Jesus stated that God has amazing concern for the animal world in Matthew 10:29.
There is no need for animals to prey on one another so cruelly. Christians say that it is good for animals to exist at all and they have more happiness than misery. Genesis 9:3 seems to say that God only gave animals as food after the flood. But there is much Bible evidence that he gave animals as food from the start (Genesis 1:28). Genesis 9:3 is only the first clear command that animals were to be used as food. It was not the first command. Animal suffering corrupts human beings. Most of us coldly go our way while animals suffer in factory farms for our consumption. We support this industry by saying nothing. We support it by purchasing in supermarkets. Even if we do not buy meat in them,

Animal suffering shows that those who say that God allows suffering to improve us are just hypocrites.

The Christian response to animal suffering is that animals are good in themselves and that if we really were against animals suffering we would rejoice when animals, especially the more brutal ones, become extinct.  That is nonsense.  Even brutal animals can be contained.

There is no need for animals to exist at all.  But they do.

Religion says that evil is the absence of good or good that is in the wrong place and time.  Suffering then is the absence of feeling good.  That waters down how bad suffering is and you have no right to pretend to care for a suffering person if you really think such a thing.  If you endured the suffering yourself you would not see it as a mere negation but as a power and a force.  You must try to if there is a God who does not create evil otherwise you end up experiencing God as evil!!  That will make your suffering worse.  An atheist is better off.

An animal will never see suffering as good in the wrong place.  If suffering is meant to be a blessing as religion says for God loves all then it cannot be a blessing unless you see it as the absence of good. Believers are insulting animal suffering.