The Bible was a murder weapon. It is potentially today. Today in some places it actually is still a murder weapon. Nobody has the right to put a murder weapon into the community under the guise of tradition and worship.  Kissing it and parading it around the Church and calling it the word of God is like kissing the knife that somebody was stabbed with.

Belief in revelations from God is the real murder weapon. You may speak of murderous revelations from God but the problem is belief in such in the first place. If a revelation can get you to do good it can as easily get you to do harm. It depends on what luck would have it as. It depends on what content this revelation is about. If then your revelation and religion is nice and kind that is nothing to praise. It is luck and its only chance that it did not lean to the dark side. It is as silly as praising somebody carrying a knife when it is luck that they see it as a mere ornament and not as a weapon. To praise that is to praise the very random chance that could make it something very bad indeed.

It says something about what is inside you.  Religion feeds on the uncaring side of human nature though it may be very deep inside and hidden.  It is there.