Altruism claims to inspire goodness and wisdom. The implication is that egoism does not. The altruistic thought is that if you give love to an evil person you increase the hope even a little that they will be a little touched and their evil hearts will melt. Thus the best good work is to do good for a monstrous child molester than for a saint. Altruism if good must hold that the main good is spreading selfless love. Altruism also forbids you to judge the person as unrepentant or evil as it holds you must be open to a person changing for the better any time and not hold the past against them for they can no longer amend the past. What happened has happened. In that light, altruism in its true form is very rare if it exists at all.

So it follows that egoism is inspiring after all!

Evil is typically fought with evil.  It is interesting how one evil person can hate another person.  It is interesting how both being similar in evil and toxicity does not lead to mutual admiration but rancour.

People claim to fight evil with good example and love. They think that they are so good that they rescue others from moral ruin simply by being in contact with them and being an inspiration to them.  They count on the bad ones being so absorbed by their wonderful example that they start to reform. This is not fighting at all. It is clearly magical thinking. It is being confident that you are so great that the good you do, will encourage people not to fight evil but simply to walk away from it. This paradoxically is evil as in arrogance and imprudence and is presumptuous.

Evil is that which asks for a fight and any form of evil is by default in conflict with other forms of evil. Evil is fought with evil.  Pretending different is being a hypocrite and a liar and the fuel of the problem.

Evil can be fought with vengeful evil or evil that you say is necessary.  Evil is fought with harm that you think is justified that you call regrettable but necessary evil but you need to want to hurt the enemy otherwise you will be ineffective.  Doing justified harm changes you and makes it easier to do unjustified or poorly justified harm in the future. One reason evil is hated is how it needs attacking with another evil and that is dangerous. Hate thrives on fear and evil provokes fear both in itself and in the evil that is doing to clip its wings.  You are going to respond to a person who is evil in a particular way by being evil in a different way and telling yourself this is good and justified. Don't pretend you are doing something about the evil in others just by showing them your good traits and works. Don't try to feel good about pretending you are doing something.

Altruism is accused of acting for the sake of acting without any thought of any gain for yourself. But the correct definition is acting FOR ANOTHER PERSON without any interest in gaining anything for yourself. In fact acting for the sake of the act would not be altruism for it is not even based on what another person needs but on you wanting to act. There is no way to tell if the altruist is really caring for people. It is possible to be in love with the idea of compassion and use people to serve that idea and not care about the people. It is a thin line.

A person who refuses to give to others and who hoards up all the money he can get is described as selfish. Some philosophers say that he is selfish despite how much this hurts him and how lonely it makes him. They say his motive is still to hoard all he can and to refuse to share for he wants it for himself. But if altruism is sacrifice he is sacrificing himself. So why isn't he classed as altruistic? If altruism is ridiculous then it is selfish for the same reason as hoarding money and having a miserable life is.

Altruism is based on a lie and on judgementalism

The preachers of altruism are the biggest egoists, sorry egotists, of the lot. All they have to do is open their mouths and that is what they become!

Altruism is inspiring but not in the way it says. It is egotistical and shows that anything can seem to be inspiring. To be really inspiring be an egoist!

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