Churchmen are wolves in Sheep's Clothing

It is bad to fight for the rights of the Church if religion’s bad side emerges when it can get away with it and is given rights it does not really have.  For example, there are cases of a minority religion virtually controlling the government.  Eg the Church of Ireland in the 1800s.


Religions that when in captivity are lambs and when in control are raging lions. Religion cannot get most people to support its demands and so it has to be sweet and nice and drop the judging. Sometimes religion looks to see what kind of people society likes to judge and it may pick on them.


Everybody in the early 1900’s thought that traditional Christianity with all its superstitions, extremist moral positions and absurdities was dead. They were wrong. In America, Christianity that pretends there are no errors in the Bible and that the world was made by God in six days about six thousand years ago is now more powerful than it ever was. Don’t empower the Church to get back its control over people. It may not have much power now but that can change. The doctrines that should lead to the Church being able to exploit as it did in former days are still in force. Human nature is dangerously insane in relation to spiritual matters.

Do not let religions' current charm and desire for diplomacy as a sign that it is harmless and means well. The system of doctrine and morals is still bad even if the people in the religion are charming and kind. If the system is bad then walk. 

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