle workers would be far better and admit the truth about what they do. Their attempt to steal the label of humility makes them worse not better, sneakier and not more decent – chances are that when they are like that they are exploiting statistics and faking and exaggerating their powers too! There has to be something special about a person before they will be chosen as they put it. For God to choose somebody at random would be as bizarre as him doing miracles at random which would be beneath his dignity.

We conclude that anybody who claims to be a miracle worker of any kind, healer, psychic or saint, that person is claiming to be a superior human being and is wholly opposed to our notions of equality. Such claims have to be forbidden. The devout Catholic will prefer Padre Pio or Jesus Christ to some ordinary person. If there is a choice between Pio/Jesus or an ordinary person being phased out of existence they will choose Pio/Jesus. To choose a person just because they have preternatural powers is purest unjust discrimination.