Creationism is not science but is religious bigotry disguised as science and which steals scientific terminology.
This shows that the prime creationist apologist Duane Gish has been corrected many times for his errors and misunderstandings of his subject and has still repeated the same errors afterwards to make his case look good. He is perverting the evidence purposely. He has been known to make up quotations for the authorities he cites as evidence. He lies to prove that the skeleton Lucy which shows a transition between animal to man was just a monkey and could not walk upright. Both of his claims are false.
Science in the Bible? Dr M Magee
Why It’s a Load of Old Cobblers, Adrian Barnett
Exposes the utter absurdity of the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible
The Bible as History Flunks New Archaeological Tests


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Bristlecone Pines - almost the oldest living things on the planet, and an unbroken history dating back at least 9,000 years (3,000 years before the alleged Creation)

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